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6610 yards, 71.1/121.

79 with a double and no birdies.

Striking the ball better, hitting a decent number of greens, but not making birdies.
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Played this afternoon after being to a wedding party last night and being a little worse for ware this morning. Started off terrible with 3 penaltys after 3 holes, after 5 Holes was +10 finished on +23 so was not so bad after the terrible start. Still struggling heavily with my tee shots need to get to the range and practice hitting that 3 wood.

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Forgot to post last week, but I played Rutgers last Saturday.


6,034 yards, 68.9/126. Shot 99 with one birdie and one par. Two fairways hit, one GIR, and a sand save for the par.

Today I played Tamarack West. Greens, as always, were slow and shaggy. 6,340 yards, 69.9/124.


Shot 101, ESC 99. Three pars. Hit three fairways, two GIR, three scrambles. FOUR penalties, including two on the 15th. Can't seem to get a handle on my aim, but more importantly, I'm two whole clubs shorter than I'm used to being. I'm going to have to look at my swing again.

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Shot an 87 with 25 mph winds, so I guess I'm not too disappointed. Haven't shot higher than 85 in a long time on this course, but I couldn't hit a 9 iron 125 yards into this wind.

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The good news is I had 10 pars.  The bad news is I had a triple and a quintuple bogey.  The latter included two OB tee shots.  Let me tell you about this hole--no decent golfer has any reason to pump one, let alone two tee balls into the nether regions of the woods off that tee.  I started the round with an 80 yard worm burner, a topped five wood, and a yanked three wood into a pine.  Nothing like a simple 360 yard hole where you hit driver, 5 wood, 3 wood, and have a 60 yard punch shot under the low branches of a tree for your fourth.  Ugh.


Anyway, shot an 87.  It's been a long winter, and it's early in the year, so I'll just take my lumps now.  

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Not gonna get into all the stats other than I putted fairly solid I think I only missed either 1 or 2 makeable putts within 6' which is pretty good on the greens at my home course. Drove the ball decently in fact better than decent now that I think of it 14/14 fairways but I didn't use driver on every hole that wasn't a par 3 and I think that helped a lot I used my driver only 5 times my 3 wood 6 times and a hybrid the other 3, my home course isn't all that long it just has lots of elevation changes tall native grass and very firm and fast greens with some wind mixed in from time to time. And this was after doing volunteer marshaling from 7-12:30 the course called path only for carts and it brought the place to a crawl took 3 hours to finish the first 9 and if I had a way out I would have left then but the course is links style so it goes out 9 and back in the other 9.

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Broke 90 for the first time in years yesterday at my home course (70.6,125) with an 88.  Strange round in some ways.  I didn't hit the ball that well (only 1 GIR, 6 fairways) but no really terrible shots and was within chipping distance of just about every hole in regulation.  Just a slew of chip and 2-putt holes. Ended up with 3 pars, 1 double and 14 bogies. Weather is warming up in NC and the fairways are getting harder.  The ball was rolling a lot yesterday compared to cooler, wetter conditions.  That really shortens the course a good bit,  Nice to be going for the green with some shorter irons instead of hybrids or fairway woods.

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Just had a rather weird round. Went up 2 hours early to my home course, had breakfast and did some practice on my short game from 75yds in. Practice session went great was hitting everything great,


Started my round with another club member who was also on practice grounds. Round was so up and down, finished with 87 (+17) but had 3 birdies on my card, I normally average 1 birdie every other round so to get 3 in one round I was shocked. Sadly I had 5 double bogeys and a quad bogey on my card which was why it was not so pretty.


Gonna stick with the practice routine though and hopefully will see some rewards down the line.

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Had a great round today, best I've played this year, hit some great approach shots and putts.


A short 5660 yards par 68 (alot of par 3s which makes scoring tough)


Made 4 birdies, lost a ball and shot 7 on a par 4, left 2 puts 1 inch short, one for birdie one for par, nearly dunked for a hole in one on the last hole par 3.



Crazy round.


