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80.  Birdie on 18 would have been so much more fun if it had been for a 79, but I had 3 birdies in the round, and I've never had more than that. So... all in all, a great round for me.

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Hit the ball pretty solidly around the back 9. First 7 holes were nightmareish.

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Today was the first day the course opened after the most recent snow.  As you would expect, the course was completely saturated/sloppy and drives were plugging in the fairway.


Stone Canyon: 73.2CR 141slope 39-41=80

8/13 fairways

9/18 greens

33 putts

0/1 SS

1 Penalty

0 Birdies


I was happy with how I played because the conditions were tough and it's only my 2nd round of the year.   I played the course to a length of 6,633 and it felt like 7,633yds.  LOL I didn't make any birdies, but I holed everything around the cup.   I had a few bad lags and holed all the knee knockers. 

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88 front 46 back 42 rate 73.7 slope 139 indexd 11.9


Well just a day I think I would rather forget.

Nothing went right with my game today everything was just blah from start until the 14th hole then I parred in from there.

 0 birdies :poo:

6 pars

8 bogeys

4 doubles :pound:


Not going to bother any other stats just because I want to forget today happened and get ready for the Nor Cal outing at Poppy Ridge. Seriously thinking about buying that SLDR driver on Ebay just depends on when I go back to work.

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52 front, 42 back. I get to try again tomorrow is all I can take out of that round.
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81 on a 6403 yard 70.1/124. Realized how my fitness and flexibility need to improve if I'm going to consistently go sub-80. I shot a 39 on the front, and it would have probably been lower if I didn't make the hero play and try to carry my 3W 240 over water to a 280 yard par 4. I missed several birdie putts from 10-15 feet, so I could've gone lower and broken 80 for the first time. 42 on the back with LOTS of scrambling because of errant drives and skulled approach shots. Putted and pitched my butt off to save that 42. I haven't walked 18 in a while and I plan on doing it from now on when I play solo. Add that in with some flex/resistance training, a diet, and other cardio work and I hope to get my HDCP below 10 before summer's out.

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Shot 83 - I'm okay with it...  Had a grip put on my putter yesterday and forgot to put it back in my bag... had to use a 32 inch ping answer (same length as my putter) and boy did I forget how good those feel!  I forget that my mallet has such a damped muted feel to it.. my distance control was great all day.


PS...  Eagled 17!  driver, six iron to 6 feet!  It was windy all day but the wind was behind us, so that helped.

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In spite of the nice weather today, I had no golf plans because my daughter had her end of year Cheerleading banquet from 1-330pm. I ruled out trying to play early because it was cold overnight with frost.    It was a sunny pleasant day with a high of 58 degrees as I left the banquet when it occurred to me it is daylight savings time and there is plenty of daylight left!!!!!    I teed off at 410pm and was finished by 520pm!!  I probably had time to finish 18, but I have the day off tomorrow and opted to buy some booze and go home instead. LOL   I'll probably play at least 27 holes tomorrow!!


Stone Canyon Front 9:

36.2CR 145slope

40.........4 over par

3/7 fairways........(I missed 3 by only a couple feet so I felt happy with my driving today)

6/9 greens

15 putts

1 penalty

 I was able to scramble to save bogey after driving into a hazard, and my single 3-jack was up a steep slope so I'm not even too upset about that.   For early season golf in the Midwest, I'm satisfied because I normally play a lot worse this time of year.

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Weird day was -1through 3. Up and down for par after missing the green on the following par 3. Hit 3 really bad shots in a row the next hole, seriously I was hitting my 4th shot and was still 100 out on a sub 400 yard par 4 but felt good about the 2 putt double. Hit a 302 yard drive on the next hole and pitched it short of the green and made bogey after burning the edge. A sandie on the following par 5 to save par. Only a easy par 3 and short par 4 to end the front 9, should be a no brainer. This is a private course, tough even in the winter, so feeling good about being +3 with 2 to go. Blam a triple and a quad back to back. Can't remember the last time I did that. +10 ugh.
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Very first tournament (couples best ball format) and my wife and I took 3rd place!! Shot a 70 (Par 58) and made some of the greatest putts of my short golf life!

I hit a pitching wedge on the 2nd hole from 65 yds out and actually hit the pin! Then sunk the short 2 foot putt for par. Then on the ninth I knocked in a 25 foot putt to save par!

I couldn't get it off the tee at all but inside 90 yds I felt like a pro. Had 4 one putts and only 1 three putt!
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Originally Posted by putt and pray View Post

Very first tournament (couples best ball format)

Brave man playing your first competitive round in a mixed couples format.  That is often known as "The Divorce Open."  Well done, still married and 3rd place!! (yes I understand I am not supposed to comment but this just called for a well done)

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for a windy , cold, frozen fairway, golf tees only going in less than an inch, par 3's sucked...etc. I do not think i did too bad for a melon head form Virginia, living in Ohio for 20 years...shot a 96 on 18 with all the glamour you would expect from shooting a whole new bag of irons and driver. shot a 96 50/46

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What a strange day! First 5 were pretty average golf for me, next 6 were the worst golf I've played since the first time I picked up a club, then finished 2 over with only 2 bogeys and 4 GIR for the best 7 hole stretch I've ever played. What a strange round. After the front nine, in the midst of my AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL slump I abandoned traditional scoring and started just giving sad faces and happy faces instead. A really perplexing day.
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Hit my first two approaches to a combined two feet to start birdie, birdie. Hit two tee shots in a row out of bounds on the 18th. Everything in between was mellow.

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91 = 71 + 20(13 F9, 7 B9) @70.9 / 125 6400 yd


Shanks were everywhere.:cry:

Greens were being aerated

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Could have been worse, should have been better. Hit some great drives today. Otherwise... pretty bad game.  Several three-putts. :cry:


...Oh well.  Can't wait for next time.

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76 from Black Tee's 7044 yds at The Golf Club at Terra Lago, South Course. (Rating/Slope) 74.0/138. 

It's been a rough couple weeks for me now. I have been struggling to keep it below 80, mind you, I'm a 1 handicap. (not for long).

I hope I get over this hump soon.

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Out for a quick 9 before work. Shot a +5 40 with a 3 putt double, 4 of 6 FIR. Only hit 2 GIR but 2 were inches into the fringe so still putting. My fault for the bad play, a bad club choice led to the double. It hit the green but at the very back and bounced into a bad lie. That green has a year old mower scar (fluid damage) that runs completely across it and I tried to chip past it but didn't so had to putt over it and it funked everything up. I'd have been happy with a 38 or 39.

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