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Originally Posted by Lihu View Post

My son scored his best today on the 3rd week of the season.


Brookside Course 2 Blues (Par 70, 68.9/122): 84


I'm still recovering and doing yoga and pitching and putting.

Okay, he just scored 50(36) yesterday on the front 9 of Rio Hondo Golf Club (70.5/124) ending with 3 pars in a row (Hole scores: 7/4 7/4 6/5 6/5 6/4 6/4 3/3 3/3 4/4). Anyway, he's out back practicing his swing against a net, which is the most I have ever seen him practice.


He's getting the bug to play well, finally. :banana:


He said he needs to warm up before playing from now on. No more going cold, which means that when we play a round together I also get to warm up. :whistle:

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A 92 today in the wind and the wet. Was really trying to concentrate on transferring some of the feelings from the work at the range and home onto the course. Wasn't hitting the ball that well but really only 3 lost ball from stupid snap hooks and a 4 putt from 10 ft on the 13th stopped me posting a reasonable score

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Last four rounds. 


41 - 38

41 - 41

45 - 39

39 - 38


Going to have to put some work in on the putting green. Last round I had 5 bogeys and 13 pars. Hit 13 greens in regulation and missed every single birdie put, 5 of them inside 10 feet. Could of been one of those days though as 5 lipped out and 1 done the full 360 degrees.

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I really need to improve my game in the wind.  That said, it was windy enough to blow the ball off the tee today.  The wind added a about an inch or two of break (depending on the gusts) to every 3-4 feet of putt, and I never compensated or got it right.


...didn't really satisfy my urge to play golf - I want to play even more right now, but I have to wait until next week...

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92 Paradise Knolls in Riverside California.

Need to work on my putting and my last 3 holes.. I always seem to break down in the last 3 holes of the day!.
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45 - 40.


Not a great day, especially with a big comp tomorrow. Think I might get there a couple of hours early and work on my putting. God knows what's going on, two weeks ago I couldn't miss..

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Front 40 Back 41 overall 81 par 72 rate 72.6 slope 135 indexed 7.0

12/18 GIR

12/14 FIR

39 putts :pound:


0 birdies :cry:

9 pars

9 bogies


This round had 77 written all over it, the greens were just punched and sanded last Wednesday and they were completely inconsistent and bumpy as hell, I had 5 birdie putts within 12' and I even 3 jacked one of them. With the new shaft on the SLDR was able to gain some needed control but also need to get more height on my tee shots, I'm going to move the ball a little more forward in my stance to see if that helps.

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6610 yds. 71.1/121 par 72.

77......37/40. Hit 7 greens on the front and ZERO on the back. Ugh..... You can't make that up.

Back to back 77's though. It's coming......
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95, hit only one green in regulation, despite hitting 11 fairways. But I did hit five collars, so that's in the right direction. Six pars, but also two triples and some doubles. I don't think I hit the ball all that poorly, but I wasn't lined up -- the number of my shots that went straight, but weren't where I wanted to hit, I'd rather not mention.
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My best round since I started playing 3 months ago!!
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Pretty cool day today. Had @tristanhilton85 caddie for me at a Pro-Am at Mission Hills CC on the tournament course for the upcoming Kraft Nabisco Championship. My team won second, (we played best two scores per hole, five man team, 4 am's 1 pro.) and I shot a 74. The Dinah Shore course was not what I would consider tournament condition for the Pro's standards, but pre-tournament condition, which is really nice by any amateurs standards. And I birdied 18, which was pretty cool. Had an eagle opportunity from about 12 feet there, but missed it left (pull). Need to work on the putts some more.

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Shot 93 yesterday. Wind constant 24 mph gusts over 30 mph so pretty happy with score. Hit my new irons well but putting sucked. Tuesday plan on playing 2 rounds. Well see how that goes.
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Shot a 76 at Rio Pinar country Club.  First time playing it.  Found a deal for 20 dollars on golf now and figured i'd try it.  I must say it is the best deal for your buck in central florida.

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Originally Posted by TheBogeyMan View Post

My best round by far today although was only a front 9. Previous best 43 (par 36). Today hit a 38 including my very first (and probably only) hole in one on the Par 3, 160 yard 7th. Two 3 putts and a water hazard included, could have been even better!
38 is my personal best for 9 also! Here s to 37.c2_beer.gif
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shot 88 today....first round under 90 in my life.

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Shot an 86 at Pinemeadow golf course in Mundeline, IL. All ponds still frozen and snow still on the ground. This seems like my score lately when I'm hitting it so so.
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Played 9 holes and didn't score well but I hit everything in the fairway for once! Only shots out of the rough were when I put too much power into a chip and rolled behind the green. Chipping/putting were not my friends...
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Wind was gusting 15-20 mph yesterday, but managed to get out and play some decent golf.


Par 71 (35/36)

Rating/Slope 71.9/133 6745 yds.



  +4 (front) 4/7 FH; 4/9 GIR; 15 putts

  +4 (back) 3/7 FH; 4/9 GIR; 15 putts


  +8 (79) 7/14 FH; 8/18 GIR; 30 putts

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