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Shot a 43, plus 7.


That is with a 4 putt on a par 3 for a double bogey and two penalty strokes, including an OB on an easy drive.  Should have been in the 30s!

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Even par on the eight holes I played. I spent 15 minutes standing in the fairway of the first hole waiting for a twosome, so I skipped the second hole to get past them.

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42 (+6)


3 greens in regulation, swing isn't consistent at all. Putted decent. Pitching was actually very good, shockingly. I am getting better and better at that right now. Driving is erratic, I heeled a few shots today. Irons are crap right now. They seem to be slightly thin and toe-ish right now. 


I'll probably go to the driving range tomorrow to film the swing. I been having a bad habit of following my club back with my eyes in the backswing and rotating my head away from the ball. I kept my head stiller on my final drive and hit a really solid straight fade. I think I am loosing key number 1 in trying to make sure I am getting the backswing down. Just need to start trusting the backswing more, and keep my damn head still. At least I had no double bogies or worse, that is a plus right now. 

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We had a beautiful Easter weekend here in KC...sunny and 70's!!   I paired up with 3 guys who drove 13 hours south from somewhere in Manitoba Canada.  They said they still had snow cover up there.............OUCH!    ...and I thought we had it bad in KC!!  I guess it's all relative....LOL


Stone Canyon: 73.2RC 141slope



Fairways 6/13


0/2 SS

2 penalties

34 putts

I had a horrible start.....+6 through the first 5 holes and it didn't get much better after that.  Waaaaay too many disasters on this day, but I did show signs of life and played some holes really well.   Overall.....this day rates as a disaster.


SUNDAY......same course, and my best round of 2014


I played well tee to green, but my putting is terrible. 

Fairways 8/13


33 putts

0/2 SS

I played well enough to flirt with even par, but the putter said...no thank you!!  My game is showing signs of life, so I am optimistic. 

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First outing of the year this past Saturday and had a disheartening ending.


Par: 67

Yds: 5071

CR: 63.7

Slope: 108

Fairways: 4 out of 11 (all 4 fairways on front 9)

GIR: 2 (On 1st and 17th holes)

38 putts (16 on front; 22 on back)

4 Penalty Strokes


Shot a 105.

48 on the front Par 34,

57 on back Par 33.


2 pars (all on front 9)

4 bogeys

8 double bogeys

1 triple bogey

3 more than triple bogeys


I was hoping to shoot 95 on this Par 67 but on the 16th Par 3 put up an 8 with a penalty stroke and on the 18th Par 5 I put up a 10.  Tough way to start the season.  Hoping to get 9 in on Wednesday and then try and then play Saturday.



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Shot a 93 (47-46) for my first round of the season. Driver/iron play was all over the place, but I managed to come back with a few good chips and putts to pull off a decent round.

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+8 through 10.

Played by myself and without worry of score. I was trying to work on my swing on the course and got some video for review.

Swing changes creeping in very slowly which is nice. Hitting some really nice shots and almost missing the ball on others. Suppose that's golf a1_smile.gif
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87 and unhappy.


Two missed puts from inside 4 feet (one from inside 3 :( )

Crazy bad feeling swing and NO IDEA why.

Slice has returned from vacation.

5-10 yards shorter than usual on most swings.

kept it under bogey golf, but... it felt like a 105.  :yucky:

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6,580 yds.  71.1/121 par 72.


80.  Played better than the score though.  2 bad swings led to 2 doubles, including the first hole.  Second time in a row I've doubled number 1.  :doh:

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Shot 87.  Had my first birdie birdie birdie on the back 9.  Then followed that up with double double.  Michigan State East Course.  I was happy with an 87 this early in the year though as that's roughly what I averaged last year.  Looking to improve.

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2nd eagle of my life


33 on a VERY easy 35 (9 holeds)


1 eagle, two birdies, two bogies (one I missed a short putt, the other had a 1 stroke penalty)

I can't emphasize how easy a little course this is.


Both Par 5s I was on in 2, left one putt short, the other I made a nice 4 footer.


nevertheless, I didn't hit a bad shot except for the drive on 9 - I'll take it

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Shot an 81 at Maplegate Country Club. Driving was good (only missed 2 fairways), putting was solid (drained a 30-footer on 9 to save par), short game was awful (no surprise since I haven't practiced it in 8 months).

I missed most greens long, despite using a laser, so I probably need to adjust my club yardages. I was making great contact.

Trying to upload my Scorecard scorecard, but it looks like the service I've been using to host that stuff changed their terms, so I can't upload .html files without a premium membership.
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Shot 80, bogeyed first hole, lost a ball on the 6th, then choked towards the end to finish bogey bogey bogey and +8. Hit 11/18 GIR.


Had a fair few birdy chances which resulted in easy pars, always nice.


I used Prov1s for the first time this year too, amazing how much they improve your medium/short iron shots.

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I loooooove daylight savings time!!  I paired up with a 2 guys at 5pm and played nine, and then turned and played the front again as a single to complete 18 holes with plenty of time to spare before dark.

Stone Canyon....Black tees.....front9 twice.....Par 72.........72.4CR 145Slope........40-42=82 

5/14 fairways

7/ greens

31 putts

2 penalties

2/2 SS........this will help my stats!


My putting and a 2 stray tee shots cost me a several strokes. My game is showing signs of life, but I still have a long way to go.  Two penalties from the tee and luke warm putting caused the 82.  If I could putt and keep the ball in play, today could have been much better........, iffa, woulda' coulda'...but it didn't happen.  there is always tomorrow!!

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Played monday...shot 76 (4 over) with no birdies no double bogey's...hit 12 greens in regulation...with 32 putts

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On Wednesday, I posted a 47 on 9 holes with an 8 on a Par 5. Still a good day! 

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77 front 38 back 39 par 72 rate 70.4 slope 131

9/14 fairways

13/18 GIR

37 putts


2 birdies

9 pars

7 bogeys


Better day today, wind was down so the ball didn't get blown around as much, made some nice swings today, putter was spotty at times but I did manage a 50' birdie putt on last hole. My course plays considerably easier from the forward tees that I think I will play them from time to time just to boost my confidence.

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+4 (39)


3 pars, 1 birdie, 5 bogeys


Overall not to shabby. Though I did leave a few strokes on the course. From were I was driving the ball, I should have been 2-3 strokes better. 

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