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95 on Friday, 90 on Saturday and 92 today in a tournament. Same course same tees. Timberlin GC, Berlin CT. Each round is the same, lots of good holes with a bad hole or two or three each side.

I can feel myself very slowly turning into a consistent 80's shooter. My best round this season is an 83 even that featured a triple and least a couple of doubles!!
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99 TPC Michigan. Even had 2 birdies on the back 9, almost an eagle on 17.
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My first post...long time reader but just thought I would join to talk golf with you guys!

Played this morning and shot a 87 47/40 at Glenmary CC in Louisville, Kentucky. First time playing the course. Short and narrow, a good test for your ball striking. Kept the driver in the bag after loosing a ball to a major slice on the front side and carding a triple. Went with my Taylormade Burner 3 wood all day and made great drives the rest of the round. Two birdies and two pars sandwiched around 5 bogies. Lipped out two par puts on the backside or I would have shot a 38.

I learned a lot during the round since this was my first round using the overlap grip. Moved away from baseball grip that I have used all my life and had great results! Excited to be on here and to get back out on the course
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Hmm, it was an odd outing. It felt awful as I played, and somehow I didn't shoot 55+. Unusual for me, I got to the course and didn't play straight away. It was packed when I got there, so I grabbed a bucket and headed to the driving range. I can't say I had anything specific in mind I was doing, mostly just swinging and loosening up. I went back to the clubhouse, hung out for a little bit, and once it appeared the 1st hole cleared up, I headed out for 9. I caught a foursome on the 2nd (you can't really see one hole from the next on my home course) and it really set my pace for the rest of the round. They didn't wave me up (playing solo) to play through, and I didn't push the issue either. I did my best to hang back, take my time, and not make them feel rushed. In the end, it affected me negatively. I just couldn't find a pace. That, with my poor putting and 3 penalties, and I end up with a 50.

Of course, I ended with one of the better shots of my life. On #9, I striped a 5W down the fairway. Getting to my ball, in my mind I'm just thinking "lets finish with a solid approach". I pull my 9i and push it 20 yards to the right, into the rough behind/beside the green (http://instagram.com/p/pj2thMIKqs/). All I can think is "of course". I see the line I need to hit with my wedge, take a few swings, and give it a go. The ball drops at the top of the ridge I was aiming for, trickles down the slope to the left, picks up speed, and finds the hole for a birdie. Go figure I'd end my round with a chip-in birdie when I 3-putted nearly every other hole. I love this game. :)
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Well enough to beat @saevel25 in a nassau at Kahkwa.


Yesterday, pretty darn well at Cranberry Highlands.

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Friday I was in a car accident and rear ended. About 5-10 mph but I have a sore neck and sore back. I wanted see how it affected my golf.

So I played today (Sunday) and had a strange round. Took a couple of Advil. Hit a small bucket before hand. Felt a little stiff.

Here are my stats Shot 74, 6656 yds / 71.5 / 123.
Front 9 - 1 / 7 fairways, 4 GIR, 4 bunkers, 12 putts, shot 35
Back 9 - 6 / 7 fairways, 6 GIR, 0 bunkers,18 putts, shot 39.

So I've come to the conclusion that it's better to miss fairways, drive it in bunkers and miss greens. :)

Actually, when I was missing the fairways, it was either in a bunker or first cut. Only one drive outside the cart path and I still parred that one. The problem on the back nine was the heat. Mid 90's with high humidity in central Florida. I'm cooked. Bogeyed 2 of last 3.
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Even front side 36. Got up and down 7 damn times, just 11 putts. I killed today. Three birdies yesterday wasn't a bad primer. I needed it. Not enough time to play 18, steaks and potatoes waiting.
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Not enough good shots to beat @iacas today in Nassau :surrender:


Great course though, greens were just brutal. Some of those pin placements were just cruel!!! Fun day though! 

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101 and 102 36 holes played. For some reason the front 9 at this course just eats me up every time. I shoot mid 40's on the back pretty regularly and 50's on the front regularly. I just can't figure it out.


