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Shot 84 on Saturday.  Considering I putted terribly (three three putts, no made putts outside of like three feet) and had only two good drives (two!) I'd say I'm getting into form.  I just need to straighten this driver out.  Bought a new one and that has added distance and straightened things out a bit but not enough.  


Three putted 18 to shoot 40 on the back.  That's annoying.

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85 on Sunday at a beautiful course I had never played before!  

86 on Monday at a beautiful course I had played many times before


both days it was a tale of 2 nines.   Sunday was 40 front 45 back, monday was 46 front 40 back.  

Im happy with both days.  I had many birdie chances just could nail the putts.  Parred many and gave many back with a couple blow up holes.  But for my level of play... that's ok. lol  

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Shot a horrible 108 on Friday at a longer local course that I don't get to play that often then shot a 93 at the home course yesterday. Not sure what happened Friday, I was all over the place and just couldn't get it together. Hit the range on Saturday and Sunday and seemed to help when I got back out on Monday.
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Shot an 84 in a group "tournament" at a new to me course. Played off the tee well, when i missed a fairway it wasnt by much. approach shots are what killed me. If it wasnt for only hitting 4 greens I could have broke 80 easy.... Oh, and due to missing those greens I had 34 putts due to a terrible short game....

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47-43-90 and it couldn't have been any better. Could have been a lot worse. I suck right now. There is no particular part of my game that I have confidence in right now.

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82 of Friday on a very tricky course - happy with that - saw one guy that joined us on 17 hit his first ace.  fun.  I played the longest tees and was really hammering my shots


89 on Sun on the hardest course I've played this year.


even more fun as I've never played either course before, so sometimes had to take chances on a lot of blind shots.


both were beautiful layouts with very technical holes

I was thrilled with the 89 on the one course (72/129) I had to really think about club selection on the tees this time which is a nice change from just grabbing driver all the time.  Played with a friends that also enjoys the strategy of the game, made for good golf and satisfying discussions.


Most of my misses were just poor contact though - so not too upset at the 89.  This weekend made me think I really can play the more 'fun' difficult type of course layouts


Here's a hole (#11) that plays 300 with a dog leg left.  The corner isn't very far, 150 or so and guarded by a bunker.  I figured 8i, 8i is a good play.  so promptly pulled drivers and hit a tight draw  - rolled up 10 yards from the green center fairway.  what a confidence booster.


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Scheduled a last minute tee time and printed driving directions since I've only been there once before and couldn't quite remember.  Realized later the route was stupid and slow, ended up missing a couple exits and missed my tee time.  Since it was so far away I didn't really want to leave without playing so I asked if I could still get on.  They said they could send me out alone in 45 minutes so I agreed, thinking maybe they would just bump my missed time back since play obviously dropped off by then.  Wrong, they charged me another tee time.  They also said carts were being turned over as soon as they came in and to "check with the guys" at the staging area before my round.  I go down to the range to hit some balls in the meantime and all the trays are all empty.  I sat there for 35 minutes waiting for someone to refill them.  Finally a guy comes by and does it in time for me to hit 4 or 5 balls.  10 minutes before my round I head up to get a cart and none of "the guys" are around.  After sitting there 10 minutes I go inside and ask what the deal is and they tell me to go to check the cart garage and find someone to get me a cart.  I look around for another 10 minutes and nobody is in sight.  Went back to the shop to ask if I can just start walking because I'm already passed my tee time and figuring it'll get dark before I can finish but they won't let me do that either.  After waiting another 10 minutes for the AWOL "the guys" to come back they decide to just drive me out to a threesome and have me play with them.  They're on the second hole and the shop people tell me I can just circle around and play the first hole knowing full well it'll be dark by then.  Anyway, it's obviously completely stupid at this point so I ask if I can just get a raincheck and come back another day but suddenly the shop guy goes silent on his walkie talkie when the dude driving me out to the threesome asks about it...  I say screw it I'll just play and get going with the threesome.  On the 5th hole the cart battery is low, starts chugging and dies.  We call the shop and arrange for another cart and they get one out to us on #6.  10 holes later that cart dies.


Weather was nice for the most part but it such an overall cluster**** of an experience it just wasn't even fun.  1 birdie, 0 pars and a bunch of doubles over the 17 holes I managed to play.  I will also never, ever come back to this mickey mouse operation of a course for the rest of my life.

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I'm behind on scores yet again!  Wow...the birdie floodgates have opened.... I've made 15 birdies in the past 4.5 rounds!!    All Rounds are at Stone Canyon: 73.2CR 141slope


Saturday: 41-39=80...........forgettable round


Sunday: 45-36=81

I must have rolled out of the wrong side of the bed on Sunday morning after a late night....a 45?....LOL   In spite of hitting 5 of 7 fairways on the front, I took 3 penalties and was brutalized!!   I only used 13 putts on the front!!...and still carded a 45!!  .....I also birdied the 9th!  Hahahah   

The back9 score was more to my liking!:-D



I played Very well.......36-39=75    I had 2 bad breaks that cost me 2 double bogeys and also 3 putted twice......and still carded a 75!!

I barely missed a green and got a terrible sideways hop in to tall grass on the 2nd hole, and then "TC Chenned" the ball out to make a double....not a good start.   Later, my ball imbedded high up on a very deep/steep bunker face and that cost me another double.   With that said, I am feeling optimistic about my game.   I definitely played well enough to score below par.  I just need to do it....   For the first time in 2014, I feel like I am capable of breaking par for 18.  Stone Canyon is no easy course either....


Tuesday: 37-40=77

I played very solid golf today.......2 bad tee shots cost me 4 strokes.  Aside from those hiccups, I played very well today.

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Back nine, 40 on a par 36.

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Monday 94 on a par 70
Tuesday 88 on a par 70
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Just been for 9 holes, woke up at 5am and could not sleep so got my gear ready and tee'd off at 6am. Weather was pretty rubbish light rain but played anyway struggled first few holes was +8 after 3 holes :D then started playing alot better finished on +10 had 2 birdies on holes 6 + 8 both 20ft putts which is very unlike me, all in all was a good early morning round bad weather but good fun.

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38 3 bogeys 6 pars. Got up and down to save par 3 times. Rain came so I stopped, sucked because had time to play 18.
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43 in 9 holes last Friday in winter greens. With my HCP it´s -8 net =).

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4 over 74 in the morning (hit 14 greens) 


5 over 75 in the afternoon


Good Day overall

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I don't know, but I hit a lot of good shots, and my misses were of the type that show I'm making good progress on my priority piece.

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Par 72/6530 yards/143 slope.

Shot 80, with a quadruple bogey. Played 17 holes +4 and 1 hole +4! On the bright side, I was hitting the ball nicely, and had many great birdie chances... Didn't make a putt over 6ft all day.

Hit 12 GIR's, 9/12 fairways, and made 36 putts. Don't get me started about that quad though....
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Finally back to back nice days with no afternoon rain. Shot 41 tonight and gave away a few. Was pissed, the dorks in front of me didn't rake any sand. I was in bunkers on 2 3 4 8 and 9. Twice the ball settled in footprints.
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45 par 35 9 holes 22 putts
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