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81 on a local course, 6412 tees....


ok - having trouble now with the short up and downs, I need to convert more of them.

Also struggled straightening out my drive.  Last game and the range yesterday had it really under control, today......not as nice.

Even short approaches leaking out right a little.


Got this game out of my system.  Hopefully return to form tomorrow.  We have a friendly tourny of 36 holes at a more difficult course (weather permitting)

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40  (+5)


Short game was horrendous. 

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87 on a par 70 with 40 putts :)

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49-45 94. Was looking to follow up my last round (43) and shoot in the 80's, but my short game had other plans. Hit most of my pitch shots short of the green and sank one miraculous putt, but the others were awful. Tee shots and iron shots were nice though.

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97 and couldn't be more pissed off. Had the two-way miss working and hit 4 balls out of the course. 2 onto roads, 2 into woods.  3 more into water.  7 penalties in all.  I'm normally pretty calm when things go badly, but I kind of lost it today.  ...I need to get back out there soon.  Nasty taste left after this round.

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Played 36 holes on an out of town course with 3 buddies. Shot 80 and 81. Both rounds I had a double and a triple due to losing 4 drives right and OB. Putting was not real sharp either with a couple of 3 putts each round.
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96 (+26)


First round at my new home course. Just didn't play well really. Not knowing the course did not help at all, probably counts for 5 or more shots. Had 4 holes at triple bogey or worse which really did the damage. 


On a positive note, the greens where in fantastic condition. Much better than at the course i used to play so looking forward to playing more

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83, backs 6513, 71.2, 130 per the card. Although they got rid of their tips so 5 or 6 holes the box was as far back as it could go so probably played longer. 9 GIRs. 1 birdie. 32 putts. Need the birdie putts to start dropping so I can get to low single digits. Hopefully soon.
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88 at a new course. 40-48....2 birdies and plenty of triples. Next time I'll have a better idea on where to hit my drives and how far to hit my tee shot. Lots of unforeseen trouble off the tee, but still a great course.
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84 – done in by a pair of 7s.

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91 on a nice local course The Meadows at Mystic Lake.  Horrible first 9, 2nd 9 about normal, but damage was done.


Actually, we played 36, 18 holes of stroke play as noted (that was straight up, but we were combined into team of 2 for total strokes).  Tthe 2nd 18 played 9 holes of 2 man scrambles with combining 2 teams - so the 4 people were a total team, Did GREAT.  then 8 holes of 4 man scrambles and did great.  Last hole was a par 5 and we played 4 man alternating shots.  We played in perfectly in regulation - I had the tee, and the 2nd putt.  Combined after 18 was under par.  Pretty much every hole we used a couple of my shots and I was one of the two higher handicap players on it so that was unexpected.  A handful of holes we used every shot of mine.


though started with about the worse 9 of the season, the last 27 holes worth of hitting made up for it.

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Driven off the course after nine by a thunderstorm. Pity, because I can't remember hitting the ball any better, and was only six over at that point - three ahead of the handicap. Bodes well for tomorrow's competition.
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43/46=89 at Pebble Creek
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Same old unrated course. +6 on the back with 6 bogeys. Even on the front with one bogey and one birdie. Played as a par 70 today so a 76.

The back nine was "open" (so to speak) for the first time this year but the greens were pretty much un-puttable and controling chips onto them was about as difficult. Worst thing was that every green was completely different from the one before.

Front nine greens are a little better but still slow, bumpy, and very, very wet. Since my game leans on putting to bail me out and hitting it close isn't exactly my forte the greens are killing me. The really good ball strikers are having an easier time than I am (but still not exactly lighting it up).

I hadn't hit a ball all week and it showed on the back nine, which we played first. I'm having distance control issues with short clubs since changing my swing and that was the main detriment.

Second biggest issue is over-drawing or hooking what should be easy shots.

Third biggest issue is that I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to hit my driver with a positive AOA without hooking it or blocking it right.

With the other clubs and a negative AOA I'm fairly close to playing some decent golf (if I would make some time to play more) but I'm not close at all with the driver. About the best I can hope for right now is to get something that's playable with an occasional good one.

If I am going to play golf I am going to either have to play more or learn to accept crappy play.
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36 on a tough par 34. Feels good when I have not been able to put any decent numbers up lately. The best part though was getting to play with my son.
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90, 6622, 72.2, 136. Tough course bunkers everywhere not that they caused my scored because I play well from bunkers. 2 triples, 3 doubles. Swing just never got fluid all day. Only birdie was on a 590 yard par 5. Go figure.
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86, 40 on the front and 46 on the back. I was feeling very tired due to playing 45 holes 2 days ago. I am too old for that. Trying to rest this evening as 4 of us are going to an out of town course tomorrow.
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81 on a fairly easy par 71, 5,900 yards. 40 + 41. 7/13 fairways, 27 putts, aaaannnnddd only 3/18 GIR :loco:

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