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Sunday was my best round of the year thus far.........  I hope I keep it up because I am now trending down.  HEH


H 5/18/2014 75 73.2/141 1.4 Stone Canyon Golf Club Black View Full Report
  0.0% Eagles11.1% Birdies61.1% Pars27.8% Bogeys0.0% Double Bogeys

Raw Score


Over/Under Par




Par 3s


Par 4s


Par 5s


Putts Per Hole


Putts Per Green in Reg




Sand Saves Percentage


Up/Down Percentage

















I didn't hit many fairways or greens, but 1 putting 9 greens was the difference maker.  I did have one bad 3-putt, but that's besides the point.   Putting was the difference maker...... making those putts inside of 10 feet whether it be for birdie or to save pars.   I didn't make any long putts, but a bunch of missable puts outside of knee-knocker range that saved the day.  

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Shot a 40(+4) at my home course today. 1 double, 4 bogeys, 2 pars, and 2 birdies (one was a chip-in!). The double was on a easy par 5 that I just hit bad shot after bad shot. Started the round bogey,bogey,double bogey so I was pleased with my finish.
Putting was a roller coaster. 2 three-putts, 3 two-putts, 3 one-putts, and a chip-in for a total of 15 putts. New to eliminate unnecessary three putts and poor driving (1/7 FWH) going forward. Hit 4/9 GIR so that was good though.
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Out after work for 9. There was a ladies tournament so play was dreadfully slow, caught them on 4 and pretty much stood there waiting. So to kill time I moved back to the championship tees. Can honestly say I've never even stood back there before. To my surprise it had little if any impact on how I played, through 5-9 I ended up +2. Glad I tried it I am definitely moving back at least when I play late in the day alone. The course actually looked better from back there and distance wasn't an issue. The elevated tees got me 10-15 yards of where I usually land it.
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46/45 91. Lovely sunny morning played some very good golf and a couple of poor holes.

Struggled a bit round the front and it was pretty much bogey train all the way. Then got really hot on the back, hit greens 10-15 and was then +10 on the 16th tee, on track for a best ever score if I bogeyed in. But alas I played the last 3 holes at +9.
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A completely deflating round of 44 this morning.

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My first round in the 60s in a looooong time. Forest Hills Golf Club, home course for Augusta State and just hosted the GA High School State Championship. Rated 72/130 from the black tee, which is the "tips" in non tournament play. I hit every fairway and every green on the back, and 3-putted the 10th!
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Played 9 in league at a course I know and play well. Shot 54. Started out par, bogey, double, double, par, bogey, double. At this point, my back goes out and I take a 10 (par 4), 7 (par3), and finish with a double (another penalty off the tee).

Game is a train wreck. Don't even want to play at this point.
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Saved a few scores over the weekend and today.

Played front 9 at Scholl Canyon from the " tips", 57/88 course/slope rating, 3 over par on the front 9, with a 1.5" foot birdie putt from 127 yards. 5 pars, 1 birdie, the rest bogie.

Altadena Blues: kicked my butt the next day with a 47. I made 1 fairway, and only 17 putts. Couldn't hit my irons to save my life, and doubled too many holes from really lousy drives. Sprayed the ball all over the place, didn't lose any but they were awful drives. May have been too sore from practicing too much the evening after Scholl canyon. The wind probably didn't help much either, but I think it was general tiredness.

Santa Anita Blues 70.6/122 45/41 for an 86. My lowest score on this course, yet. 16 putts on the front and 18 on the back. Irons were horrible on the front 9 and anything over 150 yards. Hit 12 fairways, 6 GIR, 6 pars, 3 doubles on the front 9, the rest bogie. Looking back upon it, I really need game improvement irons rather than the MP32 for which I am unsuited. I think I could have saved 5 strokes from errant approach shots.
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Played a round yesterday and it was terrible.  I watched a couple videos on the web the night before and thought I would be able to seamlessly implement this new information during my round.  Total backfire!  I threw away the scorecard already because it was giving me nightmares but I was roughly +30 on the day with 1 par.


