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44  don't wanna talk about it.  :no:

Hahah I just shot a 44 on a par 37 and I would love to talk about it.  I have been hovering around 48-51 on my local nine hold course.  So I am thrilled to get down to 44.  My goal this season is to play bogey golf on a regular basis and this was my first nine hole round under that mark.  I also happened to get my first two birdies since I started playing last year.  The frustrating part is I lipped out two par puts on other holes and hit one OB so that score could easily have been lower.  My short game has greatly improved since I added wedges to my bag.  Still a little scared of the 60 degree wedge.

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I'm falling behind on scores...Stone Canyon Par72...6633yds...73.2CR 141slope




I played well tee to green and scored 80-78 without holing a GD #$%$ putt........


The latter rounds were an amazing adventure...LOL   .........over the hills and through the woods avoiding the big bad wolf!! It is what it is.....

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Shot a 96(+25) yesterday. First day round for a while so i guess it was due :-D


I was hitting my driving better than i can ever remember but today was short game was quite simply not there. Chunking chips and a shank or two on my pitches. Not going to worry too much though, i have been playing well before this round so shall blame the rain and see what happens next time. 

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Played Sunday.  58 was the high temp reached all day.  Constant 20 mph wind with stronger gusts at times.  Sun came out maybe 10% of the round.  Any question why I carded a 93?


Give me sunny and 80 with a slight breeze and a flat lie and I can PLAY some golf.


Not with the weather in NE Ohio.  It's beyond gotten old already.



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A frustrating round of 41 for 9 with 5 greens.  It should have been better.

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Haven't hit rock bottom yet, 


47 (+12)

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Another 50+ 9 hole score, either need to practice and get better or it's time to sell the clubs. I'm not the kind of person that can play this bad and have fun...

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69 (-3) yesterday afternoon. Having a really good week right now. Ball striking is coming along nicely, and my putting is much improved since a few weeks ago, which is quite a relief because I've been working on it relentlessly.

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Bogus 46-42-88 yesterday, as I posted the max and didn't even finish two holes. Who knows what the score would have been if I finished them.


This is becoming a disturbing trend this season. I make lots of pars and a few birdies and completely shoot it up on multiple holes. I made 8 pars and a birdie yesterday and that should never translate to anything more than low 80's. My mid-iron game is perplexing. I can't believe some of the places I am hitting my 6 and 7 iron. At one point I hit 7 iron on two consecutive holes; one went thirty yards right and the next one was within five feet of the hole.

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I was very proud of myself the other day when I shot a personal best 3 over 39 on my home 9-hole. 4 bogies, a birdie and a balance of pars. 

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Had a decent day. Bombed all my drives down the middle, putted decent just didn't have great approach shots today. Shot a 91 after a quad on the first hole... First time in a looooong time I've had a quad.
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85 front 41 back 44 ESC 81 indexed 6.2 par 72 rate 73.7 slope 139


2 birdies

8 pars

5 bogeys

1 DB :8)

2 quads :censored:


FIR 9/14

GIR 8/18

Putts 29


Today was one of my better putting rounds that I have had for a long time so there is the positive and in fact I have been putting better over the past few weeks so I certainly hope this is a trend I can build off of, now for the bad, I had 2 quads that were completely avoidable the first one was a lost ball penalty that I later saw the ball after I completed the hole further down the left side than originally thought and the second was just a fluke when I was hitting from a bad lie and the ball hit the stupid cart and that's another 2 stroke penalty, I also had to take a 1 stroke penalty because my home course has "environmentally sensitive" areas so if your in the hazard at all it's a 1 stroke penalty and I was in by about a foot. I know this wasn't a very good round but I know there are some low rounds coming soon I know these blow up holes are mostly flukes and the thing is the course I play if you hit a bad shot it's not just bogey your looking at but double is very much in play I think if I can get my swing a bit more back under control in the coming weeks I'll get my goals back on track.

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Just finished a round and was +18, 109 slope.  The overall score wasn't amazing but the day was absolutely awesome because it included the best 9 hole stretch I've ever had.  The front 9 was pretty terrible with 1 par and a ton of double bogeys-- leaving me with a +13.  The back 9 was insane... I had 6 pars in the first 7 holes!  I didn't even realize I was playing that well until the 4th hole in which... naturally resulted in a blowup score of 6 on the #13 par 3 (I never seem to do well on this hole anyway).  I went on to par the next 3 holes and started having dellusions of playing PGA tournaments and winning millions.  Then I had another mini blowup hole and recorded a 5 on the #17 par 3 before making par on the final hole.  I'm still pretty excited about it because for a while it felt like I actually knew what the hell I was doing.  Weather is supposed to be crappy the next couple days so I'm looking forward to getting out and playing Monday or Tuesday to see if I can repeat any of this.

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84 (44-40)


Made a decent comeback after a horrible start -- 7 over after the first 5 holes.

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Shot 108 today. The first time I have played the course with 20MPH+ winds. So cant complain to much. To many hero shots attempted. Really need to get some good course management ingrained into my playing style. I am not the best with a wood off the deck but I seem to always go for it. I suppose its good practice.

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Shot 72 yesterday, 2 bogeys and 2 birdies. today I shot 73 with my first hole in one :dance: and 2 birdies. Carded 2 under on the front 9 and lost it at the back. Ever since I relearned to draw the driver, my game just clicked again :) 

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Had a funny old round today. Playing Stableford came in with 36 Points but had 5 lost balls on the back nine, which equalled 3 no returns.


Really need to put more thought into my shots. Hitting a ball 20 yards past the green OOB on second shot because I under estimated the wind is plain stupid.

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Two +10 rounds the past two days. I'm hitting it great (10 and 13 GIR, respectively), but need to work on my short game quite a bit. Handicap is projected to drop another .6 next revision.

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