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Played A Cliffs course here in SC.....Keowee Springs very wet cartpath only

6600 yards ...71.7 - 137 

I shot a 94 with 1 triple bogey and 4 double bogies I did have 2 pars

Not a bad day for a 2nd year golfer

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Snowed last but it melted and the course opened at 1PM so I headed out. It was cold, just high 30's so I played 9 and left. Really not worth mentioning other than I tried the balls Hopkins golf sent me on the last 3 holes and played those even . Not sure what this ball is spposed to do and who for but it perfomed great in low temps. Ended up at 44 despite the 3 hole par streak.
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Altadena Blues 45


3 FIR, 3 GIR (not the same holes)


I lost two balls into the trees. "Loud Clack" then they disappeared, no trace. Drove within 30 yards of two short par 4 greens. Longest drive was 285 (cell phone GPS verified) on the first hole, which I parred. Last hole was a disaster, I drove the ball right behind this little tree on the left 250 yards away, then hit the tree for -20 yards, saved a double with a 12 foot putt.


BTW, Altadena has a new scorecard. Last hole is 509 yards and the course rating is a bit harder than the online scorecard.

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Went and played 9 this morning with @Golfingdad. Teed off @ 6:15, and played 9 on a short executive course. Didn't keep score, but was a fun round never the less. Hit one or two shots I felt pretty good about...Going to learn this game one of these days...

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Yeah, 6:15 is nice and early for 9 holes ... lose a little sleep but get to play AND still be on time for work.  Played decent this morning.  Missed two 5 footers (on 1 and 4) and then slopped my way to the green on 9 (through 2 bunkers), otherwise I could've beat my best score for that course (currently 28).


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83.  A good score for me, but I ended up bogey, triple, bogey, bogey, so, you know, I didn't exactly leave in a good mood.  ....should of seen me at the turn though!  :)

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Horrendous 103 with 54 putts 4 penalty strokes .... driver wasn't working .. 4 and 5 iron to the rescue
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Originally Posted by achadha7 View Post

Horrendous 103 with 54 putts 4 penalty strokes .... driver wasn't working .. 4 and 5 iron to the rescue
Also this only happens when I play with 1 particular guy. I played the same course 3 days back and had a 95 with 50 putts.... when I play with this particular guy always 100+ ... I wonder why
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I got my very first (and 2nd) par today!!!

9 holes Par 29 - Shot a 39 (personal best) with 3 FIR and 1 GIR and I made a really awesome 15 foot uphill putt for a bogey. I also risked trying out my 2 iron on the final 210 yd par 4 and hit it to the fringe... and eventually parred. Actually did a happy dance out of the tee box after that shot.

If I could learn how to tee off I swear I could par 7 of those holes...

Anyway, best day of golf I've ever had
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I wish I can be excited and proclaim............"I PLAYED MY FIRST ROUND OF THE YEAR!!!", but I can't.  Yes, I played my first round of 2014 last Saturday on February 22nd, but my 2nd round is nowhere in sight because sub-ZERO temps and another snow storm are coming this weekend:-(


I've played so little golf since last October.........

3 rounds in November

2 rounds in December

0 rounds in January

1 round in February


That's 6 rounds over 4 months!!!!  Ouch.........



This time of year, I normally don't keep score or play real golf, but I decided to do just that last weekend.....

Stone Canyon Golf Club 73.2CR 141slope.........(it felt like 7500yds)


5/13 Fairways

4/18 greens

28 putts

3 penalties

2 birdies


I have to say I am happy with the result because it could have been A LOT WORSE!!  My ball striking was shaky as expected, but I chipped and putted pretty well.   My highlight of the day aside from the two birdies was saving bogey on a par 5 after knocking a ball OOB from the tee.  With all things considered, I felt pretty good about the day and my golf game showed some signs of life. 


PS...a funny side note::   I birdied my first hole of 2014!  I hit no warm-up balls, no practice putts.... Nothing.....I drove my cart to the first tee and swung-away....and birdied the first hole right out of the gate..LOL

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Odd round yesterday - it started out a little bit chilly and so was my game. 3 putted the first 3 holes.


Ended up with a 97 (51/46).


4 three putts, 8 one putts, 12/14 fairways, 3 pars, 3 triples and 0 GIRs.


Of course I always managed to hit that perfect shot when only a perfect shot would hit that damn tree, but no complaints.

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Is "UGLY" a number?


I played Friday with an old friend who came back to town to visit. I've been ailing a bit with some injuries, aches and pains and not playing recently. It was great fun to be with my buddy again, but there wasn't enough ibuprofen in the world to help me afterwards. Wow, when did I get old?

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Had a kid in mid November and thus haven't played in forever.  Got out for the first time in a while last weekend and felt a bit rusty.  One thing I've been able to do is use an indoor facility near my work for 25-30 minutes once a week or so, and that seemed to help.  I shot better than my handicap with a 91 (handicap is 21) which is a differential of about 19 on the course.  That felt good.  


I shot 44 on the front and 47 on the back.  Generally I struck the ball pretty well with my irons but was very inconsistent with my driver which is very much common for me.  Best feeling of the day was hitting into a fairway bunker on 17 which left me with 135 to the middle of the green and pulling out my 8 iron and flushing it about 145 and hitting over the green.  For me hitting an 8 iron that far means the work at the indoor place is paying off.


Hopefully I'll be posting and playing more often now that we're out of the hard part of having the kid.

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87 today in very wet and heavy conditions thanks to the monsoon type rain that came through on Friday night!


Front 9: 45 - 3 pars, 4 bogeys, 2 double bogeys. 9x2 putts.

Back 9: 42 - 3 pars, 5 bogeys, 1 double bogey. 9x2 putts.



The last three rounds of golf I've played have all been in the 80's. I think the main reason for that is that after those 54 holes I have had only two 3 putts! Previously I was leaking anywhere up to 6 three putts per round  as well as missing 2 or 3 one putts! So I took a few lessons with our club pro to help sort that out and since then Ive been putting like a rabid terrier on heat as all those missed putts were adding up to keeping me in the high 90's!





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Originally Posted by marklemcd View Post

Had a kid in mid November and thus haven't played in forever. 

Congratulations on your new baby!!! I have it on good authority that a nw baby is better than a 145 yd 8 iron out of the bunker. :beer:

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78  38 front 40 back par 72 rate 72.6 slope 135  indexed 4.5


1 birdie

11 pars

5 bogeys

1 double


11/14 FIR

14/18 GIR

38 putts


Overall a good day driving and ball striking, not so good putting.

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98 .... par 72... 2 pars... 52 putts total... grrrrrrr
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Round of Even par..

Started dodgy (+3 thru 5) and managed to finish level, first round this year so far as the weather has been breathtakingly bad (Record breaking).

Swing felt totally rusty but was 100% expecting that: All in all a decent start back.

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