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42 out (6 bogies, 3 pars) and 47 in (1 triple, 4 doubles, 1 bogie, 2 pars, and a birdie). 89 at Gem City (14.9 diff) 71.6/124 6519 yards. I had video through hole 11 which I birdied. Other than that, the back nine was blah. Apparently I play better with the camera rolling. 17 and 18 were both nGIR doubles.



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Certainly better than the last two outings. My driver is still off, but I definitely found a little something to help me along the way. I simply needed to slow down my swing. It did wonders, even though the scorecard doesn't show it all that well. It helped me lower my penalties (6 in 9 holes yesterday) on second shots. My putting was OK, there were a few "wtf" moments, but overall I was pleased. If I can get my driver a little straighter, or maybe start using my 3W more often, I'll be back into the 40s in no time.
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Stone Canyon Golf Club....73.2CR 141Slope....par72


 Today was HOT.....the temps were only low 90s, but the humidity was sky high.    The 25mph wind made it bearable, but it also made scoring conditions tough! 


9/13 Fairways


29 Putts

no birdies.....but 8 1-putt greens helped!

2 Penalties



The hole of the day.....554yd par5 playing into the teeth of the wind.   I hit a beautiful 5yd draw that turned into a 20yd hook thanks to the wind and I'm blocked for my 2nd shot.  I try for the aggressive layup with a 5-iron and punch a low duck hook around the corner but catch a limb......sheesh!    I'm not close to reaching in 3, so I hit rescue club............69yds to the pin for my 4th shot........I punch a low 56 degree wedge and go for the big hop and BITE shot....and stick the ball 6ft below the pin....DRAINO...easy par! ;-)


The above was my favorite, but I was scrambling all day to save pars...

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Personal best.

Followed by a 96 the next day a5_crying.gif
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51/58 first time playing 18 at this particular course. Driver got me into a lot of trouble today. I'm thinking of making the bag lighter, just going 3w 3h 579 pw sw P. Simple may be much better at this point.

On 2nd thought I'll carry driver for a once in a while use...it's just too fun
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40 on front rated 35.6. It was a struggle. I was putting exceptionally well but last night I missed quite a few long so I 3 putted 3 times after GIR. Not sure why distance control is suddenly an issue but it is.

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played Monday with friend of mine.i told him lets play from the white tees which are 5700 yards.next 2 sets are 6200 and 6700.we have played there a lot so we know course really well.i normally don't play that short a course but friend is lil older and doesn't hit that far.few years ago I shot even par 71 from whites so I told him I wanna try and tie or beat my score so played white.shot 39 4 over on front and shot a 37 on back for a 76.11 pars 1 birdie and 6 bogeys.had 3 3 putts.hit ball well but couldn't make any putts.

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80 front 39 back 41 rate 72.6 slope 135 yards 6529 indexed 6.2


1 birdie

8 pars

9 bogeys


7/14 fairways

12/18 GIR

37 putts


Did not drive the ball all that well but managed to hit some decent enough irons to get me on in reg and escape with par, still not real happy with game yet but just feel an aha!! moment may be around the corner, If I ever get my driver to perform as consistent as it did during my first year here I really think I can get down to the high 2's. Even though putts averaged over 2 per hole I felt I did decent the greens at this course cannot be charged like some other places

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87.... :pound: 


4 club wind.

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Last Saturday: San Dimas Canyon 71.7/126 (6400 yards): 45/47, got a few OB and lateral penalties on both sides. Generally played bogey golf. Should have been more conservative with my tee shots. Would have saved me 4 strokes of the 6 penalties. Should have taken my time on some easy to make chips.


Today: Brookside course 1 72.7/130 (6732 yards): 44/43, had to weave around the SCGA kids playing a tournament today. What a zoo. I did not play all the holes in the correct sequence, but finished them all. The great part about a cart.

