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back 9 - par 35 - shot 6 over 41 - best score yet

front 9 - par 35 - shot 9 over 44

front 9 - par 35 - shot 7 over 42

18 holes - par 70
front 9 - 17 over 52
back 9 - 8 over 43 total 95
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41 today 4 pars 5 bogeys 72.3/128 3414 yards front 9. Honestly it was pretty sloppy, just 14 putts so a lot of crap tee to green. Third shots saved me. Decided to use the "quickie pitching method" today and it was gold. Felt like I looked bad doing it, not because it looks bad just that my version of it on the fly probably did but it worked. I got up and down.
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Embarrassing, horrible play, first time swinging a club at all since the end of last year. 55 for 9 with 2 lost balls. My own fault for not doing any warm ups/practice prior to starting this year. Can only get better from here though rofl *I hope*

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Played front nine twice..one ball OB and managed a 75...didn't hit the ball that great...but putted well....sometimes scoring is better then you deserve..I deserved an 80.

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Went back to the home course yesterday, finally got back below 100 (47/50, 97). Still struggled some off the tee (3 penalty shots on the round) but the irons were decent and, for a change, the short game wasn't too bad. Was pretty pleased overall for an early season round, I played the same course this past weekend and shot a disasterous 110.
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Got a courtesy voucher to a nice private course from a co-worker that I used yesterday.  Bogey is my target right now and I was only a few strokes over after 15 holes, but collapsed on two of the last three and end up shooting 100 (98 ESC).  I walked 18 and carried the bag and was getting pretty tired, so fatigue may have been an issue, but that was pretty disappointing.  I didn't hit the ball well off the tee all day but prior to those holes I had been able to keep it between the ditches.  Definitely time to get back on the lesson trail. 

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92 (49-43) at my local course (on a newer front nine) in the coolest/windiest weather I've ever played in (almost-gale force winds were pretty much constant on most holes). Made better contact with all my clubs though, but my short game was all over the place. I guess the wind really threw me off on the first nine.

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Renovations are still going on at my club, but I got 16(that is all that is open) in this morning.  I finished up at +7.  It could have been better.  I missed a couple short putts and pulled one drive that was white staked by about 2'.  Made par with my provisional for a double from there.  There were three total doubles that killed me but +7 is not bad considering.  I am seeing some promising things.  I am loving the new course and the way it sets up.  It is a great challenge for me.

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Ended up playing to handicap although shot +14 on the front 9 but only +4 on the back 9

Could say it took me a while to get going today
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Originally Posted by cfritchie View Post

Played front nine twice..one ball OB and managed a 75...didn't hit the ball that great...but putted well....sometimes scoring is better then you deserve..I deserved an 80.

I made up for it. I shot 80 and deserved 75.

2 doubles from really unfortunate lies following otherwise good shots, and 4 birdie putts under 10 feet, none of which went in.

Stupid game. a5_crying.gif
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Actually yesterday but: Shot 2 over. One birdie and four bogeys on the front. One bogey and two birdies on the back. Sort of feast or famine.


I did break a personal record with the shortest eagle putt I ever missed. A little less than 2 feet. :bugout:


BTW. When I got home I hit a few balls at the pin in the yard from 100 yards and dunked one of them straight in the cup.


I've never done that before which doesn't say much for my ball striking since I have hit hundreds of balls at that pin from there without holing one. ;-)

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8 over through 9.  That's a nice finish for me! :beer:

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Last night out for a quick 9 shot 39 with a double on a par 3 and 2 bogeys to finish. Thankfully drained a 15 foot birdie put to get one back. Could/should have been better. I duffed chips on both par 5's. One after pummeling the ball twice, was about 15 feet from the green on a 566 yard par 5 playing a little longer with the markers behind the plaque. I was thinking birdie when I should have been just doing my thing. Chipped it twice to get it on and up and down for par ugh. Unfortunately despite scoring half decent since 4/15 these combined scores are knocking my better old scores out of my ten best and I am trending up. The 41/39 80C from the last two days just replaced a 76C from 2013. It's course ratings, the 80C ended up being a 10.3.

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Shot an 88 yesterday playing with my brother in law. One of the worst putting days I've ever had. 


I was on in regulation on the first two holes and three putted both. I three-putted like eight times today or something. Horrific. 


I had a five footer for birdie and left it a foot short. Blech. Though I did have a really excellent birdie on the 13th hole. It's a driveable par 4, and I was only a yard off the green with a three-wood from 328 yards away. I hit the downslope of the hill before the green just perfectly. Great contact, awesome luck. 


That's the stuff that keeps you coming back. 

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42 + 36 = 78 (+7)


Just decided to go out and play today. Played the short course today. Was just messing around half the time on the front. I tried some short game shots I wouldn't normally try. My swing wasn't there because I just got out of bed and drove to the course. So, took me to about the 5th or 6th hole to get going. I played par golf for 2/3 rds the round. Had back to back birdies on the back nine. 


Overall half decent for just messing around. 

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I played twice today....15 holes in the morning before a storm rolled through...Stone Canyon par 36--36.2CR 145slope........score 38

2 fairways

4 greens

14 putts

1/1 SSaves

1 penalty


I went out later in the afternoon to play again....I played the member tees for the first time  70.5CR 135slope...par of 72........score...42-42-84

5 Fairways

6 Greens

33 putts

2 penalties

0/1 SS

I played like crap and the wind was howling which didn't help matters.  I was missing on ally cylinders this afternoon. 

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Played really well today, shot 39+38=77 at Maplegate. Hit 12/14 fairways, 10/18 greens. Really got off the tee well. I was still hitting my irons longer than I've been used to (despite it being in the 40s the whole round), and started adapting to that better. Hit a few crappy long iron shots, but my full wedges and short irons were better.

Short game was pitiful, putting was okay. Greens were stimping 8 (and that's probably generous) because of how wet it was, so lag putting was easy but I was making a lot of makable birdie chances short.

I probably didn't play quite at a 77-level. Got a few lucky bounces and putting bailed me out a few times. The greens being so wet and soft meant anything that landed on the green held, which mitigated some of the short game issues.
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Played 14 holes today. Just got too hungry and tired so I walked off the course. Filling in the rest of the score with my handicap, I shot an 81. Game is still inconsistent. 


Still blocking the irons from time to time (my backswing piece is not there yet) a few more shots were better with the irons. Things to work one. Good thing is I know the direction I need to. Probably need to spend less time playing and more time practicing from now on. 

I was falling onto my back foot with my driver. So need to work on that aspect, staying centered more.

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