My fairways and greens were a bit better but I 3 putted a lot dropping shots. The 8 on 1 was an ob off the tee, didn't warm up before starting so was pretty predictable. 8 on 3 was another ob off the tee, then I screwed 2 chips because the guys I got joined up with started talking both times. I didn't want to blow up at them because they did it to each other the whole time so it seemed like it wasn't something they even thought about. 8 on 4 was a topped drive, 2nd shot wasn't too bad, pulled 3rd and the ball was hanging on the lip of a bunker so I chunked the chip into an adjacent bunker. It had rained recently so the bunkers were even worse than normal. 5th shot out of sand barely made it out. Chipped on the green and 2 putted. That 10 on 8 was an ob off the tee and a ball in the water...  Rest of the front wasn't very eventful. Just a missed opportunity on 9 for par because of another 3 putt. Back 9 I was pretty steady, just played standard bogey golf with one more missed opportunity for par by 3 putting. Phone was about dead after the first 9 so I wasn't able to keep the score on golflogix for it. The main problem on the 2nd set of 18 was more just bad putting, I think I 3 putted about 1/2 the time easily. I did focus on just hitting greens today instead of going for the flag, which did seem to help a big except I think that was part of why I 3 putted more because I tended to be further from the flag than I'm used to.


Pretty sickening that 4 holes = 16 over.

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Played 9 at a course that usually gives me trouble and shot a 45 which I was thrilled with. Not fantastic off the tee, but stayed out of trouble for the most part. 4 GIR's which, for me, was awesome. Only real dissappointment was the one triple I took, knocked an 8i straight into the water.
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Great day on Friday - really feeling it though with a couple slow groups had to play 10-17, 1-9, then finish on 18 (slow 3 some on 1 so I started on the back nine, then caught a REALLY slow 4 some on 15 - no biggie, they were having fun and I was driving so moving about the course isn't a big deal there.)  Again, a fairly easy course....


A couple penalties including losing my tee shot on 18 (which actually was hit to a place that I'd normally say would be ideal and easy to find....I was flabbergasted).  Cut the water too close on 11 and paid the price, but still happy with that tee shot and shot, just slight pull.

Highlights - made the green on my tee shot on #3 and had a great approach on 15 (132 to a short pin placement - took my 120 club and put it to tap in distance ball mark 10 feet short and ball 3 feet past right in line with the cup) and hit a beautiful sand shot from over 50 feet away on 8 to the elevated tier lucky shot - even a recovery on 4 from the wrong fairway where I hit my 3 wood a ridiculous length over the trees and mounds (I couldn't find it at my normal 3 wood length of about 250.....60 yards farther I find it on the edge of the green.....must have been a VERY lucky bounce as I'm not that long)

If I could have stayed tight on the last half of the front nine with my approaches this would have been a real breakthrough round.


tried a few times when between clubs to take the shorter club and lean on it a bit and got much better results than my habit of taking the longer club....but I was hitting longer than usual that day too....



It's a fantastic course and in great shape, but the people that play there are terrible at fixing ball marks.  It's only end of June, but I might be playing at other courses now as I fixed 6 or 7 ball marks on every single green this time.  The previous time the whole place was pristine - wish it would stay like that.

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This has been my worst scoring season in over 20 years. I had a lesson a couple of weeks ago and it finally is starting to kick in and had a decent ball striking round. The putter failed me as I 3-putted four times and I had one sloppy double bogey as well. But I walked off the course happy about things for the first time in a while, as my course handicap has gone from 10 to 15 since April 1st.



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Played my local on Saturday. Shot a very consistent 74. Everything was working. Tried a change to my driver swing it worked great! amazing how much easier it is when you are in the fairway. Burned the edges on 6 holes and lipped out on 3 birdie putts. If a few of those would have fell it would have been a new low round for me. :beer:

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80 (39-41) at Twin Brooks Country Club, Watchung NJ, Sunday.  Very difficult golf course and my best 18 there ever.  I've had two better scoring rounds on other courses, but given the difficulty of the courses involved, this was definitely the best round of golf I've ever played.  


I hit 12 greens in regulation and played the 6 hardest holes on the course in one under par. 31 putts, which isn't my best, but I made lots of saving par putts and hit many excellent lag putts.  Twin Brooks greens are very difficult.  


I bogeyed the final hole or would have had the magic round in the 70s.   Bogeying the last was a choke I suppose, but it really was more just poor execution on a pitch shot. Par 5....I hit a solid drive into rough but behind some trees, so I couldn't go for the green.  I hit a perfect 7 iron over the trees into the middle of the fairway, 113 from the pin (par 5).  So far so good. In retrospect, at this point maybe I should have stopped thinking so much and just hit the third shot and tried to land it on the green, but I really wanted the birdie and spent alot of time grinding on the third shot.  The greens were very hard and fast, and 18 green at TB is, like many of their greens, fairly severely sloped, back to front, AND I had just gone long on both of the previous two holes because of the hard conditions.  I certainly didn't want to bogey by three putting from above the hole.  I tried to finesse my wedge shot to land close to the front and bounce onto the green, but the I didn't execute the partial swing well, coming up about 5 yards short of the front but, importantly, hitting it a little too much to the right.  I was short sided and had to pitch over a little mound on the green, and this ultimately ended up causing the bogey.  I hit the pitch with what I thought was perfect weight and hit it on line, but having to carry the little mound made it run out too far, and I ended up about 15-18 feet past the hole.  I gave the par putt perfect pace but it was outside of the hole all the way and never had a chance.


