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First one on the course this morning for a relaxing round by myself. Shot 26 over for a 98. Really kind of bummed by the score, but really pleased with my swing and ball striking. Pitching and putting ate my lunch. I feel like a lesson or three would help me knock a bunch of stokes off my average game.
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I normally don't post scores for the first month of play coming off a 3 month winter layoff, but decided to post every single round from the first played this year.......LOL


Round 2:


Stone Canyon 73.2CR 141Slope


I hit the ball terrible from the tee....... 4/13 fairways......7GIR(function of bad driving)........35putts



ouch.....I'm sure there will be more where this came from. 

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WooHoo! Shot a 71 at The Golf Club at Terra Lago, Championship Tee's, 6401 yards, 71/130. 9/18 GIR's, 10/14 FIR's. I getting out of the rut. (hopefully not speaking too soon).:-D

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38 - 43. Got held up on the back 9 (understatement), and missed a few easy puts for what would of been a nice round of golf.


Range time is starting to pay off.


Let's see what tomorrow brings..

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It was a pleasant sunny and 70 in KC today!!    I was only able to play 9 holes because I took my son bowling, but at least I got to play. 


Stone Canyon:  Front nine........36.2CR 145slope.........39

5/7 Fairways

5/9 greens

17 putts


I'm not holing any putts yet, but my lag putting was solid today.  I didn't have any close looks, so I am happy with all the 2 putt pars.   I really only threw away 1 shot.   On the last, I needed 3 strokes to get down from the fringe 20ft away.  Oh well......   I'm not complaining.  My other 2 bogeys were tough up-and-ins so I deserved the scores.  All in all....a good day.

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10 GIR
28 putts

Not bad for 2nd round of year, played back 9 twice
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43-41. Getting worse. Hit some nice shots but top too many long irons.

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Originally Posted by jsgolfer View Post


10 GIR
28 putts

Not bad for 2nd round of year, played back 9 twice

Forgot the course stats:
3300 yds
par 36
71.4 course rating
131 slope

Although the rating and slope are for the entire 18, but the back 9 is harder. Front 9 still closed.
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Shot a 90 which had winds greater than today's PGA tourney. Only two holes were downwind. In fact, afterwords found out there was a high dust warning. Which we had then some few seconds of rain, light though it was.

Had to really consider it as had 77 on Thursday. But, normal for this time of year.
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Cannon Gate @ Magnolia Creek

Wind Gusts to 40 mph




Hit the ball pretty good but wind and rain tore me up.

9 over on the front

Didn't finish the back 9. Went in and had a drink and a stogie.

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Springfield Golf & CC
3300 yds
Par 36
Back 9 twice again

12 GIR
33 putts

71.4 Cr
131 slope
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Today I shot a 73 which is my lowest round playing with a group. I was striking the ball excellently and missed hardly any fairways. I missed a lot of par and birdy putts that I should have made. But another guy in my group shot the same score and we tied the course low round of the year so far so it was good.
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My son scored his best today on the 3rd week of the season.


Brookside Course 2 Blues (Par 70, 68.9/122): 84


I'm still recovering and doing yoga and pitching and putting.

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yesterday could only play 9 but shot a 44 par 37/3209 yds but 70-119 slope rating. They converted a par 4's into one of those par 4/5 the tee boxes are only 10 yds apart. Avg drive 171(using Wilson smart-core cheapo balls), straight but way short, 3gir, 5/7 fairways. the course was littered with balls from years past? with the vegetation gone/dead found a couple Hi-end Pro v's etc. I am 11 strokes better on first three 9 hole rounds of the season compared to last year, at this rate I should be shooting high 70's in may...

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Two birdies made it a bit better.


Three three-putts, a penalty, and a trees-to-trees sequence made it a lot worse.


+10 thru 9, so I managed a good second nine at +4 (par 70). That's always nicer than the reverse situation!


And only 10mph winds.  Nice!

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Bad one yesterday 48 - 40. Lost ball on the 2nd, 3rd and OB on the 7th. Found my tempo on the back 9 and had a put on the 18th for 39.

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49/44 (scored better on the harder course). The 7 I got on the second hole didn't help.


Didn't shoot that great, but at least I got my swing back.


Played the first 5 holes on Brookside course 2 (rated 68.8/122) then the other 13 on course 1 (rated 72.9/130).


Around the 7th hole, I was getting my drives back, then on the 13th I got my 4 iron back again (over hit an uphill green from 182). After this my 8 iron was my 150 club again. Now I can use the MP32 with the stiff KBS. All 6 GIR I got were after the 9th hole, 3 of them with my 8 iron.


Anyone want to buy a set of MP33 with Xstiff KBS and Titleist 735 CM with Rifle 6.5?

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47/47 for 94..best march score ever...70/119 slope. nothing to write home about..except... bouncing a 119yd, sky high, wedge shot out of the cup, it went down the flag stick and bounced out of the cup probably 10 feet in the air and landed on the fringe. I have played this course probably 100 times and never saw anything like that. Even the Geese (my gallery) thought it was amazing honk, honk they jeered..closest to a hole in 3 on a par 4 for me..I chipped, and putt, putted the hole for a DB. I also passed a whole crew of Gollums fishing "precious" golf balls out of the castle moat. I already got the pro v1's & others out of the moat last week. ..at least they let me play around them while they were foraging for their Easter eggs...Hurrah for spring.   

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