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45 - 48 Oakland Hills South Course. No birdies, 4 pars and a triple that was just stupid. Chili dipped into the hazard after a blisterd a nice safe 3w. I bunkered quite a few today but had some amazing bunker shots. Almost holed out on 17 and 5 (grave bunker which is my nemesis).
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41 (+5)


5 bogeys, 4 pars. Just a BLAH round of golf. 

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Stone Canon Golf Club in MO........73.2CR 141slope...par72


Sat: 38-40=78...................3.8 DIFF

Fairways 7/13




Birdies 2

Played well, but bogeyed 3 out of 4 coming to the house left an awfully sour aftertaste.


Sun: 37-41=78

Fairways 11/13



Penalties 1

Birdies 2

Once again, the inward nine kicked my butt.  It's a difficult nine, but I need to figure out how not to ruin what could be a good round at the end. 


Mon: 38-40=78

Fairways 5/13


Putts 35

2 penalties

2 birdies

...........................3 three-putts!  I didn't putt poorly, but I left myself with some very difficult lags.......

I played well to card three 78's all in very different ways.....but I need to find a way to finish a round.  I seem to hold it together well for awhile, but can never get to the house.  The back nine has my number...it's a brute.  there are too many tough holes not to have a blowup or 2 coming to the house.  I was in position to post a couple of 75's, but it wasn't meant to be!!

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6591 Yards, 71.8/134 - Score: 87


Terrible approach shots today. Chipping greenside or in the bunkers make it hard to get birdies and par's :D

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I shot a 50 today over 9 holes after getting out of my clinical rotation (essentially an internship) at the hospital. 


Par 35, 68.2/125


Since I just started playing in August I'm pretty satisfied with this. Great shots off the tee, decent approach shots, horrible putting. Like I said, I'm happy with it though.

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Sat: CR 72.9 Par 71 Slope 124 - Shot 72. 37/35. Fairways and GIR's all day. A good up and down out of bunker for par, couple good chips to save par. 3 birdies and 4 bogeys (which were really lazy at that). Overall quite happy.


Sun: CR 74 Par 72 Slope 135 - Shot 82 41/41. This was a tough course. Brilliant. Played some good holes, found trouble on a few too many. Felt like i only played slightly worse than the day before and it was a 10 shot difference..

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86 on a par 70 for a net 68. A couple of birdies, some nice shots, a couple of disasters.

Now the bad news. My opponent, who plays off 7 and was giving me eleven shots, had a gross 71 for a net 64. That's the end of the club knockout competition for this year. Sheesh.
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89 with six doubles. I just cannot avoid the blowup holes and it's my course management that's killing me.

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41 (+5)



19 putts (ARGH!!!!)

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77. 11 GIR's and 3 fringes. Hit the ball nicely today, but made no birdies. a4_sad.gif
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Originally Posted by iPutt View Post

(6/18/12) I really need to start thinking of a way to make this post shorter, but for now, another best! Shot an 80 today at Bethpage Blue, so close to the 70's!! But still I played great today and was able to beat out my last best by a whole 6 strokes. An even breakdown of 40 on both nines, consistency was the name of the game today. I drove the ball somewhat average, but I kept it in play (most of the time, more on that later) and my irons were really great today. I hit a lot of shots that were 3/4 shots that I was able to flight really close to the hole. My short game was also on fire today. I almost chipped in for birdie from the rough on 1 (settled for par), and then did in fact chip in for birdie on the 4th (after thinking i screwed up the hole after not reaching the green in two (or three) after a terrific drive. My long irons and hybrids today were also great and I really only had one bad hole, a double bogey on 9 (my only hole worse than bogey). In terms of putting, I didn't really make any long ones, but I only had 32 putts on the day (which is low for me) and I was able to leave myself with many 2-3 foot par putts (drained all of these) and only had one 3-putt which included a putt from the rough. One game changing stretch today was after losing a ball on the par five 12th, I was able to put my provisional onto the green in two within 15 feet, and even after missing the par (eagle*) putt, I was able to salvage bogey (birdie*). Then after that, I was able to get up and down from a green-side bunker about 40 yards from the hole. Opened up a pitching wedge and put it to about four feet. So after 15 holes, sitting at 8 over for the day, I was determined to make this a great score and was able to finish birdie-bogey-par for a tidy 80. Felt great to play so well today, but I know that I still left shots out there and want to break into the 70's so bad! Still a lot of summer left though, and can't wait to get back out there.