Oh well....there's next time.  It was a great round for me and I really felt like I was playing within my capability.  As good as the results were for me, I didn't feel like I was playing way over my head or getting lucky or anything.  I got one pretty good break on an errant shot, and two bad breaks on errant shots, so there wasn't much in the way of golf god intervention at work.  I just hit lots of solid, solid shots, and lots of not-so-bad misses.  


I love golf! 

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I played the Casablanca course this weekend in Mesquite, Nevada. http://casablancagolfclub.com/courseinfo.htm I went out as single and was placed with three "local' golfers. The locals wanted to play from the tips, so who was I to argue. Temps were right around 100*F, with little wind to speak of, with a blue bird sky. I shared a cart with one of the locals. My start was poor to say the least as I topped the ball off the first tee, which sent it all of 100 yards, if that. Being the non local of the bunch I could feel the stares, and the poor thoughts of the rest of my group. Even the starter had a disgusted look on his face. However, not one to let a bad shot effect the rest of my day, I was able to find my ball and continue on in decent fashion carding a double bogey on the first hole. As it turned out that was the only really bad miss hit I had for that round. Most of my shots were at, or above average for my current game level. I carded 1 bird, 6 pars, 10 bogey 1s, and of course the double on that first hole. With  an 83, I actually won my foursome by 4 strokes. Last place in our group was a not so ugly 92. This is my best score yet this new season, which I am quite pleased with. My shot of the day was actually a putt I made, that had two, down hill breaks in the ball's run to the hole. A little lucky there, but I was still the one that started the ball rolling. I had 30 putts. Poor club in my bag was my 5 metal wood. Just had a tough time with it. Don't know why, and really did not care, as I have hit it quite well in the past. Best club in my bag was my 7i while chipping with it. At the end of our round the "locals" and I shook hands and called it a day after a couple of beverages at the 19th hole. I apologized for the grief I may have caused on the first hole. Next week my wife and I will be down at the Avi Resort http://mojaveresortgolfclub.com/index.html. Taking a couple of golfing grand kids with us. Looking forward to the trip. 

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Played a new course (Branshaw Golf Club) today in a stewards day event, Found this course hard as there was around 14 blind tee shots which was very strange and hard to judge and often ended up playing my second shot from some thick heather. Was nice course and I played very mediocre, getting off the tee as always is my biggest trouble.

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An 84. Had four doubles and three three-putts. I was driving the ball pretty well today, but I could do NOTHING with it. I think I was mentally "not there" soon into the round. I made two doubles from 110 and 120 respectively. My bunker play is god awful at the moment. Not that I should be in a bunker from those distances, but whatever. The icing on the cake? Decided to "go for it" on a 315 yard par 4 since my round was pretty much over (this is the 17th hole). Big water left and front of elevated green, protected by huge stacked boulders, traps right center at end of fairway, and deep nasty stuff all along the right. The hole is definitely risk/reward. If I'm salvaging a good round, then it's 5 or 6 iron to gap or sandwedge distance. Anyway... as I had most of the day, I striped my drive. Lands on front of green, rolls up to 35 feet remaining to back pin. Result? 3 putted. :( Jammed the first one by 12 feet (I'd left three birdie putts dreadfully short already), pushed the birdie putt a bit right, tap in par. No excuse for a three-putt eagle on a Par 4 from that distance. Ugh!!

Oh well. We'll try it again on Thursday. Playing 36. I have to make at least a FEW putts in 36 holes, right? Right?!?!?
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Home course again today, 72.9/137, and i shot 71.  Had 13GIR and 9/14F. Not bad, but I missed 2 eagle putts short by less than an inch and a couple good birdie putts short.  Kinda annoying to hit the ball well and not get it in the hole.  I made some mistakes on the front 9 and had 5GIR to shoot 38, the back 9 went a lot better with 8GIR and a 33.  My long game is working well, I just got to get my approach shots down more.  I'm getting too much of a draw on the short irons.  Easy fix, just gotta spend time to do it.

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