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It was yesterday but played 18.  Shot an 80, it was a bit disappointing.  I had a great front nine going an made bogey on 8 and 9 for a 38.  Started the back nine with two pars and then kind of fell apart, made a double on 18 for 42 coming in.  Decent day off the tee but the irons were a fair amount off with my start lines.  I only hit 5 greens.  No penalties.  I was in the sand 4 times and only got down in two once.   I was able to get up and down 4 out of 6 times other than that, and made my first holed pitch shot of the year on the second.    

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Shot 93 on my home course...slope 123. Best round of the year, which included

a 2 stroke OB on the first hole, and a four putt.

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Shot 96 on a par 72 under heavy sun.Ok with the long game and irons(still some errors) ,but my scramble and putting is really not as good as I thought and costing me at least 10 shot.I get on par 4 in 2(or pin high) and end up with bogeys mostly or some double.30 yard of a par 5 in 2,end up with a double.Lots of 3 putts from 30/35 feet.But it's nice to see your irons fly to the pin ! Put an hybrid to 25 ft from 210 yards.

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Oh,and a bird stole my sandwich !

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42 + 45 = 87


Just put my self into to many poor positions off the tee. I couldn't capitalize on the holes when I did get a good tee shot. I had three penalty strokes off the tee, and some of the tee shots ended up in places that it basically acted as a penalty. 

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42 + 45 = 87


Just put my self into to many poor positions off the tee. I couldn't capitalize on the holes when I did get a good tee shot. I had three penalty strokes off the tee, and some of the tee shots ended up in places that it basically acted as a penalty. 

Played with @saevel25 at Cassel Hills and ended up with a humbling 1-0-0. Triple digits. Ugly. :poo:


Had a good time though. ...and I came home to discover that my son mowed the grass for me and the wife had chops on the grill. :banana:

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Hahahh! I shot like 55 in the front-9.

But because it was stableford I still lower my hcp.
I also made two pars and one bogey so that was good result for high handicapper.

I hit one fairway but it was a skyball with driver.

Many shanks and topping the ball happened yesterday. Especially driver...

Lousy approach shots costed many strokes as well as a couple water and OB.

Putting was quite good.

38 stableford which lowers hcp little bit. Weather was summer sunshine and pleasant +25Celsius.

My choice or clothing worked quite well. Light colors reflect some of that sun so you dont sweat so badly.
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Course Rating: 71.9/133, 6745 yds.

Shot 39 + 41 = 80


Had two blow up holes that accounted for +5, but other than that I was pretty happy with how things went today.

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49+41=90 on the yellow tees at my home course (67.1,115).  Putter let me down on the front nine with 3 3-putts, but the back nine felt good. Nice to be moving from the inner circles of triple-digit golf to the limbo of bogie. *knocks on wood*

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The more I play the worse I get.  First round of the year played to a 14.  up 2 every single round.  Today I played to a 22.


Got a 95.  

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Played Friday and was +19 (3 pars, buncha garbage), 109 slope.  Got paired with 3 guys in their 20s, started out fine but they bought a bunch drinks on the 3rd hole and became annoying drunks over the rest of the round.  Weather went to hell for several holes after about 2 hours as well.  I've played half a dozen rounds so far this year and all but 1 has been interrupted by shitty weather at some point.  It's getting extremely annoying, I need to just stop playing until the forecast is completely favorable.

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Shot a 47/48, 95 yesterday. On the plus side, hit 8 out of 14 fairways. Unfortunately, couldn't capitalize on the good day off the tee with only 1 stinking GIR. Needless to say, didn't hit my irons well all day. 3 pars on the day with 5 bogeys and 10 double bogeys. Just realized this is the first round I ever played with nothing worse than double on a hole, still a lot of them, I know, but overall I like were my game is going.
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My cap jumped 2 full strokes with my stellar play this weekend, 94, 92, 88, 88. God, I suck! Haven't been a double digit player in about 8 years but I'm on my way...
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Struggled this morning.  Shot 41.  Driver has been pretty good, time to get to work on the irons.   Missing greens that I should not be.

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Still just getting used to being on a course by going to the local nine hole par 3. It's cheap and I can play 9 within an hour.


Rainy day in Atlanta yesterday, so I was soaking wet and rushing my putts, shot a 39.


I've been thinking about how my par 3 course could possibly be used to estimate what I'd shoot on a big boy course. So an actual course would have 36 shots on nine holes. If I played 2 shots for every one of the 9 extra shots on a big course, that would put me at 39 + 18 = 57. So on a full 18 I'd be playing 114. Groan, meeting my goal of breaking 100 this year is clearly going to be tough.

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Shot 85 at a tough private course over the weekend. Honestly probably the best golf I've ever played despite the score, I had 5 double bogeys and a few were plain old bad luck. The course was setup tough, there was a club tournament both Sat and Sun, we played late afternoon after they were done and today the course is hosting a sectional event. My folks are members and I play there often, the hole placements and tee markers were in places I've never seen before. If not for playing there I am fairly certain it would have been a best ever score, I had 9 pars.

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+6 42,


6 pars, 1 bogey, 1 double, 1 triple :censored::censored::censored:


Started off with a double. Three putted from 15 feet (JUST STUPID!!!). 


Then I went on a streak of 6 straight pars. Really was making this a good round. Then the short game gremlin strikes again. Hit a drive to just short of the left greenside bunker. Really nice drive. Have an easy 20 yard pitch shot. Proceed to dump it in the bunker. First pitch shot I was not aggressive with. Then I chunk the bunker shot to about 4 yards short of the green. Then I blade the short pitch shot because I was pissed and rushed it. So I pitched it to about 12 feet and the putt did the classic 270 degree lip were it rides the back of the lip and sling shots back down the slope. So, 1 shot to 20 yards to the hole, 4 shots to get it on the green and two putt. MOTHER :censored:!!!! The last hole was a three putt from 30 feet. The pin was in a NASTY spot. It was on a side slope of 5-6%. This guy tapped his putt and it rolled 10 feet past the pin. Just stupid spot for a pin. So I three putted that because I pushed my putt trying hit it hard instead of just increasing my putting stroke length.  

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+12 48 


Still really struggling off the tee, but I think I identified some of my problems today, so that's a good thing. Pitching and putting were also pretty good today. 

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