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1 par, 2 bogies and blow up holes galore. 


I had an itch to play since it's in the high 40's here in NY but almost all courses were closed due to snow. I ventured all the way down to Marine Park in Brooklyn where snow was all over the greens and fairways. If I played standard "winter rules" of automatic 2 putts it would have been a 51. My pitches were shit as well but considering the weather, I wasn't as disappointed as that score would usually make me.


On the plus side, I finally solved the riddle of my driver. I had almost given up all hope and was about to settle on my 3 wood that usually goes 210 yards. I added a small forearm rotation that pumped out consistent drives of 230 and one that even went 253! Funny how I can never put all facets of the game together in one round, but there's never one glaring weakness.

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I've never replied to this particular  thread for some reason, I've read a lot of what you guys have posted here, and have enjoyed, and learned from them. I started playing this great game of ours almost 3 yrs ago, but have played 4 or 5  days a week since day one, a lot of times 5 or 6 days in row. Yea I've got it pretty bad. I've been mid to low 80's for awhile now. So today wasn't that special shooting an 80, but something special did happen today. I've felt like, for sometime now, that it was in me to shoot even par. I'm sure a lot of us hacks feel like that from time to time. Obviously I didn't shoot even par, but I did  have my longest string of pars ever.Im  not even sure what my best was before, but I'm sure it wasn't  as long as today. Started out ok  with a par on 1, but had a couple bad shots and some poor putting thru 6 holes to be 8 over par. Never dropped another stroke after that. Although I did miss 3 greens I managed to get up and down, the sad part is, I had several very  birdie putts inside of 10 ft that I missed, one putt was less than 3 ft that I missed. Twice my par putt coming back was longer than the birdie putt that I had just rolled by.

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42 @ Altadena Blues.

4 GIR, got a 4 putt on one of them. 4 pars, 4 bogies, and a double.

The double was a 508 yard hole, was within 25 yards of the pin in 2, and needed 5 to get in. Bad short game.

I only shanked one shot, but distance control continues to elude me on the course.
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After shooting in the mid 90's for the past three months, I played hooky yesterday and played at Babe Zahairias GC in Tampa.....shot a 38/39 = 77...3 Birdies, 8 Pars, 6 Bogeys & 1 Double Bogey.


Currently, WITB: Nike Covert Driver(adjusted to 12.5 left) with KuroKage Regular shaft; Nike Covert 3 wood with KuroKage Regular shaft; Callaway FT-iz 3 & 4 Hybrids with stiff shafts; Mizuno JPX800 HD 4 - AW irons with Dynalite R300 steel shafts; Mizuno MP-T11 SW & 33" Nike Method Core Drone putter.


I played an Optic Yellow Bridgestone e6 all day.


It's been 2 1/2 years since I shot in the 70's



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^^  I played BZ last winter - not an easy course as I recall - rough was penal - a lot of crab grass & bare spots (I didn't fare nearly as well as you).    Awesome score at BZ !

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81/80 ESC  Front 41/40 ESC  Back 40 indexed 6.2

par 72 rate 72.6 slope 135


1 birdie

10 pars

6 bogeys

1 triple :poo: same damn score on the same damn hole.:pound:


12/14 FIR

8/18 GIR

30 Putts


The course finally got some rain these past few days and made the greens just enough softer/slower to bring it to a condition I can score better on, it's been months since the last noticeable amount of rain here in N Cali. and we have been needing it for some time now. Anyways I'm overall pleased with the score with the one exception at #3 once again, I swear that one hole cost me at least 2-4 strokes these past 2 rounds each day, and the crazy thing is I have made birdie on this hole quite often leading up to these past two weeks so that's what is even more perplexing about this, I'm all over a round of 77-79 today if that damn hole didn't happen, all I can do is just remind myself those scores and lower ones are right around the corner now. I played my first round with the larger grips throughout the set and seem to like the results so far, I didn't snap hook anything I can remember but I also didn't hit anything too exceptional besides my approach at 18 that stuck to 5' away, the greens were really better and actually fair IMO it got to the point that any front pin positions were almost impossible to get close because the greens were so damn firm everything was just letting go. I'll say playing on very fast greens have improved my touch though, any day with 30 putts or less with zero:banana:3 putts is a good day in my book. 

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Well, I got another 13 holes in today. Of course, I did hit 3 Bridgestone balls with 2 "provisional" balls per "stroke".


Pretty tired after playing the equivalent of 39 holes, especially after having hit a bucket this morning and two strenuous buckets last night.