(6/26/14) It may have taken two whole years to set another career best, but I finally broke down the wall and shot 77 today! It's funny to look back on my previous posts in this thread and realize just how much better I've gotten over the past few years. I may not have scored so well over this stretch, but my 77 today is miles better than the 80 I shot two years ago, even if it's only a 3 shot difference. In retrospect, I was probably somewhat lucky to shoot that 80 with how I was hitting, but today's score definitely could have been much lower. Today was a clinic of how to play golf and just get the ball in the hole. Even though I probably didn't hit the ball as well as I could have (my ball striking is still night and day better than it's ever been), my short game was a clinic. 28 putts and 6/8 on up and downs. I had a moment of clarity today on the 15th hole where I missed the green, but I truly didn't feel worried because I was confident enough that I could make an easy up and down for par, which I did. Combine this with 8 greens in regulation and you have a recipe for a very good score. The funny thing about today's round was that there were very few outstanding shots. I had a couple close-ish looks at birdie on some par 3's and was able to birdie the 18th, which was huge, but overall, if it wasn't for my nerves, it would have been a relatively boring round of golf. I just kept putting the ball in play somewhere, getting close to the hole, and then making some putts. But man was I nervous. I probably could have choked this round away after drawing an unplayable lie on the 13th hole where I would go on to make triple, or on the 16th hole where I made a mess from within 70 yards and ended up with a double, but both times I rebounded on the next hole with a par, and was even able to drive the point home with that nice birdie on 18. In total, it comes to 1 triple, 1 double, 2 bogeys, 13 pars, and 1 birdie. I hope that this is a sign of things to come, and if anything this gets the 70's monkey off my back and will give me confidence to go low again soon.

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56 - 35.3 / 137

First time playing in the club's Thursday evening league, also playing back a set of tees from what I'm used to. While I played really poorly, the penalties were mostly on my second shots (go figure), I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed playing in the league and while I was nervous going into it that I'd be so much worse than everyone else, I was surprised that I wasn't that far off. Some of the guys were really good but there were also guys in the high 40s / low-mid 50s.

Don't let the distances fool you, this course is tough. I feel like as I progress and get better here, I can play as well anywhere (anywhere I can play, at least) else. Looking forward to next Thursday night. :)
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+ 1 37 from white tees. Moved up just see if it would make a difference. It did poor shots didn't sting as much. Couple holes were short enough that 3w 50 wedge got it done for easy pars. Unfortunately I missed 2 greens and despite really good chips I missed 2 putts to save par, but I made a birdie on the first so all in all a good score. Just need one more sub 40 side to combine it with and I will trend down to 8's again. My goal is 6-7 by end of July. Got a supervised practice today with instructor so that should help. Things are coming together.
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We went into town yesterday to watch our grand daughters play softball. While there I had enough time to get in 9 holes at Boulder City Golf Course. http://www.bouldercreekgc.com/-course-overview. I was hesitant to go out at first because there was at least a two club wind blowing, but the addiction was over whelming. Lot's of little mistakes, but I also managed a few decent shots.  I know to hit punch shots in the wind, but I just did not hit enough of them. I had several putts that were right on line only to have a gust of wind blow them off to the side of the cup. About the 6th hole that two club wind turned into three club plus wind. I was done. I finished the 9 holes with a 47. I three putted 3 holes, and I put two more, wind aided, balls into a couple of water hazards. I figure my ignorance of the wind cost me between 6 and 8 strokes. Still had fun though, which is the biggest reason I play the game anyways. 

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81 (42-39)


Was absolutely thrilled about making no double-bogeys or worse.


Had two three-putt bogeys, but not hanging my head too much over those. It was a skins game and you have to be aggressive in going after birdies.

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41 with stupid mistakes. 2 birdies and 2 doubles to negate them and then some. Last time out I played up a couple tees today all the way back, from the tips 3776 on that side. It was brutal but differential less than score so worth it. Trending down.
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Shot a 67. Second lowest round of my life. Hmmm, maybe practice does help!
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Shot 75 yesterday at 70.9/136 6749 yds course.

Today felt like a rank beginner. Could not hit any decent tee shot.
Shot 92 on a course rated 71.2/135 6845 yds.

I cannot figure this game out. It's like a woman. Just when you think you know the game, it turns on you for no apparent reason.
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