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1 birdie and 4 bogeys on the front, 2 birdies and 3 bogeys on the back for a 75 (par 71).


Biggest problem today was the driver. I was in trouble after the tee shot too many times to score any better than I did even though most parts of my game were pretty decent.


Still not happy at all with the way I'm playing but felt closer to playing okay than I did the last few weeks even though the score wasn't much different.


(Need to play more).

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91 at Homestead from the tips. Played back with the big hitters today.
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39 + 40 for a 79 (+8)


FIR: 3 (light rough out there, no to penalizing)

GIR: 10 (should have been a few more, thinned 70 yard wedge shot on one hole)

Putts: 35 (only 1 three putt, greens were an 8 STIMP, SLOW!!! Need to read the greens better, but couldn't get the ball to the hole till the back nine)

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Stone Canyon Golf Club: 73.2CR 141Slope 6633yds par 72

39-35=74...............0.6 Diff

I scored two doubles early and the round was off to a terrible start.  I made couple birdies to post a respectable 39.   I didn't hit the ball any better on the back, but I missed greens in good places and got everything up and down.  11 putts on the inward nine!!  I Birdie on the back against no bogeys...gotta' like that!!

Fairways: 6/13

Greens: 8

Putts 24

Birdies 3



40-42=82............7.1 Diff

4 penalties tells the whole story....ouch!  I hit the ball well today, but I just barely missed in horrible places.

Fairways: 4/13

Greens: 5

Putts 29

Birdies: 1

OVERALL....I hit the ball and putted well today, but penalties killed me. ...  2 shanks today left a HUGE MARK...YIKES! 

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Shot 84, and won $60 in the Saturday morning dogfight. 


Not the best ball-striking round; had less than a hundred yards in on the 16th and fatted a wedge twice. Made bogey, but Christ almighty it was embarrassing. 


I've been fatting wedges a lot lately. Not great, Bob!

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Played at http://www.lasvegasgolf.com/courses/nevada/mojave.htm this afternoon, Back to back 42s (84) which I am pleased with. This is my first round where I played consistent golf for 18 holes. Another plus was I did not have any double bogies. No birds were a downer, but with only 30 putts I'am a happy camper. A couple of 10' one putts kept me out out of the double bogey column. Pretty sure I lost some strokes due to not driving the ball very well. Lots of pushes left me out of position for decent shots to the greens.  Luckily my short game helped out quite a bit. All in all, it was a good walk. Going to try to get out again in the morning. Mojave is very nice course. I highly recommend it. 

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Played twice in the last three days and had my best two scores in a year. Been working with the Pro the last three weeks after playing my worst golf in twenty years since April 1 and it's starting to kick in. It's all about confidence. I now stand over the ball with a real good idea of what I am doing. Golf is fun again.



With a double bogey on the easiest hole on the course.



I was four over after 12 and after hitting my best drive of the day on 13, I dumped a wedge into a pond fronting the green and made double. Missed two makeable par putts coming in and spoiled my chance to break 80 for the first time in years, but it's OK. I am going to go low (for me) soon.

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71.6/128. Emerald Valley in Creswell, OR. Shot 76 with two double bogies on the back side. Lipped out putts are driving me nuts. But best round of the hear and I'm happy with it.
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Yesterday, 44/44 =88 with a Srixon Z Star
Today, 44/43=87 with a Titleist Velocity

Both rounds at my club, Pebble Creek GC in Tampa, FL

Keep finding myself making some dumb decisions or execution errors.
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Yesterday I played Blue Heron, NJ in a Scramble tournament and I helped the guys with some great bombs off the tee and a few solid putts.


Today I played Pine Brook, NJ par 61 and shot 74. Missed a few putts but finally started to get my irons back in order with the except of a few worm burners. I actually overhit some greens which really tickets me off.


I think I need a golf intervention because I'm actually mulling over playing tomorrow after work.