Scored par on 9 out of the "39". Bogeyed 24 and doubled 6. Nothing worse than a 2 over on any hole per ball today.


The balls performed nicely as advertised. The spin was really good. Now I know how some people stick greens. This and also the par 3 experience I had this last week.


My drives were about 10 yards shorter. I was not hitting over specific obstacles like I usually do. The spin on the ball more than made up for the distance loss in many cases. I "felt" like I was getting better near the greens. The ball kind of stuck to the club and made it easier to get some backspin. I know it will take years of practice to get good at this, but I suddenly felt more in control.


I got a couple good drives (okay, maybe about 12 good ones), I just need to be more consistent with these high spin balls. Seems like any mistake in technique makes the ball spin too high, right or left too easily.


Felt great on particular one hole, where I made a decent drive and hit a 50 degree 100 yards to stick the green and land the ball ten feet from the pin, twice. On another hole, 3 drives that landed within 3 yards of each other.


I also need to work on my setup, I hit straight or slight draw shots many times today only to miss the green left or right.

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6610 yds. 71.1 / 121 home course.

77 with a silly bogey on 18. First time to break 80 with the new swing. Ball striking and aim improving. Very pleased overall.
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Tried playing in the heavy rain and had to give up after 5 holes, damn grips got wet despite covering bag and using umbrella, damn driver slipped clean out of my right hand on the last swing so I decided enough of that.

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Have not played for a month. Weather was extremely nice today for the month of February, 60 degrees. 78 on a par 74 municipal course. The putter was a little rusty, missed some birdie putts within 10'....Har!  :bugout:


6972 YDS  69.5 rating/114 slope


10/18 FIR

9/18 GIR

32 Putts

4 Bogeys

14 Pars

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Played 9 holes this morning and shot a 3 over 39. Only the 3rd time I have been able to play in the last 6 weeks or so due to the weather. The temp was in the low 40's but didn't seem all that bad. Had to hit almost 2 more clubs though. Tired of the wet and cold weather.
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I played Augusta in mind today.... I shot a -8, or maybe that was just today's temperature.
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Played two rounds on a quick weekend vacation to Fort Lauderdale..


86 from the tips at Palm-Aire Palms Course (73.0/128)...Got paired with a local who had played some D1 Golf and wanted to play from the championship tees, probably not the best decision for a first round in 3+ months.  Hit the ball well, but a handful of awful short game shots and 38 (38!!) putts sunk my ship.


82 from the blue tees at Hillcrest CC (71.5/134).. Hit the ball way better than the score showed, was +2 thru 13 and made a 7 and an 8 (OB Drive on a Par 5) along with two other bad bogeys coming in, only 34 putts in this round haha..  Played with some more locals, who had no respect for etiquette, one guy in particular with a South African accent (maybe someone in the area knows him, he was a busy body) would not shut the f up while anyone was swinging, constantly blabbering about his last, usually bad shot.. so frustrated by the end of the round.


Obviously not great scores, but it felt good to be in sun and on grass.  Back in Boston today thinking about how it could be two MORE months before I play again. Time to move south...

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Played the British Bobby Jones course in Sarasota today. First round with my 913 driver and 913 5 wood that I was fitted for.


Started off the day with a bunch of old bags telling me I *better have game* since I showed up in Loudmouth Pants and with a staff bag- apparently they have never seen such things in Sarasota.



Shot a 93 (45/48) with no alcohol on the front 9.


1 bird, 2 pars, 1 triple, 2 GIRs


9/14 fairways, 32 putts


I followed the *aim for the center of the green* advice for the first time and it actually put me over the green 4 times - not blaming the advice, was just hitting better than usual today. (and these were much smaller greens than my home course)

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6610 yds.  71.1/121.


83 with 2 doubles..... on the easiest 2 par-5's on the course!  Including one monumental 4-putt.  :doh:



God I hate this game.

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Played the Preserve at Tara in Bradenton yesterday and was very happy to see the course in much better shape than the last time I played 2 years ago.


Greens were in great shape and faster than anything I have played in awhile.


Shot another 93 (45/48) with another alcohol free front 9 (what is it with cart girls not being out early at some of these places)


4 pars, 1 triple, 12/14 fairways, 33 putts.


The wind was brutal but rock hard fairways helped the distance on most shots.

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I took about a 7 year break from the game and have been back at it for about 3 weeks. This last week I played two courses. The first I shot a 93 and the second I shot a 90. Ball striking has gotten back to where I was before but I am giving up a lot of strokes around the greens. I bought all new clubs and i am still trying to get used to the new clubs and get a little touch back. Hopefully progress to follow....
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