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Something in the 90s at my home course today. First round since September. What's the point of living in So Cal if you don't play golf through the winter?

On the plus side, the few holes I did well on matched with the ones where I remembered to aim for the center of the green.
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Goose Creek, Mira Loma, white tees.

95, with only 4 lost balls from lateral hazards. I got a few pars, but mostly bogie or worse.

My son was 91, missed breaking 90 by one splash on hole 18. Right in the drink. His longest drive, ever, another 30 yards would have put it really close. He also got 2 birdies, and had a 300 yard drive for the first time.

Had a great time playing @hacker101 and his son, we're a team! Nice job to you and your son.

Next time, we'll win!
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Finally got to play yesterday.  Started out around 40 degrees but got to 65 degrees at the turn.


Shot 81 at 71.9/133 at 6745 yds.  Was only +3 until 8th hole.  +2 and +4 on 8th and 9th holes.  That's +6 in two holes!!!  Then shot even on the back for 81.

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I tried yesterday but it was too windy for me. Played 3 holes and called it a day but it wasn't going well, missed two short par putts to go +3 in 3. The first 3 holes are lined with homes so wind not as bad but 4-9 are wide open and it was brutal. Pretty much every hole plays south to north from 4-7 and it was blowing hard from the west, would have been to tough to keep balls in play from the tee. I got there early to spend some time on the range because it was nice but the gusts started as soon as I got there. Even hitting the ball low the wind was blowing it 30-40 yards off line. NBD they paired me with some total douches so I was glad to leave.

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Shot about 200 balls out into the snow,  maybe 100 good. Need to see grass going nuts with all this snow.

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Sunday 16th Feb 2014......got the clubs out of the shed and headed to Auchenblae. Played a practice round and didn't keep a score. Topping my shots which is usual for me first time out again. Cant wait to get out again next weekend ....might even keep a score this time.

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I played 9 holes on Saturday and 18 on Sunday. None of it was particularly memorable since I'm trying to work on a new move away from the ball that will put me in a more consistent position with a shorter backswing. It's not comfortable yet, but I hit some really good shots and some others that made me wonder why I couldn't keep a single thought in my head for the second it takes to swing the club.


I played with a friend from out of town who I see once a year, so it was all good anyway.

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18 holes at Tuscany Reserve on the simulator, 93. Not the best drives but my irons were solid.
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Goose Creek in Mira Loma on Sunday with the SoCal SandTrap Group. Played from the whites (69.8/124) shot 107. Played with a bad back, but was hitting the ball surprisingly far considering I was only swinging 75% max. Hit a few good shots, but struggled otherwise.....

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Went and whacked the ball around the course for the first time in a while today. Didn't keep score and hit a lot of extra shots, working on different kinds of shots.


I mostly wanted to see how any of the changes I've attempted to make this winter translated to the course. It was obvious from the start that the changes made it much more likely to pull the ball and I hit way too many pulls today.


I think overall I'm on the right track and when I tried to add some extra turn on the backswing it helped my problem with the pulls as the round went along.


Another thing that was off was my feel on short game shots but that was no surprise since I haven't been hitting anything into a green. My carry distances were pretty good but I didn't have much feel for the reaction on the ground. Hopefully that will come back fairly quickly.


All in all it went okay and it was nice to be out playing again.

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78/77 ESC  34Front -2 :dance: Back44/43 ESC :cry: par 72 rate 72.6 slope 135  indexed 3.7


5 birdies :beer:

5 pars

6 bogies

1 double :mad:

1 triple :censored:


Four of my five birdies came on the front nine, I started of with birdies on the first two holes, I wish I could have been a little more mentally strong to finish what I started but I think I'm starting to see some of the light at the end of the tunnel. I really didn't expect to play this well after not being able to touch a club for two weeks but it all came together nicely. The double and Triple shou;d have never happened but I listened to my partner and went for it on one hole I knew better and then the triple was caused by a lost ball that got found 5 seconds after I hit the provisional.

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Sheesh.......I can't remember the last time I played! 

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Random stats I forgot to add


FIR 12/14

Putts 29

GIR 10


Three different times I was able to stick an iron within 2 feet for birdie today best one was 6 iron from 168.:dance:

Today was a good day that 2 under front was my best 9 holes to date, I shot 34 on 9 before but that course was not near as tough.

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Shot 83 while hitting 10 GIR. No penalties. I'll pause while you do the math.
Yeah........ a5_crying.gif

Struck the ball much better than I have been lately though, so I'm really not as pissed as I should be.
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I would like to throw a pie at the local news weather staff. Yeah right no wind today, the flags were dang near blown down to the ground. Anyway I limited it to 9 holes despite leaving work an hour early. Played my best wing game on the way to 42. Freakin double on 9 was a brain fart but the nuts and bolts were 4/9 fir 4/9 gir 16 putts one penalty stroke not sure what the front rating is 70.3/121. Did hit one rally cool shot on #4. Missied the fairway right into dormant scrub hit what would have been a realky nice 7i back to the fairway but it hit a branch and it died just beyond the tree. Third shot was about 235ish out, par 5 of 527, a good 7w to about 15 feet but missed the birdie putt.
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Shot 84 at my home course. Hit 8 greens, 8 fairways, and had 29 putts.


My approach shots were awful today. Everything else was solid or better.

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90, home course, tournament. 6 GIRs, 2 aprons in regulation on top of it.
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Played 9 holes on a Par 3 Course with my spouse today. Only the 3rd time we have ever been golfing so we were pretty happy with our terrible scores of 46 and 49. That's about 8 strokes better than the first time we played!

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