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81.  And it felt even better than that because I had a stretch of 7 pars in a row, and another stretch of 5 holes under par.   (Just don't ask me about 1, 9, 17, and 18.)

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82 - 45/37 at Cotton Fields. 


It was a frustrating front nine. I played with a good friend of mine and instead of focusing I let my guard down and just shit the bed for the first two holes: bogey, triple bogey. I got it together until I quadruple-bogeyed the ninth. 


Had two birdies on the back nine, with a bad three-putt par on a par five. Christ. 


Fun round. Easy tee-to-green, super tough greens.

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First 18: 82 with two doubles and a three-putt.
Next 18: 79 with no doubles and two three-putts.

I actually hit two putts "fat." Who does that?!?!?
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86  front 45  back 41  rate 72.6  slope 135

0 birdies :loco:

7 pars

8 bogeys

3 D bogeys :censored:


putts 38

FWY 6/14

GIR 9/18



Just too many things still going wrong, poor putting with 4 three putts hurt very badly and a lost ball on the easiest hole caused a double where it's the least expected, one positive was I did settle down on the back nine which is 2-3 strokes more difficult and played the last 7 holes at only 2 over and 3 of the toughest holes are IMO  so some good there. I'm simply not playing very well at all and I think an upward click in index to over 6 may in fact happen and to be honest not that un welcome right now I need the strokes so why not. I was playing with a good friend and we were talking about a course we used to play quite often that was much easier and how we would probably enjoy the round a little more but unfortunately they let it go to crap.

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90. My game's going down the drain...
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33 on a short par 29 ---one birdie, six pars, one bogie and one other....

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43 last night. Was moving along just fine until the last hole. Two balls in the hazard and a triple to finish. But I played all the way back, front side is 3659 so not too shabby. Got caught by another single at 3. This guy could kill the ball. The sound of the ball taking flight was something else. I'm pretty long but this guy was 20-40 yards past me on every hole. But he was a terrible golfer. I swear he left at least three putts some fifteen feet short on a couple greens.
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Golf is a crazy game. I was 14 over after 13 before i felt sick and went to eat. Rested up, got hydrated, played the front 9 over and shot a 38, my lowest 9 hole score ever. Finally got my swing on path and the release correct. After that i felt like a tour player. Hit my first shot on a 170 yd par 3 a little off but on the green. Hit two more as practice shots and put em about 2 feet apart 3 feet from the hole. What a day.
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Brookside course 2 blues front 9 68.9/122 shot 42. I had a triple on a short par 4.

My son shot 41 with 2 doubles.

My ballstriking was awful. I rolled many, every par was an up/down. Drives went wild. My son had good iron play.
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+19 with 6 pars, 131 slope.  Hit some nice drives and a few nice irons, was really cool to have things come together on the par holes.  One triple and 5 doubles mostly from lost balls which was annoying, I really need to cut down on that.  Overall a big improvement from the last couple times I played this course.

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41 7 pars a triple and a double, on the easiest holes.

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83, 42/41, 6484, 70.9, 133. 1 triple from 80 yards out(sh*nked a wedge smh), 1 double, 2 birdies. Overall disappointed with the score. 34 putts got me. Missed 3 real short putts on the front. Was going through swing change so I guess it could be worse.
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82 front 44 back 38 par 72 rate 73.4 slope 139 indexed 7.0


1 birdie

8 pars

7 bogeys

2 doubles :censored:


9/14 Frwys

8/18 GIR

33 putts


Blew an opportunity to shoot a low round with a bad front 9 and it's the easier 9 by at least 2-3. still pleased with the way I finished though because breaking 40 on the back nine is a real accomplishment IMO and besides I won some money on that back 9 score and a skin on my 1 birdie,:-D I remember one time I had 5 birdies on the round and wound up with none. My blowup holes namely double bogies are getting less and less and when I'm playing my best they disappear for a round or two so hopefully that is around the corner just in time for club championship. Putting was more on even though I missed a 3 footer for par on the first hole and had 2 other putts wrap around the cup, I want to get my putts down to as close to 30 as possible but the greens are tough where I play so I really have to be on my game for that I think I just have to be more delicate than what I normally am and not charge the putts, drove the ball not too bad and didn't have any real out of control drives that can cause real blowups the 2 doubles were caused by my second shot wound up in a divot near the green and I couldn't get the ball up on the surface with a good enough chance for at least bogey, the second double was caused by an approach that flew the green when the wind that was in my face suddenly stopped right after I hit a PW from 115 thinking I was going against the wind, anyways it's a ski slope from the back to front of this green where the flag was and I misjudged the speed and hit it clean off the front of the green another 20 feet, anyways got back on 2 putt for double.

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Played 2nd Major of the season at my home club was going well (-4) then I just had a nightmare over 3 holes and lost my head.


9th - Took wedge from greenside down back and thinned it turning a 5 into a 7, should of just used my putter.

10th - Power hooked 2 balls from middle of fairway after a good tee shot and made a 9.

11th - Missed green on wrong side then left ball top side of green with down hill chip resulting in a 6.

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I was really pleased with my play. This was my 4th outing this year. I was effectively back on track with where I left off in 2012 until I lost my head a little on #9 and put one OB off the tee.

The first two fairways I missed were very playable, so those didn't bother me. Some of the three putts were putts I took from off the green, not really sure if I should count those as putts (I'm assuming so) but I have been. No complaints here.

My goal is to get back to my 2012 scoring before I move back a set of tees. The course is really difficult (75.4/152 from the tips), so the whites serve me well for now. I'll probably settle in to the greens (70.6/137) in a few weeks when I'm back to the low 40s regularly from the whites (67.6/126).
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Same story (becoming a pattern).


7 over on the back and 2 over on the front. Overall crap!


I can't decide if it's from lack of play, lack of motivation, lack of skill, or lack of consistent greens to putt on, but it's becoming obvious that I can't play the back nine. Two out of the last 3 weeks we played the back nine first with basically the same results. (And the front nine is considered harder).


I need to either find time to play more, go to a driving range, or quit.


My plans were to play a whole lot of golf this year to get used to the swing changes I made last winter but that certainly hasn't happened. I was also going to keep up with scores from rated courses to keep track of the handicap I started last year (just for me). I haven't played any so that hasn't worked out either.

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52-54-106 at Shelby Oaks GC (Sidney, OH)




Did myself no favors by not printing directions and getting lost. Made the tee time but was too late for a proper warm up. Basically, I just had too many bad mishits to give myself a chance.

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41 on the front, lots of bad golf would have been higher if not for birdies on both par 5's. Started the back but stopped at 12. Kind of funny on 10, I got applause from people sitting on their patio watching the course. 442 yard par 4. Hit a good drive that left 156 to center, kind of in between clubs but pin was front so I hit a hard 9i to 12 feet. Got some claps and a nice shot from the folks sitting out. Made the birdie putt and they cheered. Everyone seemed happy yesterday.
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