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Shot 73, 6200 yds white tees.
Front 9 - 7 / 7 fairways, 9 GIR,19 putts, shot 37
Back 9 - 6 / 7 fairways, 7 GIR,15 putts, shot 36.

1 birdie, 2 bogeys (on par 3s).

I played the white tees because I wanted to take a little off my driver to keep it in the fairway. From the back tees, I'd be temped to try to swing away.
Well, it worked. 13/14 fairways and the one miss was in the short rough on the easiest driving hole. The non GIR were 2 greenside bunkers and a ball on the apron which I putted.
I had one 3 putt on a difficult putt (big hump in the green). I burned several edges and had 3 horseshoes. Putting was solid, but nothing fell.

Forgot my GPS. Had to pace off yardages. My push cart got a flat on the second hole.
It was 95 degress and about a million percent humidity in St Pete Florida today. I was crazy to walk.
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Finished off with a 78 today. Put a new bag into play today after 7 years with ol' faithful. Could have been better but greens were top dressed. Ball just wouldn't hold the line. 


Course: Vet Lab Sports Club

Tees: White

Par: 72

Yardage: 7023


Front 9: 39

Back 9: 39

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Shot 94 today which I am happy with


Have been taking lessons and my irons have come on a great deal, I am taking a nice divot on most shots and they are going much further with a better contact


Down side is I can not hit a Driver/3/5 wood and 3 hybrid without topping it/doffing it along the floor, I used to hit these clubs fine, Very frustrating

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77 (+6)

Left about 4 strokes on the course on the back nine. Overall way better today.
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77 (+6)

Five bogeys and 2 birdies on front. Five bogeys and 2 birdies on back. All the "comfortable" type of bogeys without much chance of double bogey but just messed up enough to not make pars.

Seems I've settled into that pattern where saving par from out of nowhere used to be my forte. d2_doh.gifd2_doh.gifd2_doh.gifd2_doh.gif

Greens still not rolling true and all short game shots were extremely hard and inconsistent for both putting and short game shots.

I hate golf (just kidding).
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76 and 81 on a 71.9 rated course but plays much much MUCHHHH tougher. Couldn't buy a putt and 3 doubles each round didn't hurt. 4 birds on first round and 1 on second.
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Went and played the front nine at Bentwood CC in San Angelo, TX today. I shot a disappointing 42 today. I say disappointing because I played the first 5 holes at 1 over and the last 4 holes at 5 over.


Bentwood CC front nine - par 36

42 (+6)

15 putts

2 fairways hit



I couldn't seem to get it going off of the tee today. I was pushing my driver and 3 iron quite a bit, which got me into trouble and forced me to recover around and under trees. My recovery shots were decent and putting was a little better than average for me today. Im going to go out tomorrow morning and try to rid myself of that damn push. 

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Even on the front nine at WWGC. Blue tees with a student. I only putted with my wedge except on the 8th hole.


1. Fairway, 6I just short (bit toed), chip to six feet, make.

2. 9I just shy of green, pitch to two feet

3. Good driver. 3I to front left bunker. Blast to three feet. -1

4. Hybrid, 54° wedge to 20 feet, almost made the putt with the wedge.

5. 3W, 60° just short, chip to two feet.

6. 6I to front right bunker. Not hit well. Toe. Blast to five feet. Make.

7. Driver pull-hooked OB (exaggerated my piece). Driver, hybrid, 60°, make for a bogey.

8. 3W, 9I pulled slightly but caught the green, two putts from 25 feet.

9. Driver left a tad, 8I punch (because I thought I'd have to punch a low one) from 90 yards to 15 feet. Almost made it with the wedge.

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I shot a 90 today which is a tad better than my last few rounds.  I will say my past 4-5 rounds have been saved by this thread.




My wedge play has been the one constant the past few rounds and it feels great to finally have confidence inside 60 yards (out of full shots).  My 60 degree lob wedge has become my favorite wedge.


My putting is okay but I have had some adjustments on my swing that I am still getting used to.  Grip and stance have been a big one but today, for some reason, I wasn't following my hips through and they were stopping while my arms kept going giving me a horrific slice instead of the fade I try to play.  Once I realized it, my game turned around.  Sadly this was at 17 haha.  I had a short par 4 and put a 3w about 5 feet from the front of the green.  I 2 putted for birdie.  The 18th I had a perfect draw on my 3h on this extremely long 205 yard par 3 that is also about 20 yards downhill.  I put my shot about 10 feet and finished my round thirsting for more.  Im going to be playing hookie from work at least one day this week

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Played The Crossing at Carlsbad from blue tee and shot 90 which is not bad considering just get back to game after injury....

