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40 (+5)


6 pars, 1 bogey, 2 doubles. 


So close to putting a round together. Just these blow up holes are killing me. 


First bogey was because I ended up hitting a pitch too fat. I caught a flier earlier and was too light on an uphill lie pitch shot. 

First double bogey was because the pin was back right, and I hit it long back left. I had to pitch it on a mound, and I ended up hitting it too light. So I had to chip on again, and knifed it a bit. I had 15 feet for bogey, and two putted. 

Second double was because I snapped hooked my driver 60 yards into a hazard on the left. Too handsy with the swing and left it went. I am starting to figure out what the feel is between a good drive and a snap hook. so they are slowly going away. Dropped the ball, ended up on a side hill lie. Had about 150 to the middle of the green, though the ball would turn over left, but it stayed out right. So I ended up flopping a pitch just on the green to have it roll out to 30 feet, and two putted for my double. 

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I feel your pain about the snaphooked drive.   I have the same problem but its also getting better.  I feel like if I work on a flat left wrist at the top and try to not use my arms to start down from the top...i get a straight drive..  If I even curl my hands a little at the top im going left.   I believe ben hogan had the same problem and fixed it with the flattening of the left wrist at the top.    

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aw man I know the feeling..  having a back injury on top of it is so frustrating!  last week I had to force myself to stay away from golf.  Kinda reset my brain and I went back and was playing well again.   I also looked at why I was miss hitting so many shots.  and came to discover my grip was way to strong.  adjusted it and now I'm on the up tic again.  

golf is a fickle bitch!

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44 on par 35 in league, pretty steady bogey golf with nothing exceptional occuring. I'm back to how I ended last season which is good since it is still early enough that I have time to improve. Could have easily been as much as 4 strokes better but left 2 putts short that were on line due to slow greens and had 2 flubbed chips that didn't go more than a couple feet. My putting is definitely my most improved aspect, 1.6 putts per green last night. A few more practice rounds and I may actually start lowering my hdcp.

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A nice round finally:

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crappy, crappy round.   Really nice day though.

Couldn't hit a green if I tried, and didn't get my driver straightened out until halfway through.  One of those three putts (hole 8) was from about 15 feet (no excuse - this was looking FINALLY like a nice regulation hole (Driver, 9i, crappy putt, crappy putt, tap in) until I left my first putt short)....the other two were from a LONG ways out, doesn't bother me on those as much.


I went after and played 1, 2 and 18 before dark - came in birdie, bogie, par - much better


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Went out with the intention of playing a quick 9 holes, i only had an hour and a half to spare. It took me 40 mins to play two holes... 3 foursomes in a row with NO idea of ready golf or avoiding slow play.


After 3 holes i gave up on my idea of 9 holes and cut to 16 and played out to 18. So only got in 5 holes in an hour :mad: Simply do not want to think about how long those groups of 4 would have been out there, 6hr round?


Anyway, i didn't score but was not hitting the ball all that well. Driver was struggling with contact and on everything else i was hitting a big fade. Overall a pretty disappointing morning.

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Getting worse, my putting is absolutely killing me, it's time for a change is all I can figure a 3 putt from 2 feet and a 5 putt from 8 feet will drive anyone insane, it's seriously affecting the way I play the rest of my game in a very negative way. Anyways I shot a 92 ESC 90 I think I may take a break for a little while not that I'm overdoing it I just think a break may do me good for about a month or so, "C" YA.

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Just want to add we have some members at my course that think it's appropriate to start waving their arms and giving people crap about their tee time when it's still 5 minutes away, that was this morning I could not believe this crap and this guy does not know me well enough to do that garbage on top of foul language right in front of the starter and all. I swear if he was 20 years younger I would have had him by the collar telling him to cool it instead I tried to blow it off but regardless it's still no way to start a day, I'm going to shoot an e-mail to the organizer of the morning game and tell him whats going on and see if he wants to do anything about it.

