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6,760 yds. 72.4/128. Long course for me.

79 with a lead-off double on the first hole. One additional out-of-the-blue OB shank that I converted for a great bogie. Overall very pleased, especially with the recovery after 1.

Not 100% yet, but it's getting there.....
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45/46 68.9/122, 42 putts
42/45 for my son also had bad putting.

Pretty bad score for such an easy course, lost one ball and had too many 3 putts. We got too used to the nice greens at Hidden Valley on Tuesday. We'll wait until they're better before playing this course again.
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Just had a very weird round, I've been ill last few days with a bad cough/chest. Decided to try and play a round with my brother in law just to keep him company as his does not get round much due to work.


I struggled to hit ball well as I was coughing alot and was out of breath from being ill and being on a hilly course. Normally my short game is fairly average but today it was the best its ever been. Before I went out I watched the David Leadbitter - Golf The Short Game (link below), I also had a new putter grip put on today and it felt much nicer than my superstroke grip, so hoping this level of short game stays.




Round Stats

- Score: 92 (+22)

- FiR: 5/14

- GiR: 2/18

- Pens: 4 (2 OOB, 1 Lost Ball + 1 Drop From Bush)

- Putts: 26

- Par 3 Avg: 3.75 (4,4,4,3)

- Par 4 Avg: 5.50 (4,6,5,6,6,6,6,4,4,6,9,4)

- Par 5 Avg: 5.50 (5,6)

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Blech didn't start the handicap season off with a bang by posting my first score of 46 yesterday. Made a mess of #1 with a triple after losing a ball so it was tough from there. A couple of lipped putts later I was +5 through 3 holes so I knew I was done.
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6420yrds 70/122

Shot a 43 (+7) on the back nine. Pretty pleased with the round but was +4 on the last tee...
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93 (48/45)


my putter must have known that i bought a new one - 28 putts.


8/14 fairways,0 GIRs, 3 pars, 6 doubles

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Been crazy at work this week so I took Friday off and slept in and had a lazy relaxed morning.


Made it out to the course around 1:30 for some practice and 9 holes. I hit balls then chipped and putted listening to some Pink Floyd before I went out.


Birdied the first hole making a nice 18 footer. From there didn't really hit the ball all that great. Pared 2 and 3 but had a uncalled for 3 putt from the fringe on 4 to fall back to even. Made a nice 2 putt from 50 feet on 5 then hit my best shot of the day on 6, a 3/4 wedge from 115 uphill and into the wind to 2 feet. Tapped that in and pared the last 3 holes for a -1 (35).


Not hitting the ball as well as I would like this year but it's still early and with our horrendous winter we had here in the Northeast I've only been out three times. Weather looks good so I'll be logging in 18 holes Saturday through Monday!

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I had today/Friday off and it was a beautiful sunny/70degree day with light winds.   Stone Canyon: 73.2CR 141slope.... 38-45=83...OUCH


9 greens..........hitting 9 greens and scoring +11 is terrible

29 putts...not bad

2 penalties

0/1 SS

1 birdie


I made 5 doubles today...1 on the front but salvaged a 2 over par score, and then 4 doubles on the inward nine which led to a smoooooth 45...yuck

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Had a pretty good round yesterday. Started out with a nice par save on #1. Then put my tee shot to 1 foot on the second hole (140y par 3), made the putt. The birdied 6 and 7 to be 1 under through 7. Thought I could be on for an awesome round but lost the plot on a couple of holes and ended up with a 78. Still pretty happy, my second best round ever. Bit of a pity to bogey the last two holes. Been doing lots of practice and finally paying off! Shot 93 two weeks ago so think my scores are going in the right direction!!

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51/55 at Hudson Hills in Westchester NY. While aim still on the verge of breaking 100, a 106 here was enough to beat everyone else in my foursome who usually all beat me senseless and shoot in the 90s

Had 1 bird, 2 pars and 5 bogeys. What killedr was the holes that should have been doubles were quads. Too many blow up holes. Putting was good and my half wedge shots were great. If I could stay out of the trees and avoid fat fairway shots ill be in double digits in no time.
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Played my third round of 2014 yesterday and was +16 for the day, 109 slope.  Really looking forward to this summer because I figured out what that squeezing a nerf ball what your foot thing meant and now I hit the ball amazing.  haha

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2nd round of the year - 82 on a par 72 - no birdies (but 3 or 4 good chances missed), 10 pars, 8 bogies, one double (yuck, bladed an easy chip and then 3 putted - birdie op so quickly goes double fast). Mostly boring, regulation golf (just how I like it).


everything feels good except long putts - keep leaving them short - no feel at all.  When I purposely try to hit 'extra' I send them way past.

I'm stopping practice on the indoor greens and moving to 'real' greens.  Completely different stimps.  fortunately, I'm hitting medium length putts like never before.  And chipping is an entirely new part of my game that I like a LOT.  I chipped 3x40 ft to within 3 feet, but consistent left 25 ft+ putts 8 to 10 feet short.....I'd do better to putt off the green and then chip to the hole


Took much of the round to get my driver straightened out.


Tried a new crazy, freaky, new concept for me - I call it "playing it smart". first  tried it on on a par 5.  had a good drive and put myself with a stock  3 wood distance down a narrow fairway with trouble right and left.

NORMALLY - I'd pull the 3w and get lucky...., actually most of time, NOT so lucky and scramble hard to save par - not a great trade for the infrequent birdie.  Decided "smartly" to layup to a yardage I am comfy with.  So, good drive - 6i - GW and a really doable birdie opportunity.  Tap in for par anyway - but the putt was very close...


I had 2 other par 5s that gave me a 2nd shot with a 3w - those were legit to go for.  didn't cash either, but didn't hurt me as much if I missed.  happy to hit those.


weird....weird concept.  I might try it again

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96. 44-52. Just awful. Started off with 4 GIRs in a row and three 3 putts and a birdie. Greens were quick and tough pin placements and I just changed my putting stroke so I could live with that. However after that just fell apart. Need to get a camera to do a my swing video because I have a better swing than 96 and sometimes I feel so awkward on my swing I think I could just cross hand swing and feel the same. :no: 

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I had an average day on Easter Sunday.  


I shot a 91on a local course 116/70.6.


The good news:  I hit 11 of 14 fairways. 


The bad news: I only had 3 of 18 GIR and 35 putts.  

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82 (+11)


Game still sucks

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89  par 72 rate 72.6 slope 135 ESC 87 indexed 12.1

front 40   back 49

FIR 9/14

GIR 9/18



Absolutely horrible back 9, front was good through first 7 at 1 over and then I couldn't manage another par until the final hole,

1 birdie

5 pars

8 bogies

3 doubles

1 quad


This was the first round I have been able to play in 2 weeks so I kinda was not too surprised by the back nine total but still was not very happy just the same, really didn't let it bother me all that much which in a way is a good victory in keeping emotions under better control so some good things did come from it. I was hitting my new driver better than I have in some time so I was also pleased with that as well, I know some low rounds are going to happen very soon.

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Rock Creek, Gordonville, TX
71.6 / 133 / par 72

82, 2 birds but 3 doubles. Decent round. Frustrating that I have lost distance with my driver but not with my irons. Need to figure that out.
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Best golf in almost a year, but I broke down at the end. 39-44-83 with a 6-7 finish. I could have broken 80 with a par-par (5-4) finish but I had a bad 3 putt for bogey on 17 and screwed the pooch on 18 with an ill advised club selection greeenside. I was 20 yards from the pin in 2 and made 7 because I boned a flop shot and buried it in the face of a bunker.


But I am feeling good about my game and can't wait to get at it again.



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