It could've been better though; shot 9 on the 18th.....that hurts :cry:

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75, 78, 79, 82. Still mediumly disappointed as my mental game blows. I wish I could put it all together once.
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84 (42-42)


A little disappointing in the wake of my 76 a week earlier on the same course, but it could've been worse and I finished strong.


Tempo was off all day until I consciously slowed my swing way down on 15th tee. I simply have to make that glacial takeaway my norm. For some reason, it's hard to do sometimes.

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Community GC (Dales Course), 45-44-89.


This was only my second time shooting in the 80s on a regulation course. Admittedly, this is one of the shortest courses in the area at 5,000 yards from the whites.


Never has a round seemed like more of a struggle and produced a relatively decent result. I four-putted two different holes and the stink from that must of helped me ignore some half-way decent shots that I must have had otherwise. I do recall rolling in a 12-footer for par and a 10-footer for birdie. I was really surprised when I totaled this one up after the round. Maybe I made a mistake on my score card at some point.

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Tale of 2 halves for me this weekend, 44/51, 95. Best front 9 I ever shot with 4 pars on the first 6 holes. 3 penalty shots killed me on the back with 2 resulting in snowmen. No excuses, just bad shots (into water, lost ball in marsh, and a flat out shank into the woods). With the exception of those 3 holes, though, I was very happy with the round and the progress I'm starting to see with my swing.
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Unfortunately I was only able to play 9 holes this weekend but I was able to card my best 9 hole score ever!


Shot 39 on a par 35 including 2 - 3 putts.

2 birdies

2 pars

4 bogies

1 double bogey.  


Wish I could have played the back but it was getting too late.  

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 I shot a 47 on the front 9 of Northwest Park in Silver Spring, MD.  I'm pretty happy with that score.  I think on only 2 holes was I not near the great in regulation.  Hole 1 and 3 bad because short game miscues.  #9 is a bad tee shot, way left lost in the tall grass.  


Recently I've been around 50 for 9 holes, so overall this is better than average.  I'm trying to get consistently around bogey.  I'd like to be near the green in regulation with a chance at par or a tap in for bogie.


My game has regressed in recent years, so I'm trying to get back to where I was.  I've been taking some lessons and am feeling better about my swing.  I'm just trying to make good, consistent contact with the ball, i.e. not duffing it.


You can see my daughter's score at the bottom of the card.  She's 11 years old (along with her twin brother).  She played with me and my boy was in the 4some behind us with other boys in their golf club.  She has a really nice swing.  Everyone always complements us on it.  Being the proud papa that I am, I have to post a video:



and in the interests of fairness, here's my boy :)




Lowest Score Wins stresses the importance of driving distance, and I've really seen that watching my kids play in their golf league.  My son has a pretty good short game, chipping and putting.  It's about as good as the other kids I've seen, but he isn't that long, and it really makes a difference.  Some of the kids bomb it 200 yards or more, and my son is more like 150 on a good drive.  And so his scores are way more than other kids, even though his short game is comparable.

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84 on the 4th and then an 81 on the 5th - two courses I'd not played before - windy both days


trouble with my approaches pretty much both days - but some sweet shots in there regardless - driving really well and the 2nd 9 on the last course went really well (8 of the 9 holes anyway)


here's on the 4th - they had one par 3 over a big valley, short flag - about 150 yards - stiff wind from the left (of course that side had a tall weeping tree sticking up too blocking view of the left half of the green).  2nd birdie of the day only.


View from the green back to the tee here:



The result looked a lot better from the tee, but kick in birdie (though I couldn't bring myself to lay the flag on the ground so putted into the stick - penalize me if you like)

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84. Pecan Hollow. 71.2, 127, par 71.

1st round in a month, it was crap but didn't make a putt over 5 feet cuz greens had been punched recently and just didn't roll very well. 4 3-putts.

Good news is I figured out the driver; bombed a couple 270-280, which are the longest drives I've hit in 4 months.

Also, because I've played so badly this year so far, an 84 actually counted in my cap and dropped it by .2. Amazing.

And lastly, because I saw signs of life in my game, passion is back so I actually want to practice and play. Never been in a slump like this, its been a bummer.
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