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It was a weird day. 4 doubles and 5 birdies, 78.
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Summary of today's round, BOGEY TRAIN!!!!


1 double, 2 pars, 6 bogeys, 45 


Had some trouble with hitting shots thin :no:. Was able to get some decent shots in later in the round. The greens were absolutely SLOW as I have ever seen greens be slow. These greens had to be below an 8 Stimp. Putts were consistently coming up 4-5 feet short, just horrible. I hate slow greens. Pitching was blah, thinned a couple pitch shots as well. Chipping was not bad, had a few good short pitches and chips. Driving was pretty good. The SLDR is an absolute monster like the numbers said it was. That driver has just turned my ball flight into a boring trajectory, LOVE IT!!


Still work to do. Need to get this backswing piece down, and still get the swing shorter. When I tried half swing and rip through the ball, I hit a few too many thin shots. I think I need the weight forward more + rip through the ball.  


On the plus side, the 60 degree day was absolutely the highlight of the round :-D

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Pecan Hollow, Plano, TX
71.1 / 127 / Par 71

Tough winds, gust to 30, no warm-up

42 - 38 80

5 over after 5 so picked it up after I got loose. No doubles, but 10 bogies and a bird. Gettin closer...
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I feel like breaking into a song and dance and singing the theme song from the Jeffersons......."Movin' on Up" because that is exactly the direction my HC is trending. It's no surprise this happens every spring. The question is where will it peak and when will it reverse itself.  I peaked at 5.4 in 2013 and my goal is to stop short of that before trending down. 


I played Sunday at Stone Canyon and it was a sunny and 73 degree March day.  With that came howling winds.........(as you might suspect)

73.2CR 141slope...........42-41=83

5/13 Fairways

6/18 Greens

32 Putts

2 penalties


I started the year a 1.7 and already revised to 2.2 and now 2.6 with the April 1 revision:-\ 

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I played the Innisbrook Island Course from the green tees last Friday and shot a -2, 70.  I had 6 birdies.  Putter was on fire.  Made a 30 foot par putt and a 60 foot birdie putt.  I stuck a couple of par 3 tee shots inside of 3 feet.  Chipped a couple of 3rd shots close on some par 5s and put another approach on a par 5 from 70 yards to within a couple of feet.  Drained a lot of par putts in the 6-8 foot range.  I played with my boss, a couple of other co-workers, and a consultant.  We had a great time and I really enjoyed the day.

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Originally Posted by Lihu View Post

Okay, he just scored 50(36) yesterday on the front 9 of Rio Hondo Golf Club (70.5/124) ending with 3 pars in a row (Hole scores: 7/4 7/4 6/5 6/5 6/4 6/4 3/3 3/3 4/4). Anyway, he's out back practicing his swing against a net, which is the most I have ever seen him practice.


He's getting the bug to play well, finally. :banana:


He said he needs to warm up before playing from now on. No more going cold, which means that when we play a round together I also get to warm up. :whistle:

Altadena Blues:


He shot a 43 (par 36) in competition. Best score today, and his team won. Very windy conditions.


I shot 5 balls per hole 5 holes, made mostly bogies with a few pars. Drove a ball that rolled into a tree root, and took a stroke out for a double. Driving was really bad, but my new irons are deadly accurate. If I had played, I would have been roughly bogey. Greens were punched, and I hit a 100 foot putting stroke for 25 feet. Made 6 greens out of the 25 ball/holes played. I hit one drive straight out and it hung in the air for a really long time (I could have counted to 10 or 20 fast), ended up only 220 yards down the fairway. The wind was blowing really hard.


Fun bogey day for me and a great scoring day for my son.

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37-36-73 Springfield Golf & CC

Blue Tees

Par 70 (3rd hole being played as par 3 until late April, new fairway needs to come in better after harsh winter)




13 GIR (8 Front/5 Back)

31 Putts (19 on Front (all 2 putts and 1-3 putt) and 12 on back (1 chip in, 4-1 putts))

2 birdies

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Whooo-hoooo!!!! 78!  :beer:


It's been a while since I broke 80, so I'm stoked.  Extra-happy because it was 15-20mph windy out there too.

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99 cuz i always shoot 99, it sux, i hate golf, im going snowboarding

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Played Southern Hills Plantation, a Pete Dye Course, yesterday for the first time.  Played Gold tees 6962 yards rated 74.1 slope 134 and shot a +6, 78.  It was a tough track, especially in strong wind.

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Santa Anita Blues

46/48, 9 Gir, couple 4 putts, 1 lost drive, nine 3 putts, 3 up and downs.

Greens were just punched no breaks or them's the breaks, so to speak. Hit a 6i out of trouble through a 20' gap 120' away.

Feeling better about these new irons. 8i is around 145 carry.

Awful drives are the main culprit for my blow up round. Putting would be next. Longest drive was 270, shortest was 100 bouncing back from a tree.
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90 at first round of Pebble Creek GC Spring Two Day Blitz.....tied for 5th out of 34 players
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88 today second day if Two Day tourney....tied for 3rd place out of 35 players
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My first official posted score in 2014 was 97, the highest score I have posted in a dozen years. Almost expected I guess since I hardly swung a golf club since October. Yesterday was a little better (87) but it was all a result of some serious scrambling. My tee game and long game is horrendous and I am having a hard time leeping anything longer that a 6-iron in play. Time to see the Pro,

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First round since January, and it shows. The iron game could use some fine tuning




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Uploaded the wrong round earlierm couldn't delete or edit it.


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Finally fired a sub 36!


Drained the final putt to finish at 34.


Only problem, it was a par 3 course. 

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Shot 85 yesterday. Really struggled with my approach shots.

Hit 8/18 fairways and 4/18 GIR (including two dead shanks from the center of the fairway).

I hit six shanks in total: two from the fairway, and five chips. It was embarassing as all hell. Thankfully, I putted out of my mind and made four twenty footers for par.

I've gotta get that under control. The shanks from the fairway I know how to fix, but the chips not so much.

Hopefully, the next round has no shanks. We'll see.
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