Drives were horrible, but usable on the front 9. My irons saved my game (what a turnaround). Someone took my tee shot on the second hole, and I took a stroke for that.

The lead tape I put on the driver fell off about halfway through the back 9, I need to figure out another way to put it on. I felt like Forrest Gump losing his leg braces. The club felt really light.


Went to the driving range because I finished the round in <3 hours.


Knocked another bad scores off my HC. I am currently using a spreadsheet to calculate it revised from 15.9 down to 15.3. I hope I continue this trend.

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94... I know to most of you that's a horrible score, but for me this year it's great. I should have been so much better but the front nine I was sitting between shots no less than 5 minutes and I think I even waited like 20 minutes at one point. 49 front with 2 lost balls and 45 back with another 2 more lost balls. First laws ball was first tee no warm up usualness, 2nd lost ball was just from tightening up from waiting, 4 iron just a straight push into the tress. I followed it up with a dead straight 230 yard 4 iron that was supposed to be a lay up but ended up on the green.... saved bogey. Couldn't make a par to save my life on the front until the 9th. Back 9 went so much better because I didn't have to wait around after every shot. 4 pars on the back first last ball was a short hole that I should have laid up but I pulled driver, hit a pop up pull that I heard hit the road but was nowhere to be found. Second lost ball was just another horrible slice pretty much carbon copy of what I did on the first hole. So in all honesty 4 bad holes out of 18, not too bad. The shortened back swing is really helping on all swings except my driver, just can't get comfortable with it.

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I'm improving and today shot a very good score for me.   I usually shoot 90-94 but my chipping usually cost me at least 5 strokes per round.   Even today I was on the fringe on a par 3 and ended up with a 5!


I shot a 86 (43/43) on what is suppose to be an easy course:  66.4 / 104 but the greens were very small and heavily sloped.    I got my first eagle on #14, 359 yd par 4.   My 3 wood faded right just off the fairway leaving 174 yards to the pin via a left dogleg.  I hit my 5H and it landed on the front edge of the green and rolled into for a "2".  I think everyone on the course heard me. 


I have been striking the ball better but I'm still working on Key #1 and Key #2.  

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42 (+7)

Swing is still missing. New edel wedges are awesome a3_biggrin.gif
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6777/Par 72/Rating 72.4


78. Made 3 doubles, 3 tap-in birdies, and a tap-in eagle. I was pretty impressed with my ball striking today on most holes, except for my driving.

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Shot 48 (13 over, 4 over on the last hole without my wedges) today on Eaton Canyon Blues. I left my 52 degree (which I really needed for the last hole). Made one GIR and 2 pars.


Was also testing out my newly weighted driver. Apparently, spreading the weights over a 1.5" wide region versus 0.5" concentrated at the heel changes the flight of the balls with roughly the same swing. Without the weight the club hits pretty straight to a draw, but with this new weight distribution I am fading and slicing my drives.


The feel of the club on good shots was really nice, but the bad ones felt really mishit. I tried driving more times to get the feel, but I think the weight going too far back causes the club face to open up more than when it was concentrated at the heel.


I will need to go to the driving range tomorrow morning to get used to this newly weighted club.

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83 finished bogey double double, both doubles 3 putt. Lost my groove after I got stuck behind a single playing two balls. Also sat staring at a putt I needed to make to save par while a ranger talked my ear off on 17. Just fell apart when I got cold. 8 over on the back is abysmal, it is the eadier side. So 83 there falls just outside my 10 best of last 20.
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Shot a 56 today, 9 holes obviously. I hit the driver better than I ever have..it's amazing what keeping your head down does for your game... If I can ever get every club to work on the same day I'll have a chance at a par score. Oh well, onward in the Journey to Better!
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Played twice this week. Emerald Valley, Blue tees 71.6/128. Shot 76.
Played Tokatee Golf Club in Blue River, OR. Great course, quiet and peaceful. Blue tees 69.8/121. Shot 76.

Two good rounds. I was happy.
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