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84 (+14)

Drove the ball really well, putted decently. Short game was horrible, I couldn't hit my irons at all. Whole swing felt horrible on the course for the approach shot. Only one good iron shot in 27 holes.
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Finally - first round of the year.


84 on a par 71.  Good enough to start the season.  Really learned a lot about chipping over the winter and made a lot of those 6-8 foot putts (because I kept leaving stuff short - the indoor green if FAST, the real thing, not so much).


Not a great score, but much of the play showed signs of a really good year to come.

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Yesterday first competition day for me. Could not play the first day.

We start the day off with a Foursome matchplay over 18 holes.

At first i was a little off with my drives so we were 2 down after 9. Than i started playing

very decent golf. hole 10 a par 3 with water right big bunker front and side left. About 170 yards long.

Pin position back left with a wind came from front right. I hit a knock doen 6 iron to about 6 feet and my mate holed for birdie.

We halved 11,12,13,14,15 with 4 pars and a bogey. Hole 16 we won with another birdie, so AS on 17. We halved with bogeys.

Hole 18 dogleg right with a big bunker in front  my mate hat a good teeshot and left me with a 150 yard approach to a back center pin.

Our opponents where to hit first, and did wel by leaving a 10 feet putt up hill. I selected a 9 iron for my shot and my strike was great, 

it ended just a feet from the hole for a tap in birdie. Opponents missed the putt and we won by one. Was probably my best shot i hit this year, felt good to do that with some pressure on the shot.

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Saturday A-Team Match at Springfield Golf & CC

38-40-78 (71, 70.6,128)


10 GIR

33 putts



37-39-76 (71, 70.6,128)



30 Putts (Had two zero putts, holed out from 60 Yards for eagle on Par 4 8th hole and chipped in for birdie on Par 3 13th hole)

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Boy did I suck this weekend. 45-45-90. Even though the scores were the same, the way I played each nine couldn't have been more different. I scrambled the whole front nine to just make bogies, but I had 5 pars on the back and a bunch of doubles.


I have to make a decision about a pro, as our assistant staff is all new and I want to help out one of the young guys make a few bucks. Can't wait much longer as some important competitions will be on us soon.

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Mixed bag this weekend for my second round of the year. Shot a front 9 46 (arguably my best 9 ever) followed by a back 9 56 (arguably my worst 9 ever).

Still knocking off the winter rust and the swing changes are still a work-in-progress, although it seemed like fatigue was also a factor as I noticed reverting back to some sloppy habbits as the round went along.
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Visiting the in laws so I was a little out often element but found a nice executive course. Played holes at par 29 and shot a 37 including 2 birdies! I have only had one other birdie prior to today and although they were both on short par 3s hey a 2 is still a 2 right? 4/9 GIR and 17 putts. Got at least 2 18 hole rounds comin up later this week and I'm feelin confident that ill break 100 during one of em.
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84 (+13)

Driver still solid, irons slightly better. Wedge game was horrible, took a 7 on a par 3 chunking the first 4 shots before I putted the ball onto the green from 30 yards out.
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This past weekend I was lucky enough to play both Saturday and Sunday.   (Snow coming tonight, Monday)


Saturday:  96


FIR 8 / 14

GIR - 3

7 pars

putts - 37


Sunday: 92

FIR 9 / 13

GIR - 5

5 pars

putts - 37


I was happy getting off of the tee.  I was not happy with my short game.  Last year I averaged about 31 putts per round.  This is something I know I can fix with some work.    What gave me fits was from 50 yards in.  I had several holes with multiple chip shots.   Take away the multiple chip shots and I would have been breaking 90.   I figured I could have saved about 8 strokes each day. 


Room for improvement!

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My club had it's opening day tournament this weekend and I finally felt like the winter rust is working itself out of my swing. Also, I'm getting my touch on the greens back... I ended up with a 78 (par 72) and placed 2nd in gross total. I was really surprised at that, because there were a dozen or so guys with lower handicaps than mine in the event. I guess they are still shaking off the winter rust as well.

On another note, with warmer temperatures and the ground starting to firm up a bit, we are finally seeing our golf balls fly and roll out much better. The course plays so much longer when temps are in the 40's and the ground is mushy...
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Played my home course today, 72.9 rating at tips, 6900yds.  A little windy but not bad, 60°.  Tee shots weren't spectacular, but didn't get me in trouble and approaches weren't the best.  But I got some putts to drop and shot a 69.  My distances are still off on the approaches.  My accuracy is good, so just need to figure distance out and I can move on.

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I am totally slacking on my golf game this year and playing much less.   I only played 9 tonight once again....


Stone Canyon Black Tees Front9 : 72.4CR 145slope............score: 39

Fairways: 4/7

Greens: 2/9.......... I holed a putt for birdie on one, and 3-putted the other...LOL

15 Putts

1/1 SS


In spite of hitting only 4 fairways and 2 greens, I hit the ball solid and kept the ball in play.   I used the same ball all 9 holes, and that's saying something around this track!    I was scrambled well and was even par through 6, but limped in......bogey, bogey, bogey in spite of striking the ball solidly.   Oh well.. 

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Hidden Valley Golf Course:


Shot from Black, Blue and White tees. Total score for my son and I each was around 96.

We played Blues and Blacks on the first 9 holes then played the White and Black on the back 9.


We only played the tips (about half the time) if it was dramatic and fun :-)


BTW, faster greens (Stimp 10 or more?) seem to be more predictable than the constantly punched greens we usually play.

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Hopefully this is a new start to the mental side of my game this year.  Bad starts can usually get to me but I tried to hold it together this time.  Very windy and not the warmest.  Shot a 76 for my first round of the year.  Took a quadruple bogey on the Par 3 second hole.  Tried to clear my head and move on.  Almost got one back on the next hole but missed a short 4 foot birdie put and again tried to let it go.  Finished with an eagle on 9 and back-to-back birdies on 15,16 (all puts within 10 feet).  Hit some very good approach shots. Very happy with the score and even more happy with my mental approach.  One round is one thing but hopefully my mental approach can continue throughout the year.

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9 holes today, shot a 43(+7). Putted and chipped like a god. 100% U&D on the holes where i was near the green in regulation. Ballstriking distinctly average.



Scorecard (Click to show)
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95 (+23). z1_censored.gifz1_censored.gifz1_censored.gifz1_censored.gifz1_censored.gif
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Shot 91 on a super ****ing windy day. Tough conditions when I normally shoot 93 on normal conditions.
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Tied my lowest round ever yesterday with an 83.  Should have shot an 82, on 17 I was about 90 yards out and hit my GW sideways into a tree, no clue how that happened considering how well I played.  Didn't hit into any bunkers.  Only had one double bogey, and it was on a hole I hit into a different fairway and rushed to hit the shot to get out of the way of the group coming up it. Now I just have to keep it up.

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