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Had one of my best rounds in about a year this morning. A -2 70. Haven't been playing as much as when I first retired in 2007. But enjoying it more when I play just a couple of times a week. Easier to stay focused. So a new concept.....play less and shoot better scores. ;)
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87.  10 strokes better than the last time I played that course.  ...really tricky place for me -- not too long, but very narrow (at times), and tiny little greens.  87 is a good score for me there.

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78 today at my home course. This is ten shots better than yesterday. Not real sure what is going on with these big swings in scores.
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Played awful yesterday. 93 on a course i havent played before. Course was in fantastic condition, just could hot anything other than the driver. Never putted on bentgrass before, so i misread the speeds on a ton of putts. missed 6 or 7 par saves, only hit like 3 greens and took a 10 on the last hole. Man thats a round to forget about...
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bad round again - back nine 9 holes 45.  some pars, but just some poor shots add up fast.  handicap will be rising - playing bi-polar - 77, 82, 91, 35, and now this 45.  I'm all over the place.


like last time, I went and played a few more before dark.  1, 2, 3, 9  bogie, par, par, par.....that's more like like it - even the bogie took 2 bad shots to avoid par.....  That hole 9 is a goofy long par 4 (mediocre drive in fairway, then a great 2h 230 yards on the green, about a 60 foot putt to tap in distance - have to say, the 2h and the long putt were the best shots of the day)


either way, had a good time

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42 last evening with 19 putts, 7/7 fairways and 5/9 GIR.  I missed my first eagle of the year by two inches, but I am blaming the awfully aerated greens.  First hole, 246 yards..... hit a perfect draw with the three wood stopping about 18 feet from the pin.  Had the perfect line with a left to right break, ball tracking right for the cup and then it hit the wall.... Well, not really a wall, a stupid aeration hole that had no sand fill in it!!  I left the hole a bit angry, but used the drive as a high note to keep my spirits up for the rest of the round.


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Another one of those inconsistent rounds, 86, 46-40. The front nine is the easier of the two, but not when you hit 2 tee shots OB, ended up with triple on each one of those holes. I am hitting everything on the toe and losing a bunch go distance.
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Originally Posted by Lihu View Post

Yesterday evening: San Dimas Canyon Blues. 71.7/126 (6400 yards) 98.

San Dimas Canyon Blues: 71.7/126 (6400) yards played 12 holes. Shot 44 front 9, then par, birdie, bogie.

Took my new Cobra Bio Cell driver for a spin on the course. It hits farther than my old driver with a whole lot less effort. 12 degree loft setting. Drives were high and above trouble. I hit one ball OB when I over hit a dogleg, but once I got used to it I was able to cut doglegs over trees.

Two birdies out of 12 holes. My son recounted every stroke. Twice. One was a really short 452 yard par 5, that I cut over the trees on the drive. Another on a medium length 377 yard par 4 on the back 9.

State of mind makes a huge difference. 5 strokes per 9, anyway. My iron play was still crappy, but I managed to roll in a few GIR.

Forgot to mention my son shot 42, par, par, par on the same holes.
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+24 with a few pars, 131 slope.  Front 9 was exceptionally ugly (+15), couldn't get a handle on the proper putting speed (lipped out 3 or 4 times) and lost a few balls by being greedy.  Straightened things out somewhat on the back 9 (+9) where I made several putts in the 8-15 foot range and all my pars.

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I got 34 stableford points which was like, C- grade for effort.


I got zero points from as many as 8 holes, which was quite disastrous really. Topped irons, topped drives, thinned irons, duffed wedges, a couple OB balls (rough extremely penalizing)


Wind was mostly strong wind against our shots to be honest. Other times it was fast-changing strong crosswinds.


But I still got the 34 stableford points from the 12 other holes, including doing well on the most difficult holes. I made like 5 bogies and 1 par !!!


Other causes for topped shots and thinned shots include downhill and uphill lies especially in sand shots. And "ball beneath feet" lies in fairway and rough. There were even a couple of "buried deep in rough" lies.


Ya gotta love those buried in deep, lies in the rough...

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Shot 84 in the dogfight group this morning. Would've easily broken 80 if not for some serious mental lapses. My ball striking was on point and I let a few mistakes mentally beat me.


Shot 40-44; the back nine continues to be a dumpster fire. I get so anxious about shooting well that it all goes out the window. Example: I hit a 280 yard drive and was left with 100 yards to the pin, and took a six. Next hole, perfect tee shot again, 7 iron to 20 feet, two putt par. It's really frustrating.  

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Went round in 93, Two 8's and a 6 on a par 3 really let me down


Just wondering is scoring between 93-98 ok for someone who has been playing seriously for 18 months or should I be getting lower scores?

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Same old song, different verse. Took 3/4 of the round to figure out how to play.

+6 on the back nine (which we played first) and +1 on the front nine.

Each green is totally different from the others and judging the reaction of chips and pitches and putting are both pretty tough.

Not a good combination when missing a lot of greens.
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Played Boulder Creek today started off with a birdie and 2nd hole +3. Wasted birdie settled down and finished with 81 on a par 65 .

Total 4 pars 2 birdies best was. Par 5 on the

green in three putted in for birdie

Had a eagle op swept the putt the wrong way
All in all great day with Dad
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Stopped in for a quick nine as I was driving past the course today, shot a 41.  Only 2/7 on fairways today, was missing right for some reason.  The second shots were my saving grace as I hit some fantastic shots out of the rough, and only a couple of three putts, even though the aerated greens are still pretty bad.

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87 at Remington Golf Club in Kissimee, FL

I have a 24 man Buddy Trip that was 2 Courses, 4 Days, 6 Rounds & 24 guys.

The rain dampened some of our play, but otherwise very successful trip.
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Shot 72.

36/36 with 4 birdies 4 bogeys and 10 pars. 7120 yds 73.6/128

My ball striking has been solid and I seemed to make big putts with the Scotty, but missed a couple too to put me in red numbers.
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46, front of Miami Shore GC (Troy, OH).


Not too bad for my standards. As my swing is straightening out, I'm working on my alignment which had been a compensation for my wicked slice. One funny thing is that a rather odd fellow insisted I borrow his sand wedge a few weeks back. I've tried to meet him twice in two weeks to return it and the guy no-showed. I'm started to get pretty comfortable with it and made some really nice shots yesterday.

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