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73--- 74.1/135 June 9- First tournament of summer- Twin Bridges Golf Club, Danville IN

72--- 71.0/133 June 10- Practice for Regionals- TBGC, Danville, IN

77--- 73.0/129 June 11- Practice for Regionals- Country Oaks Country Club, Montgomery, IN

83--- 73.0/129 June 12- Regionals- COCC, Montgomery, IN (LOL, don't really know what happened here)

71--- 71.0/133 June 13- Casual Round with a friend- TBGC, Danville IN

74--- 68.9/121 June 15- Sunday morning competitive (3 players, best 2 scores count)- Turkey Run Golf Club, Waveland, IN

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2014 Buddy Trip in Kissiimee with 24 guys.

Remington GC: 91
Kissimee Bay GC: 90
Remington GC: 87
Remington GC: 91
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44/49, 93 at the home course yesterday. Very inconsistent off the tee, oddly enough I was hitting my driver much better then 3W off the tee for the most part but, then again, I've been practicing a lot more with it on the range lately.
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My son and I went to the par 3 course. He had a legitimate par on one of the holes (he's 8)! I shot 33 (+6) which I'm really happy about. If I can just start making semi decent swings with my driver or 3 wood I'll be comfortable hitting the big boy course instead of the par 3.

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Well probably the worst driving and putting round off my life.

I was hooking it off the tee, and could not hole a single putt.

Even missed one from a feet. Irons where decent managed to 

make some pars after forced to layup after a bad drive to the left.

after 18 holes i had hit the bal 79 times so not bad after so much trouble.

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38-46 on 72.3/128 6950. Played better than my score, the bad holes were bad luck more than anything.
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78---71/130 June 16- HCGT Tournament, West Chase Golf Club, Brownsburg,IN

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45 (+9)


No clue WTF is going on with all this. Just frustrating the hell out of me. 

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46 - 46 at Gem City from black tees (Ruby are pro) the rough was thick.
Hit some really good shots.
Hot some really bad shots.
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82, 41/41, 6334, 69.0, 115. Real disappointed in this round. 9 girs and only 2 birdies. 36 putts including four 3 putts. Wasn't putting bad the ball just wasn't going in the hole. I should have crushed this course.
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86 with a pair of 7s and three 6s – all doubles or worse. The !@#$%^& blowup holes are killing me!


On the positive side, it was a skins game and I took two KPs (on one of which I drained the putt to also capture a skin). Paid $10 to get in and walked away with $35.

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90 on the nose, course I'd never seen before. Low CR/SR though (68.7/114) so it's not as impressive as it sounds. Still a fun day with some friends.
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+0 with 3 bogies, 3 birdies and 3 pars

Par 34 executive course

First time ever for me, hope not the last!
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greetings one and all,


Yesterday had the round from H**l, shot a 49-50 on a par 60!!!!  Lost 6 balls,took a ten on one hole (felt like I was staring in Tin cup)


Had good striking of the ball just lots of O.Bs.  Well that round is over with and on to tomorrow.  I sure we all have one of those days.



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I just got back into playing after not having played at all (save for an outing while at the beach) in 2013. I played a par 3 short course with my 6 year old on Saturday, which was simply amazing to watch. He had a great time and surprised me with how well he did (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bgv2lOugP9w).

I then got out to my new home course and played 9 holes on Sunday and yesterday after work.

Sunday: 35.3 / 137 - 53
Monday: 33.8 / 126 - 51

Wasn't overly concerned with the scores, had a great time on the course. I had two pars yesterday and a lot of good shots. I had two blow up holes, otherwise I would have shot what I consistently did back in 2012. Fun times all around.
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Played another course for the first time and got pretty well handled, +27, 3 pars, 135 slope.  Between experimenting with my swing, hitting into blind spots, and generally being unfamiliar with the course I ended up losing quite a few balls.  Also couldn't 1 putt anything outside of a few feet all day.  I did hit some really nice drives though which was a relief.


The weather was very nice and the course had absolutely incredible scenery.  I checked the website (http://arrowheadcolorado.com/) before I went there and it looked like it might be a neat place but once I got to playing I realized the website doesn't even come close to doing it justice.  It's like Superman's palace except with these huge red rocks sticking up everywhere.

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81 at Sandpines on the Oregon coast. Rees Jones course. Cart is necessary cuz of the distance between greens and the next tee box. Good driving, good irons, ok putting, but chipping over bunkers to tight pins isn't my forte. Guess maybe I'm disillusioned about my iron play. Crap.
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Played just the back 9 at my home club and shot 42.

I have never managed to break 90 there over 18 holes. so hoping if I take this form into the weekend comp then I have great chance of finally doing it.
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