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A horrific 53/54, 107 at the home course yesterday. By far, my worst round of the season and it felt like I had never hit a club before. Only thing I can figure is I had a lesson the day before and we were working on some new things so maybe I just had too many thoughts going on in my head. Either way, felt like I took a real step backwards yesterday.
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Shot a 73 on a Par 71 layout yesterday.  Was at even until I spun one off the green and into the drink on 17.  I don't have a handicap, though I'd say it would likely be in the high teens prior to yesterday's round.  Four previous rounds were all in the 91-95 range, and I hadn't broken 80 since June 2012.


I'd been having a terrible time for years with pulls and pull hooks, and gone down a slew of roads to alleviate the problem.  After pull-hooking my opening tee shot (and scrambling for par), I went to the second tee with the thought of getting to "pitch elbow" on the downswing.  I'm not even sure why I thought of it to be honest.  I was so hung up on getting in the correct backswing positions for the longest time, I figured I would just mentally focus on the downswing and impact zone.  For the first time in forever, I hit a long pure power fade.  I carried that thought throughout the round and I struck it more crisply with my woods and irons than I probably have in the last 15 years. Power fade with the woods and a penetrating baby draw with the irons.  Didn't focus much on the backswing at all, other than the thought of getting to a nice spot in which to slot the club to pitch elbow on the downswing.  And once I got into the slot, I just threw my right hand and left side at the ball with everything I had. Felt great to be able to fully release like that without the fear of hooking the ball.


Really hoping this is more than a one day fix, as I had almost given up on ever playing good golf again.

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35 on a 33


not as good as it sounds, this is a super easy course and I left a lot of opportunities on the course (missed short putts) but they were balanced by about an equal number of really good pitches that let me save par from bad approach shots


I should probably stop using scores from these short 9 courses in my handicap calcs, I'm likely showing something better than is reasonable for my level of mediocrity.


On the other hand, it should be about 10 more rounds before some of the end of last year's good scores start to fall off and some of the crappy scores show up anyway.  It's pretty self correcting either way I suspect.

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39 (+3)


All I can say is, WHERE THE F WAS THIS SUNDAY!!!! 

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82.  Much, much better!


But I really didn't play that much better than the last time out when I scored a 97.  The difference?  I was back at my nice, forgiving home course.  :)  Only 1 penalty instead of 7. My (second) putts were sinking instead of lipping out. 


...I need to play a greater variety of courses...

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Scheduled a last minute tee time and barely got there in time.  Didn't clean my clubs from my last round plus a trip to the range so they were all cruddy and forgot I ran out of real balls and had to play random junk/found balls all day.  Between rushing and being totally unprepared I just never got into a groove and played like ass all day--  +30 with 3 pars, 131 slope.

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42 for a quick nine on the front of my local muni course. Thought I was playing a links course with all the weather changes throughout the round (cold, wet for the first few holes, to hot and humid for the middle, to cool and breezy for the closing holes). My game wasn't too bad though and I made most fairways and good contact all day long.

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82 today, should have been 81 but a stupid black fly flew in my eye on my return swing causing a big yank on a 60 yard pitch into 18.

The greens are still horrible and half dirt and half grass.
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Much better this morning.


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Whitetail Crossing, beautiful prairie links course. 5883 yds, 68.6/123. Extremely harsh conditions today, very windy, showers and cold. Was a fitting day for a links course, played well off the tee and putting was dead on. Few bogeys were the result of my approach shots being taken away by wind. Scored an 87 but feel under better conditions i can score in the low 80's.

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Tried another new course, pencil fell off the cart after the second hole so not sure of my score.  Couple pars and a birdie, 133 slope.

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78 on my home course yesterday. I still had 2 penalty strokes, two balls in the water on the par fives.
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at 3 over, after 2 holes due to a major cluster, I scrambled back and ground out a 39 for 9 holes- I felt pretty good about the half round

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Shorter course. About 6200 yards (par 71). Shot 38+38=76 with a triple bogey on hole 7. Was hitting the ball nicely again. Just a few bad misses cost me some strokes.
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I live out in California and got a chance to head out on Friday the6th



Played San Jose Municipal:


Front 9: hit 6 out of 9 fairways and 2 pars for a 46


Back 9: hit 7 out of 9 fairways longest drive 280+ 1 par for a 43


Short game was ruff need to work about 60 yds and closer putting is ok



6/1 played Napa Valley Country Club:


Played like S_ _ _  nothing to brag about


Course is beautiful scene is great from all angles  wish i played better



Memorial Day played Willow park:


Front 9: played ok hit 5 out of 9 fairways longest drive 290+


Back 9: shot  a little better 7 out of 9 fairways drives are on hit  short game needs work

 putting is ok

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Shot a 91 at a tough 6400 yard par 72 today. Was just going to go the range, but made some adjustments and starting hitting straight monster shots with the driver so decided to play. All was well until ~14th hole, I pushed or sliced my last 3 drives of the day. Fell apart on last few holes.

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6850 yds 71.8/136
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+3 39

took an 8 on a par 5, two balls in a lateral.
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