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Usually shoot +13-15 on the front 9 at my local course here Quail Creek (70.2/121). Hit 5/7 fairways w/ 17 total putts. Shot +7 (43) today. Slowed my swing speed down with the big stick and was able to stay on the fairway much, much better. Had a lot of fun today. Looking forward to tomorrow's 18. Will post results.

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Played yesterday at http://www.riverdalegolf.com/aboutus/scorecard/

Course rating: 70.9/129 (6430 yds).


Wind was 20 mph with gust of 30 mph and temperature around 55 *F.  Tough conditions.


Shot 43 + 45 = 88.


Hit the ball well, but with the wind, hard to get good score.

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I'm going to go with -18!!!   Best Ball today woooooooooo!!!!  Wish me luck, I want a CTP and a long drive today, feeeeling GREEDY!!!!!!!!!!


To be continued...

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Shot 90--no 7's or 8's...was very happy with that...missed a couple of putts that should have made, so I believe shooting in the 80's will be a reality this year.

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79. Only 5 GIR's which is very unusual for me. Short game was the best it's ever been. Got up and down from everywhere. The front 9 was really unusual: 7/7 fairways, 1/9 GIR's, 14 putts, 39.
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Course Plum Creek par 72 6443 yds slope rating 70.7/125. Shot +13 (49) on the front 9. Lost 4 total balls. 3 off the tee, 1 with a hybrid 230 out on a par 5. Pushed it left into the trees. Back 9 shot +7 (43) and lost 1 ball total. 8/14 fairways hit, 5 GIR, 32 putts. Ended with a 92. Best scorecard day of golf I have ever had at this facility. I didn't hold too many greens today. The greens are hard and make bump and runs a must. I did birdie a par 3 101 yds. That was pretty cool. Overall, had a great day.

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97 at Encino (Sepulveda Complex). Four GIRs. Still having errors here and there that amount to "I haven't played enough golf; I used to know not to do this or to do something else from there."
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53/50 at Split Rock in the Bronx, NY (par 70, 6,292 and 125 slope from the whites) Still frustrating to not break 100 but overall very proud considering I only hit 3 fairways and 1 GIR. 35 putts is my all time best and my 50 yd pitches were on fire. 2 pars 7 bogies but the blow up holes killlled me.

Very satisfied with short game and hybrid/5 wood. Need work off the tee and on short iron approaches (usually my bread and butter)

Oh...also had a fricken coyote come up to within 10 feet of us on the 18th tee box....no pressure
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87 after ESC 85


Another bad day and the thing is I really didn't play all that bad except for just a couple holes I got back to back triples and there it went, I 3 putted the next 2 holes to finish the last 4 holes at 8 over, I didn't feel like breaking 80 was really in the cards because I already had 2 doubles on the card but I'm having blowup holes again and I need to knock it off, basically I see 6 unnecessary strokes and probably a couple more since I hit the last 2 greens in regulation but I was just so defeated by this time I just kinda gave up by then. I hit a drive down the left side of the fairway on 15 that caught some cart path but me and ny partner thought there should be no problem finding it, well the course does not cut the natural fescue and native grasses on this course and they run right alongside the cart path on this hole and wound up getting caught in it so I had to take s&d and hit 3 from the tee wound up 7, next hole toughest on course hit good drive down right side of fairway had approach of 180 on hook lie with pin in back right corner wound up hitting it to far right onto the hill beside the green in the tall stuff again, this time I found he ball but it was buried in 2 feet tall grass all I could do is chop the damn thing out and it ran across the green 70 feet away, wound up 4 putting just because I couldn't get my focus and I was trying to force something to happen.


rated 73.4 slope 139 indexed 9.4

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Santa Anita Blues 70.5/122 Par 71


I shot 91 (43/48): 3 triples; 2 doubles; 6 singles; chip in par and 15 putts on the front 9; 5 GIR; played 1 over my handicap (Sigh, if only I had not made those stupid decisions that got me triples and doubles. . .Still have a few course management issues to deal with. . .And bad ball striking. . .)


Son 87 (43/44): 3 doubles; 10 singles; 6 GIR; played 5 over his handicap (Really upset about this)


Had my son "on the ropes after" the 8th hole chip in B-). All in all, I had a really bad iron game today, and somehow rolled in two of my GIR. :whistle: 

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Shot a two over 73 in our Saturday game. (Unrated course that I rate a 65).

Three birdies and three bogies on the front and one birdie and three bogies on the back (considered the easier side).

Still inconsistent with the swing changes I tried to make over the winter and when it's good it's really good and when it's bad it's really ugly.