12 GIR.


73, +5

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39 on a shortish tight par 36 - 2 birdies, 3 pars, 3 bogies, 1 double = LOTS of easy strokes to take off that double was just two junk shots followed by a good sand shot followed by missing a medium putt....course looked bad, but was actually in pretty good condition


Hitting straighter and making better contact than ever.  3 times out this year and already scoring like it's mid season - so jazzed the practice and short game work is paying off.

So better FH and GIR, plus I learned about chipping (vs what I thought it was), more comfy with 6 foot type putts.


I've decided that playing smarter is much easier to do as your approach/iron shot confidence builds.  If not, why not always go for the lucky/hero shot?


The wife got her first Par on a par 4 - previously only on par 3's.  2 really great shots, a superb lag putt and a tap-in.  She's learning to make clean contact and her game is transforming right in front of her.  That's fun to watch.


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Hopefully my first round of the year will also be my worst... Shot a whopping 88. 8 3-putts! Driving was atrocious, short irons and wedges were terrible. The only two things I did well was chip and hit good long irons. I hope this isn't a preview of my 2014 golf season or I may have to quit!
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Altadena blues 42, 18 putts.

Got jailed behind 2 trees, 2 doubles, missed a 12 foot eagle putt. Drove pin high on a short par 4, this was a really long driving day IDKW. Drove ~290 four times, the conditions must have been perfect.

In any case, I really need work on my irons. I over/under hit 3 greens.
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We've been spoiled by mild weather in recent weeks, so the course was nearly empty today with a mid-50s temps and the wind was HOWLING!   I tweaked a muscle in my back last week, and I probably shouldn't have played because it took almost half a nine before it loosened up enough so I could swing with confidence. 

Stone Canyon: 3,374yds/back 9/par36.....37.0CR 136 Slope

Score: 42

Fairways: 3/6

Greens 3

Putts: 15

Penalties 1

I basically dinked, dunked, and hacked the ball around for 5 holes, but my swing finally loosened up towards the end and I parred 4 of the last 5. 



My 2 highlight holes of the day:

554yd Par5 playing into a howling wind.....I half topped my drive about 190yds out in the fairway.....It's a tight tree-lined hole and I go for a risky play trying to hook a 3-wood around the corner of the dogleg with no bailout area...I pull it off.........4Rescue to 10 feet....I miss the birdie, but was pretty happy with par after a mishit drive and sore back.


This is when my back started to loosen up..... 190yds to a middle pin/par3.   The wind is screaming in from the left with a lot of hurt.  I haven't hit a long club solid yet, so I pull a 5-wood thinking there is a lot of hurt.   The green is elevated with huge slopes... Of course, I NUTT THE BALL and fly over everything.  My first good full swing of the day...LOL   My ball rolls 10feet down a steep slope behind the green so I am left with an uphill pitch to a big downslope on the back of the green....I pull off a miracle pitch....and the ball takes all the slopes just how I had hoped.....stops at 5'.  DRAINO....for par.  It was a very satisfying par...LOL

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My first par for this spring, since the courses are just opening up.

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Played 9 this morning before work. Shot a 46. Didn't make a single putt all day!!!! Left a pile of 'em 2" short on a good line. :mad: I'm getting great reads with Aimpoint but kept leaving them short, greens are only stimping at around 8 as everything is still pretty soggy.


Ball striking was pretty decent but still lost 2 balls to the forest, one pushed tee shot and one pulled approach shot. Almost lost a third one that I pushed too far right on a par 4 dogleg right, but with my new super high ball flight I was able to actually carry the tree line and ended up 33 yards short of the green. Perfect pitch with a 60*, hop'n'stop...3 putt.:censored:

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42 (+6)


To describe today, chilly and WINDY!!!! 


Contact is getting much better. One thinned iron, but was able to get up and down for par on that hole. Otherwise I hit the irons pretty solid. Just having hard time getting keys 4 & 5 to line up. Backswing still needs work (will always probably :-D), though I had 15 putts. 

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92 first time out this season. Tee shots were terrible, putting was spot on.
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Totally up and down round. 

The good: Two birdies.  A chance at an eagle.  A handful of pars...

The bad:  QUAD.  Double after double after double...

The UGLY: Three putted a chance at an eagle.

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