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Same course I usually play that I rate a 65:

Shot a pathetic 78 with no birdies.

Even though I basically suck at golf there were always some things I had a knack for and was good at.

As of today I'm officially revising that to I suck at everything in golf. a4_sad.gif

Couldn't hit a driver very well. Couldn't hit a fade with anything to save my life. Airmailed the green on most of my good opportunities. Constantly left myself 4 foot par putts that I couldn't make.

I would like to think I missed most of the putts because the greens are still very poor to putt on but in most cases I should have had a 1' tap in and not been in that position to start with.

I'm either going to have to start playing more golf, quit, or accept crappy play as the norm and be happy about it.
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I shot 78.

I missed 4 putts that I should have made.


There's always tomorrow.

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H 5/31/2014 78 73.2/141 Diff 3.8 Stone Canyon Golf Club Black View Full Report
  11.1% Birdies 50.0% Pars 33.3% Bogeys 5.6% Double Bogeys

Raw Score


Over/Under Par




Putts Per Hole


Putts Per Green in Reg




Sand Saves Percentage


Up/Down Percentage
















Double Bogeys



Today was another bitter sweet day....I played solid golf most of the round, but couldn't bring it to the house.......... +3 over the final 2 holes.



I played early and was finished by 10am....then went out for another 18 at about 330pm, but got paired up with a slow group.  It was painful and a 44 was the result.  I opted to stop after 9.  I could have played the front again, but I wasn't enjoying myself at that point. 

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Personal best. Apart from concentrating on each shot, I couldn't tell you what I did differently. The double on 5 came from the middle of the fairway with exactly 136 out, air mailed the green into some nasty, thick rough. 2 penalties, 3 3-putts (Couldn't get comfortable on the greens at all). I now realize that to break 80, I would have to hole some testy par putts, and play a wiser round.



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Today was a pretty decent day. Shot an 81 and was making good crisp contact. The down side was 4 doubles because I flew the greens and left myself in horrible spots. This round was so much better than the last 2 of 89 and 92. I got my first official handicap index today and is a 9.4.
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82(39,43) 6110 yards, 69, 126.

Double/triple on 15/16 to take a crap on my score. I seem to check out mentally after having to club down off the box so many times. I am having an internal battle between playing with my group that I have for years and moving back.
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One under 35 I think? Would have been better if my kid hadn't been struggling and wanting to get in to finish he round… She just about gave up after the sixth hole. I rushed a bit to get in from there, largely resulting in some putts that I didn't line up or anything. Oh well. My scores don't count for anything anyway. :) Vlog coming as soon as I can make it.

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6577 yds, 71.4/136 rating.


Front:  +6 (42 total)

Back:  +3 (39 total)


Total:  +9 (81)


4 birdies (finished with 3 straight birdies!!!  Saved my round)

31 putts

8/14 fairways hit

10/18 GIR


3 penalty strokes (2 H2O hazard, 1 unplayable)

2 blow-up holes for +6 (triple, triple -- Ugh!)

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6210 yards, 69.8 rating, 128 slope


Front: 38

Back: 40


Total: 78 (+7)


GIR: 11/18

FIR: 4/14

Putts: 33 (2 three putts, 3 one putts, 1 zero putt)

Birdies: 3

Pars: 8

Bogeys: 5

Doubles: 1

Triples: 1

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Idk, because I'm still on the 6th hole waiting.

25 minutes a hole. I want to say something demonstrating my feelings about this whole thing, but I'm playing with the Pastor and our sons.
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44 43 40 played the front 3 times.
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78 front 40 back 38 rate 70.4 slope 131 indexed 6.6


0 birdies

13 pars

4 bogeys

1 double


10/14 FIR

15/18 GIR

36 putts

2 penalty strokes


Played the forward tees because that's where the other 3 in our group were playing and didn't want to upset any rhythm of the round for anyone, I'm still struggling with hooking my driver so had to use 3 wood more often than usual but the thing is I really didn't lose any real noticeable distance, I went on google earth and measured my 3 longest and they were 290, 301, and 306, I wont lie and say there was no wind aid or downhill involved with any of these shots but what I think this shows me though is that I don't need to hit driver near as often as I do, my home course doesn't really play all that long but it severely punishes you if your off line though. I'm seriously contemplating leaving the driver out of the bag next week just to see what happens. Also I putted pretty well even though I didn't make any birdie putts and I had plenty of chances I didn't destroy any pars with dumb 3 putts I controlled my pace very well today.

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I shot a "good" 83. It was good because I had 39 on the back. Made two birdies over my last five holes, including one on a difficult downhill chip on a par-3.


Also had a tap-in par on the most difficult par-4 on the course. Probably more pleased with that than either of the birdies.

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46. Only missed 2 fairways but had 0 GIR. Usually, the greens are very fast, but seemed slow. After watching guys putt at Muirfield Village all week, maybe my brain was on the wrong gear.
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45 - 49 / 94 on the home course this weekend. Just kind of an up and down kind of day, didn't hit it particularly well off the tee, but my recovery and approach shots were decent. Short game was OK as well but my putting was pretty brutal all afternoon. Nicest part of the day was I didn't get out until 4:30p and there was no one ahead of me or behind me the whole round. Got all 18 in as a single in under 3 hours, it was awesome.
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51-39 90. After last weekend's 51-40 91. Really don't know what is going on. Practice swings are great but I'm choking when I get over the ball. I've never been in a funk this bad. Hcap 9.8, about to be double digits for the 1st time since '07. Panicked. Think I finally need a lesson.

Thanks for listening, just needed to get it off my chest.
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I shot an absolutely horrible 95 yesterday. Out in 51 including 25 putts. The greens are quickening up as the weather improves, I badly misjudged the pace on the first couple of holes and then went completely to pieces, getting tentative, leaving the approach putts short and then missing three- and four-footers right, left and centre. It was atrocious, I was hitting the ball quite well but couldn't get the ball in the hole. 

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40 this morning from 3408 which is a bit long probably for me.  Played...okay.  Shanked it twice.

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