The good things were:  It was finally a nice day for golf, I found a Pro V1, and I ended the round with a bogey saving :-X 38 foot putt on the 18th green.

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A really horrible 62 over 12 holes today. Nothing ti say other than it was painful
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Par 72, 6530 yards, 143/71.8.

42 + 36 = 78

Horrible front, very good back.
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45 on front 9, so +9.... sounds spot on for a bogey golfer like me right? Until you know that I had 2 +4's and 1 bogey.... so I had 6 holes par and 3 holes that killed me. 56% fairways, 43% GIR, 1.8 putt avg. 25% scrambling. First +4 was snap hook drive into left rough only 156 yd out, then I topped a 2 hybrid a couple yards, then another 2 hybrid to 60 yd out. Flew the green with sw, 2 chips to get on and 2 putt for 8 on par 4. 2nd +4 was from trying to fade the ball on a slight dogleg right but over cooked it and had to play a provisional, so 3 from the tee, hit the ball dead straight instead of draw left myself behind some trees, tried to hit 2 iron low runner to fw but it got caught up in rough. Hit 4 iron punch ran off back of green, chipped on 2 putt for +4 on another par 4. The bogey was par 3, pulled tee shot short left, chipped on 2 putt bogey. I had 2 par saves and rest were 2 putt pars. So I think things are starting to come together, I just have to recover a little better from bad positions.

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87 today. Wind was blowing and my newly developed bad back was acting up. Played my regular course, little over 6000 yards and par 70. Rating 69.8 / slope 113. This not an overly difficult course, but has some quirky holes, trees in the middle of the fairway and such. They were probably not a problem when the course was built over 40 years ago, but now they are right were I need to land a tee shot.
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Got my first eagle in over 30 years today on hole #6 at East Mountain CC in Westfield, MA.  A nice 240 yard drive followed by a 155 yard six iron.  Pretty darn happy!

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Brookside Course 1 front 9 Blues: 42 (not great, and got the pars on the last three holes).


Brookside course 2 front 9 Blues: Horrible (46) 2 pars, 3 fairways


Brookside course 2 back 9 Blues: declared a practice round and got an undeclared 40 with 2 birdies. Drove the 14th green 271 yards for a birdie, missed the ~10 foot eagle putt.


Here's one for @mvmac. My old coach drives up to me and says "I don't know who you are seeing, but he's doing a heck of a job". Of course, right after this I started playing horribly on the front 9 of course 2. Couldn't swing to save my life. Then it hit me on the 9th hole to relax and let it all out on the swing, it worked because I came back on the back 9 with 2 birdies.


Last afternoon I can take off for golf for a while. I have some work piling up.

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82 at my home course. 2 doubles and only hit 7 greens. Missed 3 putts under 6 feet.

The only good news is that we scooted around in 2:35, so the pain didn't last too long.
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Originally Posted by David in FL View Post

82 at my home course. 2 doubles and only hit 7 greens. Missed 3 putts under 6 feet.

The only good news is that we scooted around in 2:35, so the pain didn't last too long.

Same here, 82 for me this morning with only 6 greens.  A rare morning I get to play 18.  Could not get off the tee, but the irons are starting to come around which is exciting.

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41 today on a par 34.  

very ugly par on 1!  Im talking...snap hook into the left woods that popped out onto the fairway...then a skulled 8 iron that runs up to the green!!  then 2 putt for par. lol   Ugliest par in the history!    

the rest of the day was bogeys with pars sprinkled in.  a couple of poor chips and 2 very bad long putts were my downfall today.

My driver is longer than ever and straighter.  And hybrid work is good...  right now the only thing that is eluding me is the pitch, chip and bump and run shots to get me close.  

1 double is good for me.  I'm noticing the work I've done over the off season is paying dividends now... (swing over haul)

so hooked on golf right now! lol

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