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Not sure what I shot today since the guy driving the cart kept the scorecard-- wasn't anything special though, several pars with the rest of the holes split evenly between singles and doubles.  133 slope, Heritage Eagle Bend for the Colorado people here, course is in fantastic shape.

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Memorial Day, 83 @ Strawberry Farms (Irvine, CA), 70.7/131, 6,270.

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I play again today so I am looking forward to some low numbers. Its great weather here in NH so I am hoping my game will be as good as the weather.

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Well it was only nine holes today and I ended up settling for 2+ which I really can't complain about..especially with the beautiful weather.
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Only 9 but I think I ironed out a few things with the exception of putting, I think I may have my full swing back on track some.


38 on rate 36 slope 138 index 1.6


The absolutely nasty duck hook I have been fighting lately may finally be under control to some degree, I was as usual overswinging and getting my upper body ahead of my lower too much causing everything to just close down on impact, I just need to really focus on slowing down and the ball goes just fine, in fact it goes a very long ways when everything gets in sync. I think I could have a shot at my goal now if I can keep what works in the forefront of my mind while on the course, I just don't have the swing ingrained very well and it's going to take time to work it into habit.

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42 + 45 = 87


Started out Triple, Double on the back nine. Just couldn't handle nearly saturated fairways with pitch shots. Ended up chunking two pitches from the fairway, thank god the third pitch was from the rough.

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I had a 71 at a short, executive course called Rollandia. That's not very impressive even by my standards, but it marked the first time I beat the fellow who introduced me to the game. He was struggling and deprived of his strong suit, distance. Still, it was a long time coming.

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39 + 40 for a 79

Much better.
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42-42-84 with a triple bogey on the #17 handicap hole.


Didn't strike the ball all that great and only made one substantial putt, but I didn't three-putt at all. If I just bogied that easy hole it would have been my best round this season.

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Stone Canyon: 73.2CR 141slope....


I was cruising along playing well and making easy pars.  I had a couple decent looks at birdie, but never capitalized.  I was still playing well and only +3 through the 14th hole in spite of making no birdies when disaster reared it's ugly head.    Two bad swings cost me 4 strokes and I played the final 4 holes in +6!!  Ouch............  


Fairways: 10/13

GIR: 9

Putts: 34

Penalties: 2


Good times!  LOL

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46 on the back nine of Gem City. Started and ended with a par with one in the middle. Otherwise a crap sandwich.
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New low score of 85 and tied for best score to par. It was a 42/43 (+14) on an easy course but very pleased with my game. Hit the ball better than ever before, nice baby draws on almost every shot. Just couldn't quite hit enough greens for how well i was playing though, was playing well enough the challenge sub-80. 


Lost 3 shots due to one shank on hole 7. Middle of the fairway, 145yrds to go and hit a pure shank into knee high rough, managed to hack out for a triple when really should have been looking at par but oh well. That was my only terrible shot of the day. 



Scorecard (Click to show)
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Yesterday evening: San Dimas Canyon Blues. 71.7/126 (6400 yards) 98. 15 bogies, 4-over, 4-over and 3-over. Pretty bad round in general, and my behavior was less than optimal.


Mood really makes a huge difference on these short tight courses. Of the bogies, at least half were three putts. I didn't keep detailed stats (and my hand writing was pretty bad yesterday), but I think I got something like 6 Fairways, a few GIR. I didn't really care since I 3 putted all of them. The holes seemed to have lips that turn the ball away. I ended up trying to hit the back of the cup anywhere inside of 5 feet. My average drive was really short, only about 220 yards, if I didn't count the -10 yard one that bounced off a pole 45 yards away. I kept hitting through the trees for some reason. My longest drives were OB, with one lucky fairway at 281. We used the cart GPS to measure our approaches, and it reported that I had 200 yards left to a pin on that hole. Wrong, it was about 175, with a slight uphill. Good thing I depended upon instincts and pulled my 5i or I would have lost the ball in poison ivy. In general, I think I just let too many things get to me. My key 1 failure was also an issue, which my son brought up after the round. He said I was picking up my whole body an inch or so after the transition from roughly A3 to A6.


I felt really good about a putt that came to about 18 inches all the way from the back on 14. I claimed it was a 100 foot putt to a gimme, my son claimed it was 60 feet. I just google mapped it to be about 80 feet, even though we both paced it off. There's a massive hump it needed to go over and a three way break. Still a bogie because my shorter hybrid was giving me trouble off the tee (a significant part of my behavior problem).


Anyway, on to the next round tomorrow.

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81, fronts, 6181, 68.4, 126. Missed 2 birdie putts with 3 feet smh and 3 putted from 6 feet because tried to putt my 3 foot putt through a ball mark not fixed well. I need to move back.
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Played the same coursw twice.

40 + 41 (81)
42 + 35 (77)

Second round i had 5 birdies. Things are looking up.
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was playing tournament today.started off par par,bogey,par.on 435 yard par 4 I tried to hit driver too hard and pulled it lil bit and must have hit tree or something because I found it but still had 280 left so missed a 4 footer for bogey to make a 6.couple more pars and a bogey before reaching a 220 yard par 3.so im only 5 over thru 10 holes but on the par 3 my ball winds up in bunker in someones unraked footprint and I triple the hole.next hole tripled followed by bogey and finishing with an 86.the bad break in bunker cost me dearly as it rattled me.

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Played Northern Bear today, Jack Nicklaus signature course. Whites,6042 - 69.5/124. Shot 44 on the front and a horrendous 49 on the back. Short game struggles, not to mention the greens were ridiculously fast, almost too fast to enjoy. Put in play my Oban Kiyoshi purple shaft today on my driver and wowwww. Butter. Rough round but beautiful day to golf.
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