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First round of the new year and with a new swing, shot a 54/50. Still a lot of work to do before I knock the rust off completely and get some consistency with the new "post-lesson" swing, but overall pleased with how I was striking the ball, especially with the irons and hybrids. Not so great off the tee (where I lost most of my strokes) but it will get there. All the putting over the winter seemed to help and, surprisingly, my chipping/pitching was OK despite not having played since last December. On the plus side, I was 10 strokes better then my opening round last year so I'm very excited for the season.
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A slightly rough beginning nine at the new club. A bit cool and windy for me to be playing the tips but it was a good test. Hit all the irons pretty well. Made par on all three par threes which were all at least 185. Only made par on one of the par 4s. Doubled two of them. Struggled with the driver and 4w on a couple holes that cost me some strokes. That was frustrating. No penalty strokes taken. Short game was decent.  Lipped out a birdie from 6', and almost holed a pitch hitting the pin on one. Shot 41 on a par 34 which plays 3016 yards.    Course is a par 70 with a rating/slope of 70.6/124

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Played my home course today in very windy conditions (around 20-25mph) my course is not renown for bad wind is quite a calm course but tight of the tee. We decided to play of competition tee's for some practice for a upcoming comp.


I started of very poorly had +16 going out (+6 on my handicap), was really struggling with the wind and short game was not helping me out. 


Averages for the front nine

Par 3's = 4.66 shots

Par 4's = 5.83 shots

No Par 5's On Front 9


Back nine was a totally different story, I played a lot better, short game picked up, putting was solid and had only good luck. I came in with +5 (-6 for my handicap).


Averages for the back nine

Par 3's = 3.00

Par 4's = 4.57

Par 5's = 6.00


I finished with +21 for the full round which was equal for my handicap. Was a surprising finish as I did not expect to turn it around after the front nine being +6 on my handicap. Back nine started with 3 par's in a row including one on S.I 1.


Hoping tomorrow's round will more consistant from start to finish.

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Ugggh..........I only played once last weekend when I could have played twice, but I opted to bowl instead.  I could have played golf this evening too, but I opted to bowl with my son at his request. 

Stone Canyon: 73.2CR 141slope....


The round highlight was making only 1 par on the inward 9...........3 birdies/3 bogies/2 doubles/ 1 par.......LOL


My game is a mess.  I am bowling with my son more than playing golf so this year may be interesting for golf.  My game is showing signs of life, but I have a long way to go.  I'm not playing nearly enough golf to turn things around.  Once the days get long and warm and I can play early weekend golf....I will trend down, but that is a ways away..........


When mornings are cold, I skip golf to spend father/son time bowling.......... When the weather warms, I play golf early so my father/son time isn't conflicting. It is what it is....

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First round of the year! Only could get in 9 after work, but I did start the year off with a tap in birdie. All in all, I hit it very solid. Short game was great. A had a few wedges that a flew well over the green.

Shot a +4 (39) with two birdies, a double and two penalties.
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41 (+6)


4 pars, 1 double, 4 bogies


Not a good ball striking day. Still can't bring the timing to the course. I can get it going if I string a lot of shots together on the range, but the time between full swing shots is making it tough for me. I was also missing shots to the right a bit. Had alot of big pushes and a few push cuts. Back to the driving range in the future. 


On a side note, putting was pretty good. Got Aimpoint going. A few misreads on the more subtle breaks. Need to practice that, but I made a good number of key 6-7 foot putts. 

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Shot 4 over for 9 holes at the easy course where I work. Didn't hit the ball particularly well and didn't figure I would with the swing changes I've tried to implement over the winter.


Seems the different technique is carrying over into my short game shots (unintentionally) and my distances and trajectories are off on short shots. Lower and longer than I intended several times.


Going to take some practice to get that straightened out.


Most of the full shots were at least semi-acceptable (except for a water ball that came from out of nowhere).

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Gosh, I had 15/18 GIR and 10fairways.  From this I should be shooting like a 67 or something from making some putts.  BUT no.  34 putts and a 73.  6900yd course 74 rating, not bad.  But, couldve been so much better.  The loss wasn't in putting, but from my approaches.  I needed them to be just a smidge closer and I would've been great.

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Played my home course yesterday after having a few average rounds on it in the last few days. Yesterdays round went exceptionally well was having a great day with my approach shots and short game.


Round Stats

- Score: 83 (+13)

- FiR: 5/14

- GiR: 10/18

- Pens: 2 Both OOB

- Putts: 32

- Par 3 Avg: 3.00 (3,3,3,3)

- Par 4 Avg: 4.75 (4,4,5,4,4,6,3,4,6,5,8,4)

- Par 5 Avg: 7.00 (7,7)


Playing again today last practice round before first qualifier comp of the year, hoping to get a couple of shots of handicap tomorrow but will see how i play once i get that card in my hand. :(

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played 9 both yesterday and 9 more today... yesterday it looked as if id never picked up a club in my life... 2 pars, a couple bogeys and a littering of doubles and triples.... today on the other hand I lipped out a 3.5 footer on #1 then proceeded to par in for a 1 over par 37.