Usually I can bail myself out of jams with the putter but the greens are taking that option away. Some greens have some grass, some have spotty grass patches, and some have absolutely no grass at all on the back nine. Almost no way to get in a good groove with the putter. I had 3 three-putts today and that's normally at least a month's worth (conservatively).

I think we are going to have to shut down the back nine next week and try to seed them (or something). The winter completely killed any greens less than a year old (which was the whole back nine).
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Par: 71

Yds: 5071

CR: 67.5

Slope: 120

Fairways: 6/13 

GIR: 0

38 putts (19 on front; 19 on back), 2.11 putts per hole average.

4 Penalty Strokes


Shot a 113.

57 on the front Par 35 (22 over),

56 on back Par 36. (20 over).


1 pars 

3 bogeys

8 double bogeys

3 triple bogey

3 more than triple bogeys


I felt I played better on the back 9 except for putting up an 11 on a Par 5 where I took a penalty, topped the ball with my 5 wood, hit into the bunker, and took 3 shots to get out.  Outside of that hole, I averaged 1.75 on the back (I realize this is not good, either, but for me, that's limiting the amount of blow up holes) as opposed to an average of 2.44 strokes over par on the front 9.


Also, of the 4 penalty strokes, only 1 was off the tee.  The others were 1 into the drink by hitting a line drive with an iron, another hooking an iron shot something crazy left (not sure why the face was closed), and a third, on a 392 yard hole, after a 210 yard drive, leaving myself 180, I decided to go for the green with my 3 wood and went wide right into the trees.


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Originally Posted by JP golf View Post

I'm going to go with -18!!!   Best Ball today woooooooooo!!!!  Wish me luck, I want a CTP and a long drive today, feeeeling GREEDY!!!!!!!!!!


To be continued...

ALMOST CALLED IT LOL-----  we brought it home with a score of -19......     No CTP, no longest drive for me...  They had two flights, morning and afternoon 288 players and 64 teams.  Fun time!!!  I love Florida Best Ball.


Blue/Men's Back:           72.3/134  - 6517 yards...  Course was a little wet, but otherwise the course was great!

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Had to abandon the front, didn't complete 7 and it was dreadfully slow, yay summer. Followed my ranger buddy through the trails to the house and started again on 10 because 9 was free of traffic. Played +1 through 14 then blew a huge drive , 78 yards to center and duffed 3 getting on to 1 putt for bogey. Finished the last 3 +5 for a 42 on the par 35 back.

Slow play was nuts. I pitched 5 balls from 100 after finishing the 5th hole trying to kill time because I caught the couple ahead. They had just let the group ahead through. I putted all those in and bought a beer and still waited for them on the next hole so I bailed. Just a couple slow pokes killed the pace.
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43 (+8)


Just a blah day at the golf course. Started out pretty good on the first three short holes. Had just easy pitch shots onto the green, but wasn't able to take advantage. Then it was bogey train in with a few derailments!!!

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88 (+16)

Had a mixed bag today, 6 pars, 6 doubles a birdie and the rest bogeys. It was wild tee shots that really shot me in the foot. For the first time in a while a hit a big slice off the tee twice for 2 doubles.

Ball striking was good for the most part but I was losing the ball to a slice every few shots. I think I might be over doing my swinging left piece so shall be uploading to evolvr tomorrow after the range if this trend continues
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44/44 = 88 at Pebble a Creek in Tampa
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I played front-9 holes, with stableford scoring.


Handicap index was used with stableford scoring according to the rules. Negative outcomes are not penalized, so you can only get 0 points for three-over-personalpar, not minus points.


Thereby, with some arithmetic you end up with a personal par, according to your hcp , for each of the holes.


You must receive total of over 36 points for hcp to improve (for me). Back nine holes, are counted as +18 points for total, for purposes of the score card.


These front nine holes, resulted in 40 points total, for me, which means I have improved my hcp for the first time! Officially, once I return the score card, or input these into the online system at my golf club. I'm a new member over there.


As to the good shots and bad shots. I can say that my chipping was bad and resulted in many lost strokes. Putting was also quite bad. My openings with hybrid off the tee were quite good, if I dare say so myself.


I hit water hazard once, and OB once (water was a bad slice with 7-i, OB was difficult sloping bunker shot hit the ball instead of sand)


as max handicapper my results were as follows


1st hole; personal par 6; strokes 8


2nd hole; personal par 6; strokes 5


3nd hole; personal par 8; strokes 7


4th hole; personal par 8; strokes 7


5th hole; personal par 5; strokes 5


6th hole; personal par 8; strokes 7


7th hole; personal par 7; strokes 4


8th hole; personal par 6; strokes 5


9th hole, personal par 7; strokes 9

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