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55 -- 35.3/137 -- 2 FIR, 0 GIR, 17 putts, 2 sand shots, 6 penalties

Another poor showing. It all started with my inability to put the ball in play off the tee. That, and every approach I attempted seemed to push 20 yards to the right (open face, it wasn't turning). It just wasn't good, at all. I had a few nice chips and the weather was really nice. I need to spend some quality time on the range and try to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Oh, and I got my handicap re-established at my new club today. I'm looking forward to my first revision, I expect to be sitting quite a bit higher than the 18 I finished 2012 with. b2_tongue.gif
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I only has time for 9 holes today. After l hitting 7 balls OB on Friday I had few expectations. But surprise I shot a 38! 5 pars and 1 birdie. 15 putts, 6 fairways dead center I might add, 4 GRI. Average drive was 225. 240 the longest. Not bad for a 62 year old.



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Shot an 87 48/39...frontside and backside were night and day. Real narrow course, but shorter called Glenmary in Louisville, KY. Used my 3 wood off the tee all day (which is usually a fairway finder at 240/250 yards all day long) but seemed to be over cooking my draw and getting some penalties and into bad spots on the front side. Led to two triple bogies. But on the backside, I started finding the fairway and that set me up for my iron/wedge game that has been spot on. I just need to work on getting off the tee, and in play and avoid the penalties/blow up holes.
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Today I played 9 holes, shot 3 under with two birdies, an eagle, and a bogey...  played nine two days ago and shot 4 under, 5 birdies and a bogey.  Those two rounds posted as a +3.3 combined round for my handicap, both had very low course rating/slope (posted as 67.2/111).  Playing great right now, last 126 holes I'm 8 under overall.  Granted, of those -8, -7 came in the last 18 holes, but the other 108 holes were on much more difficult courses.   Hoping to carry this level of play over to the Indiana Open in a little over a week. 

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As I recall, 50-52-102 at Homestead GC (Tipp City, OH) on Saturday.


I hit a few really nice shots and some absolutely awful ones.


I actually managed two birdies and that's pretty rare. But two snowmen and an awful 10 undid that. Just no consistency from one shot to the next. The biggest positive that I can take away is that after yacking up the 10, I responded with a par and a birdie on the next two holes. I think I'm started to sort out my temper issues, as it was severely tested at points on this occasion. Good company helped of course.

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About a 120, it was an 18 hole massacre at Bethpage Blue, waiting 30 minutes per hole on the front did not help this beginner any though, so many crappy golfers playing from the tips, not cool, but I think in the end it was one foursome that killed it for everyone, we noticed the group in front of us skip a hole at the turn and then we saw why, we watched this guy take about 10 practice swings and then punch it somewhere three fairways away, so we skipped them too, suddenly we were playing golf! idiots...

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9 holes on Friday on a fairly tight course.  Penalizes you for missing fairways...


1 under after 6....then bogie, bogie, double bogie.  (I pulled my drive on 7 left under a tree, sliced my tee on 8 under a tree, then my 2nd shot on the 9th I actually had just super good contact and hit through my layup target - ...... to under a tree) - I guess I'll go work a bit more on my low punch shots.......


Was having a nice day of just regulation golf, with my misses close enough to typically get up and down - chipping and pitching good.  Before it kind of fell apart on me just enough to hurt those last 3 holes.  Except for #9, two good shots to start, then I just fell apart.


Raining on and off quite a bit - after a layoff just after my drive on #3 to go get a beer, I was driving back to the shot when I got hit with a migraine....I played the last bit of 3, all of 4 and most of 5 with about 50% of my vision just blanked out - strangely enough, #4 was my only birdie.  Maybe not really focusing on the ball is a good thing?  All those strikes were really nice, actually.  (I remember practicing swings at the range this winter with eyes closed, neat drill).


Par 5 hole #4 - Approach shot from 145 short rough - smooth 8i - mostly blind from migraine.


  Just wierd..

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38-43 = 81 @ River Forest CC in Freeport, PA (we started on the back 9).

My 2 friends and I also enjoyed a game of "Wolfman".  I pulled out the victory with my 38 on our second nine, as Jim and Joe faded in the heat and humidity.


On Sunday I shot 40 at 3 Lakes Golf Course outside of Pittsburgh with my wife, her sister, and our brother-in-law. This is a former country club (Alcoma), and is in wonderful condition for a reasonable price.

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