3042 yards (forward white tees)

par 36

126 slope rating

course literally opened for the year yesterday.

Fairways: 3/7

GIR: 5/9

putts: 15

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I went out WED evening and played 13 holes.....The wind was blowing 22-27mph........Stone Canyon: 72.4CR 145 slope...........9 hole score of 40

3/7 fairways

6 greens!

1/1 SS

18 putts

1 penalty

I drove the ball well in spite of only hitting 3 fairways.  I hit my irons solid and hit a lot of greens, but I'm not making any putts.  I did have 2 three-putts, but they were long putts with crazy slopes involved.  I had some birdie looks, but made nothing when the opportunity presented itself.



Today: Stone Canyon 73.2CR 141slope

It was sunny today with temps in the 70s with only a light breeze?..what??...........I had to play 18!!!

7/13 fairways

13 greens!!!

36 putts...........ugh


I was solid tee to green and gave myself some good looks at birdie, but couldn't cash in.   I lag putted well and my putting touch has been good, but I can't get anything in the hole!!!!  Aaaarg.......  I played pretty well, but can't score.  This is my best round of 2014, but I can't hole putts.    I should add.......our greens were aerated this week, but this is no excuse for not making ANY birdies.   I should have made at least 2-3 today at the worst..  I'm having fun though...........

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Anyone interested in Playing Cypress Point? If so, write me at htf8@aol.com
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47-42-89 (+18) today. Was a pretty good ball striking day, only hit 4 greens but had a couple of fringes.

My putting once again stopped my from scoring very well. 36 putts was really not good enough. Didn't hole a single putt from more than 3ft.
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Just played my first qualifer comp of the year, went fairly well came in with 88 (-2 for handicap) so going to lose 0.8 of my handicap. Played very consistant throughout the full round, did not get a great deal of pars but had a large amount of bogeys. Looking forward to the next comp already.


Round Stats

- Score: 88 (+19)

- FiR: 6/14

- GiR: 3/18

- Pens: 1 (Drop From Bush)

- Putts: 33

- Par 3 Avg: 3.75 (4,4,3,4)

- Par 4 Avg: 5.15 (5,5,7,4,6,5,4,6,5,6,5,4,5)

- Par 5 Avg: 6.00 (6)

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I shot a +4, 76.  Course is 6500 yards rated 71.3 and slope 124.  I was very inconsistent.  One minute hitting great, next minute terrible.  Driver was more good than bad, irons were about 50/50, chips more good than bad, and putter about 50/50.  Only 1 birdie today, a 520 yard par 5 I was on in 2 and 2 putted.

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Originally Posted by Lihu View Post

Altadena Blues:


He shot a 43 (par 36) in competition. Best score today, and his team won. Very windy conditions.


I shot 5 balls per hole 5 holes, made mostly bogies with a few pars. Drove a ball that rolled into a tree root, and took a stroke out for a double. Driving was really bad, but my new irons are deadly accurate. If I had played, I would have been roughly bogey. Greens were punched, and I hit a 100 foot putting stroke for 25 feet. Made 6 greens out of the 25 ball/holes played. I hit one drive straight out and it hung in the air for a really long time (I could have counted to 10 or 20 fast), ended up only 220 yards down the fairway. The wind was blowing really hard.


Fun bogey day for me and a great scoring day for my son.


Altadena Blues:


My son shot 4 over (par 36).


I shot 9 over because of bad putting and bad placement of the putts. I think there is some serious room for improvement on my iron game and my drives. Not to mention trying to putt rather than letting 3 putts happen. So, I am making GIR, but they are too far from the hole to even make pars for me. I am going to need more work on ball striking and get a better feel for the swing.

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I am seriously slacking on playing golf!  It was sunny and 80 on this beautiful Saturday and I chose to sleep in and spend the afternoon bowling with my son.  I planned to play golf after we finished, but by the time we finished at 5pm, I was itching to watch DVR'd Saturday coverage of the Masters and tip-back a few ice cold adult beverages.



For best shot of the day, I chose one of my 11yr olds many strikes from today. . 

The little guy and I each bowled 18 games this afternoon and we both averaged the exact same number!..........198.  This is the first time this ever happened.    In a few years, he'll be bowling circles around me.  His high game today was 257 and mine was 258, so I still consider myself the overall winner..LOL

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Shot an 83 yesterday. Amazingly, what has been helping me, more than the driving range, it´s the MENTAL game. I finished reading Bob Rotella´s classic "Golf is not a game of perfect". I just tried not to think about the mechanics of the swing, tried to clear the thoughts, and "just" focused on hitting the ball. It seemed to be working. Had 2 birdies and 5 pars. 

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