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37 (+1)

Finally a good round. Swing is feeling much better. Driver can still be to much hook. Putting is really going good. 13 putts tonight.
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Shot 93 on my first 18 since coming back to the game today. Played the up tees, 6000 yards, 70.1/134. Couldn't get off the tee to save life, I was thinning everything. Still had a good time.
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Very excited...shot an 88 today.  Even made a birdie.  Have been teetering at getting below 90 but always have one "blow up" hole that hurts me.  Today, only lost 1 ball, and scored no 8's and only one "7"...

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I sucked today.  Seems to be the norm lately.  Thinking about taking a long break, I've lost my swing.  Played to a 22 today....


47 on 9 holes.....



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44/42 for an +14(88)



71% FIR

31 putts

28% Scrambling


Best score to date :banana:and also played to +14 which i set as my goal handicap for the end of 2014 so this is a good step forward. Played the front 9 pretty poorly tbh, only 1 green and 3 sloppy double bogeys, two of which due to bladed pitches. Back 9 really came together nicely and was hitting the ball well. 

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Another bad night, but the weather was horrid so there's that "excuse", low 50's upper 40's with 20+mph wind and some periods of drizzling rain. 49 *par 35* from 4 bad holes, +4, +3 and 2 +2s. First hole great drive, 2nd shot just short, 3rd shot chipped in for bird, 2nd hole was the +3 from wind pushing my ball OB *or more accurately stopped my draw from bringing the ball back*. 3rd hole flew the green and duffed 1st chip, 2 putt for bogey. 4th hole horrible drive snap hook into thick rough, 2 shots to get out to fairway, miss green short right and then good chip and 1 putt for double bogey. 5th hole..... won't recount all the shots +4 just couldn't get anything going. 6th bladed tee shot, pitched on the green, 2 putt bogey. 7th, bad drive, 2nd shot wind "helped" my draw find the water, drop 3rd, 4th on green 2 putt double bogey. 8th great drive right down the middle, left 2nd short, chipped on, 2 putt bogey. 9th, another great drive, 2nd shot good distance but wind stopped draw again ended right side of green. Chipped on but left myself long putt. 2 putt bogey. So, most holes only have 1 bad shot except for 5 and 7. Big improvement over first 3 weeks.

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Perfect weather.


*Crowded course - got stuck behind THREE(!) fivesomes (mostly the marshals, naturally), so I skipped ahead of them and made up my missing holes by playing a few holes twice.


Fun, fun, fun, but my slice is back.

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78, missed 3 makable birdie putts, 78 degrees and light wind and sunny.

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85 front 42 back 43 ESC 83 Rate 73.4 slope 139 indexed 7.8


3 birdies

6 pars  

4 bogeys

3 doubles:no:

2 triples:censored:


I'm really trying not to get too frustrated right now cause I feel like I'm on the verge of playing some good golf but I'm simply not avoiding the blowup holes right now, One of the main reasons is I'm not making it a priority to get out of trouble first when I find myself in it and I need to learn to trust my iron game a little better when the smart play is just get back on the short grass and hopefully I can make a good approach and par saving putt. The other thing is 4 strokes were added from lost ball penalties that are fairly common this time of year and once all the native grasses die off more it will not be as bad in another month or two. Also I missed 2 very makeable birdie putts one of 3 feet and the other about 5 feet and those just have to go in no excuses, I honestly see 9 strokes that should not have happened with a little better course management and a bit better putting today could have easily been 76.

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Played a 3 man scramble. Didn't find it challenging till the end. Once we were 4 holes ahead, there was no point in trying. The second 9 was more exciting. I needed to pull it together on the last 4 holes. Had an approach shot go over a stream and plug itself a little in the opposite bank, and made a cool shot with a wedge standing at a 45 degree angle parallel to the bank landing 5 feet from the pin about 30 yards away, one of us (3) sunk the putt. Finished up with a par on a par 3 using a rental PW on the green from 125 yards 20 feet from the pin. Made a nice 20 foot put over a mound to a foot from the hole. Sunk it for par. The other team made a 4 foot putt for a push. Our team scored 2.5 points for the win and the other team got only half a point. Happy they finished with a push on the second 9, but I thought it would have been at least a point for them rather than only half.


I don't really like scrambles, because I ended up eating and enjoying the shows and scenery on the course rather than golfing. I got lazy once we were so many holes ahead as there was not real point in trying. I enjoyed the last 4 holes where we were one hole down only to tie it up on the 17th with an outrageous group birdie. This made the game a fun challenge.

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Didn't play well shot a 90. But it was at a great course. Coyote Moon in Truckee, Ca.

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Shot a 75 today with a double on #17, a real easy hole %&*#. Slope is 119 so not a real tough course.

But I did beat my age of 78.

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Haven't played since last 4th of July. Shot a 102 in 15-20 mph gusts.
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Just played my first ever Major event at my home club. Round started off very poorly with 3 triple bogeys in first 7 holes then pulled a birdie on the 8th and chipped in from 70 yards for a par on the 9th. This little change of luck got my card going again and by the 17th I was -2 under for my handicap (Evens for the major as its 18 max HC) I got my drive away perfectly 250ish down the middle of the fairway, got my laser out shot the flag at 182 yards, wind was behind and the fairway roles out a club too, so I hit my 150 yard club (7i) came of the club nice but was pulled left a little. Thought no probs chip it on the green 1 or 2 putts and move on to the easy 18th. When we get down to the green, ball is nowhere to be seen. It was not left enough to be in the thick rough, only explanation is a freak bounce must of made it carry further and run into the trees. Spent 5 mins looking for it and ended up having to give up and no return the hole and the comp :( 

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I shot an 83 today at Redhawk in Temecula this morning:-) would have been better if not for the a couple three puts. Seem to have the snap hooks more under control... Wowha
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I played pretty well today, but three 3-putts spoiled the party. 


H 5/17/2014 77 73.2/141 3.0 Stone Canyon Golf Club Black View Full Report
  0.0% Eagles11.1% Birdies55.6% Pars27.8% Bogeys5.6% Double Bogeys

Raw Score





Par 3s


Par 4s


Par 5s


Putts Per Hole


Putts Per Green in Reg




Sand Saves Percentage


Up/Down Percentage


















Double Bogeys


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Just finished 18, played 40 46 T.T , got ob n tripled on h16 par 4 sad sad sad ....
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play your way through the bad times,it does eventually get better.

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