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45 - 38. Really must start to warm up before playing!!

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Was able to get to the course and practice for two or three hours. Even better, I didn't have my phone, so no distractions. 


So, I was prepared when I played nine holes with my father, my uncle, and a family friend. I shot a 1 over 36 on aerated greens, with a chip in on 8 for birdie and a chip in on 9 for par. Struck the ball really well today; all the work I've put in is really paying off. 


Won't be able to play tomorrow because we're moving so I'm glad I got to play today.

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I shot 36 at my local 9 hole par 3 today!  Only 1 stroke above my personal best.  Not the greatest score but hey, I was pumped.  Course was absolutely saturated and muddy as heck so I feel like I played a great game!  Also got to use my new mizuno irons for the first time and loved them!

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Calusa Pines Golf Club
6645 yds
73.2 cr
143 slope

32 Putts

What an awesome golf course, one of the best I've ever played. Greens were very tough, course was very wide open and playable but you needed to know where not to hit it. Caddies we great, great experience.
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My best round by far today although was only a front 9. Previous best 43 (par 36). Today hit a 38 including my very first (and probably only) hole in one on the Par 3, 160 yard 7th. Two 3 putts and a water hazard included, could have been even better!
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44/44 Altadena Blues, par 72, 68.2/116 6078 yards.
Played 9 twice, with a push cart.

My driver and irons are okay, but my wedges were horrible. All the distance tuning I did was pure crap. I over hit and under hit from 50 yards and in. Cost me lots of strokes. The main issue is the 3 300 yard par 4 ended up with bogies instead of par or birdie. You really need to use feel for these short shots. I tried to use an "open loop" preprogrammed swing, and it totally failed. My half swings gave me +/-10 yards or more. On one GIR, I was 50 feet from the back of the pin.

Oh yes, i wasn't allowed to take a drop from behind the driving range fence I nailed on the drive. That's a stroke.

Ironically, the one 453 yard par 4 was my best par 4.

First 9 was fast, 2nd one was really slow. 2 men, an old man and woman in front of us. The two men were probably trying to impress the woman (who was kind of cute). They played horribly from the blue tees. They hit no more than 200 yards, and took 3 shots every time to make the area around the green. My son gave up on driver and started to play around with 6i off the tee and 6 to the green. I just ended up hitting parallel to their position (most of the time). Slow play is really bad, and now I can't even hit and putt while waiting if I want a valid score to post.

Need to convince my son to play the more challenging courses in our area next Saturday.
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Shot a 77 at Lotte Minayoshida (Chiba, Tokyo Japan).  41, 36 from the back tee's.   Bogey'd 18th.  Have been a bastion of mediocrity and mid 70's.

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Well today had an awesome round for me today. Shot a 78 on a par 72 course. And can only place it on the fact that I rec'd my new Apex irons that were actually fit to me which meant 2 up and the recoil graphite shafts. I have never had so many straight accurate iron shots as I had today. Hit 10 GIRs - something I have never accomplished before. When I analyzed the results I found it would have been even better but as I walked I am not in the shape I need to be. So that is the next thing I need to do. Get back in shape.
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Originally Posted by jtw89 View Post

First one on the course this morning for a relaxing round by myself. Shot 26 over for a 98. Really kind of bummed by the score, but really pleased with my swing and ball striking. Pitching and putting ate my lunch. I feel like a lesson or three would help me knock a bunch of stokes off my average game.

99 for me today, unlike you I was happy with that score but disappointed in my ball striking. I chipped and putted well but got too aggressive on a couple of holes and shot a 9 on a front nine par 5 and a triple on a par3 with an 8 on a par 4 thrown in just for kicks.

This is how I know that I am improving, when I am not hitting well and spraying the ball all over and  I can still manage a double at worst. Today it was over aggression that cost me 6 or 7 strokes.

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Finally broke 100 with a 95. Slightly disappointed that I 3 putted 8 times as I could have broken 90, but that's the only real issue with what turned out to be a great round,



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My dad and I got in nine after it stopped raining. Shot 41, with 9/9 fairways, 2/9 greens (UGH), and 15 putts. 

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Shot 89 at Pebble Creek in Tampa
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Par 72, 6,550 yds. 70.7/127.

77 with a double on a short par 3, the result of a dead shank off the tee. b4_blushing.gif

Hit 10 greens and had 5 birdie putts under 10 feet. Could only get one to drop.

It's getting there......
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Played Rutgers golf course on Saturday. Black tees, Par 71, 68.9/126, 6,034 yards.


Shot 95, even after taking two lost balls on 18. Hit 4 fairways, 3 GIR, had a chip in on 13 to save bogey, but only managed one other up and down. Greens weren't really in great shape, though, so I'm not going to look too hard at my putting, yet.


There was a fair amount of wind, too. All in all, a good round for me to start the year off.

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Played Saturday at the Estuary Course at Grey Oaks CC in Naples, FL



Par 72

6,778 Yds

73.7 CR

147 Slope



10 GIR

32 Putts


4 Birdies


Great golf trip to Naples.  :-D


Now back to reality in NO. VA, Brrr....... 

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Par 72, Rating 72.4, Slope 131

Watters Creek - Plano, TX

20-25 mph winds

81 while missing 3 3-footers.

Pretty pleased. 1st hcap has dropped in about 2 months. Heatin up for the spring, I hope. Will be nice to play with some grass under the ball.
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I am MN so playing today is not an option, but i played this winter while at the PGA Show in Orlando and played really well at the Legends at Orange Lake. We played match play but I think i shot about 10 over. Really good for being a 14. Made some amazing wedge shots to within ~6 feet on 2 holes. One to win the 9 hole match :-) Was a great day! 

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Sunday - Even par 72 @ Ridgeview Ranch in Plano, TX


I quit playing for 8-9 years due to some stomach surgery, started playing again last October. When I quit I was scratch....Since I started playing again I've been playing to a 5.2 index and my best round was a 76. I read Dave Stocktons book "Unconscious Putting" and it was a tremendous read. I hit balls this past week a few times but did have 3-4 practice putting sessions making the changes he suggested.


The result was a 72 with 4 birdies and 4 bogeys and I did miss a 3.5' birdie putt. I should add I only had 26 putts.


I'm 50 and it was great to shoot an even par round. As I try to remember my scores back 8-9 years ago I don't think I had many rounds that were even or better, what I recall was a bunch of +1 or +2 rounds that got my official index to a 0.

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