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Rough day but had fun. 93 after a few OB shots.
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I'm getting behind on scores!   Earlier this week..........Stone Canyon: 73.2CR 141Slope  38-43=81


Customers treated me to golf yesterday and we played a nice course,  but from short easy tees.   I was off my game yesterday... I sooooooo want another chance at this course!  Lack of course knowledge cost me a couple shots because I hit a couple drivers when I shouldn't have and I targeted the wrong spot on a few greens. 

Falcon Ridge: 69.3CR 122slope........41-40=81    

I never 3-putted, but my putting killed me.  I kept over-reading putts~!! I had several looks at birdie, but came up empty.



I posted the same score on 2 courses, but the Differential was VASTLY different!!  (10.8 vs 6.3) 


I played 9 today:  Stone Canyon Front9 black tees: 72.4CR 145 slope.................37

I started terrible today, but got into a groove late and finished birdie, birdie, birdie!!   Gotta' love it when that happens!  I would have played 18 today, but the course was a clusterf#cK.  I teed off at 1pm on Friday of Memorial day weekend, so I knew this was a possibility.  I had to ditch after 9 because the slow play was too painful in spite finishing with a birdie tri-fecta. 

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First round of the year. 81 on a short crappy course. Greens were so brutally slow. Also couldn't drive a ball for my life today.
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82 yesterday on my home course, 69.8/113. I had two balls OB, so it could have been better. It seems like it is one or two holes a round that really get me. I am still trying to work on the ball striking to hit more greens and keep it in play.
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Shot 4 over par 74 in what seemed like my first round in ages.

Surprisingly I felt fairly comfortable hitting the ball with everything except the driver and 3W. Those were hot and cold (and mostly cold).

Greens nowhere even close to "puttable" yet and had no realistic chance to bail myself out of bad holes with the putter. Also missed quite a few birdie putts that I would normally feel like I would have a good chance of making.

We played the front nine twice because the back nine is a few days behind the front. My scores were +2 each time but went about it in totally different ways. First nine I had all pars except for a double bogey on 7 (the one I made a thread about with OB on both sides).

The second nine I had 4 bogeys and two birdies.

It was fun to at least play some golf and our team won the front nine and probably won the back nine but I had to leave for work and couldn't stick around to find out. I didn't think we were doing very well missing as many putts as we were missing but the other teams were doing even worse. Our double low ball team scores were -4 on both sides.
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I played a tough course other than my home course.  I only play this course a couple of times per year and I shot a 98.  I shot a 53 on the front 9 and a 45 on the back 9. On my home course, I rarely shoot higher than the mid 80's and get down into the high 70's once a week.  I work at my home course in SW Ohio and familiarity is certainly an advantage.  Scoring is so short game dependent, knowing the speed of the greens and adapting to them accounts to the better second round scores.  It is not uncommon for me.

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79 front 39 back 40 rate 70.9 slope 124


I'm just playing like a real dork these days, yeah I broke 80 but that was with 3 doubles on a easy course including a freaking 4 putt on a par 5 from 15'. I am putting like a real horses ass right now and I can't figure it out, Even my iron play is getting bad I chunked at least 4 approaches even though I missed a hole in one by about an inch from 199 and another hole out from 103 I'm still not very happy because those shots are just flukes right now I'm not standing over the shot with the confidence I need. On the par 5 I was so damn nervous over my third shot that had to carry water all the way to a front pin at 83 yards but after I pull it off I turn into a damn fool hitting the stupid ball all over the green SHIT!!!!!!!!!

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Eaton Canyon Blues:


I scored 45 (Par 35 67.2/122). I hit a high ball and the wind caught it over a fence OB on a short uphill 449 yard par 5. I overshot the dogleg into the trees on the second shot, and ended with an 8. Double from being too close to a fence, lost a stroke to get it away from the fence then another to get clear of the trees. Only 3 fairways hit. 2 GIR. 2 pars. 5 bogeys. All the bogeys were from not making greens and not chipping close enough.

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