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38 - 38 = 78 at River Forest in Freeport, PA. (7 over par)


8 out of 14 fairways.


33 putts.

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Played 9. Shot a 55 with a 10 (gasp!) and an 11(double gasp!) on consecutive holes. Tee shots into trouble got into my head and there was no saving me from myself. Also playing with a guy who is completely ignorant to golf etiquette didn't help, but that's another thread somewhere
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Had a really ugly 82 today. Hit one fairway with the driver, made no par saves off the green, had some 3 putts, and missed 3 or 4 good birdie opportunities. My only saving grace was that I hit 12 greens.
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70.6 / 137 - par 72

Friday: 45 c3_clap.gif
Saturday: 113 (53/60) z7_no.gif

Amazing how so much can change over 24 hours. On Friday I decided to start the round only teeing off with my 3w and I was able to keep the ball in play off the tee every time. I had great results with it and kept with that on Saturday. On Friday I had 1 penalty, on Saturday I had 9 and most were off the tee. After such a good day, it was hard to play 18 on Saturday.
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shot a 48 on the front 9 before i was chased off by a storm.  so frustrating considering I was really in a groove (for me) and was on track to shoot under 100, which is what i'm trying to consistently shoot under right now.

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Clubchampionships Matchplay last weekend.

I played a solid round off golf i was 5 over par after 18.

and so was my opponent. A freaking 11 year old boy.

First play off hole the bloke holed out from 135 meters for eagle

so i lost after putting my ball 3 meters from the cup from 80 meters.


This boy has some serious talent tho. unbelievable how steady he is, and how good from 120 yards and in. he only had 24 putts in 19 holes

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71 - 32 39 - 72.1 rating 126 slope


First time I've broken par in 15 years.  Should've been 6 under on the front, but I missed 2 short putts.  I was trying to break 70 (I've never done it), but I just couldn't hold it together.  A single and a double on the back did me in, even though I gave myself at least 4 legitimate additional chances for birdies down the stretch.


Can't wait to try again!

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Santa Anita Blues 70.4/122:

42/44 86


I played with a "normal driver", and stopped screwing around with my equipment. I think this score is representative of my abilities when I'm not trying different things on every hole. Used Golf Logix and a paper scorecard. Couldn't seem to track the driving distances with the app that well, so I jotted down the distances on the scorecard. This round brought my running handicap down from 15.5 to 15.1. I should probably wait every two months to update this, but. . .


6 fairways hit, 3 GIR, Average Drive 246 yards. Longest drive 277 shortest drives were 190 slices into trees on the left on the 16th and 196 pulled into some trees on the right on the 18th hole. Landed the FW bunker. The app says that I hit 50% FW, and 8.3% slice 8.3% push, 25% pull hook 8.3%


Drives distances are as follows:

265-hole 1

271-hole 2

277-hole 3

247-hole 5

225-hole 6

228-hole 7

266-hole 9

244-hole 10

274-hole 11

271-hole 13

255-hole 14

190-hole 16

245-hole 17

196-hole 18


Total driving distance was 3454 yards. Not sure how accurate the GPS on my phone is. I was standing in the middle of each green and there was +/-5 to +/-17 feet variation.


Pretty cool application, I might buy the actual one if it works better on the next round.



EDIT: Forgot to mention I got a birdie on the 8th hole 197 yard par 3.

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6 bogies, 2 doubles and a birdie. Short game was horrific. Couldn't putt a ball to the hole to save my life. Slow slow slow greens.
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shot a 50 on the front 9, and a 46 on the back 9 for a 96.. hope i continue to creep towards breaking 90

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81. Missed the cut by one shot in the biggest tournament I play in because of it. Golf is very humbling.
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Last 2 Rounds at Stone Canyon Golf Club 73.2CR 141slope  Par72


I rolled out of the wrong side of the bed on this day and never got anything going. I was off with regard to all aspects of the game.  Horrible day, but I still had fun!!




Weird day.....only 3 bogeys and 1 birdie

Fairways 4/13, but I was striking the ball well and hitting it long for me.  Any missed fairways were just barely missed so I was keeping the ball in play.

Greens: 12

Putts: 32........not a great number either, but I made some excellent long range 2-putts and holed the par savers when needed.  That's golf....follow a horrible day with a great day!  I never know what will happen from one day to the next.  LOL

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Shot a 91 Saturday at Lone Tree country club. This is the 3rd time this year I have been in the 90's and it's getting frustrating. I guess I need to get out more.
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Monday shot my best round since starting last year. It was a 90 at Mohansic 70.8 128. Only one triple bogey was my key improvement.

Played a more conservative style. My best had been a 93 at my home course Beekman 69/123.

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Worst round so far this year and it was a doosie. 96 on a course that isnt really that difficult. Couldnt find the correct angle of my downswing and my toe hits came back in force. Killed me big time.
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At The Trent Jones Residence Golf Course  72 (36 / 36) .(Tunisia) Today


What a very very strange day today, good swing good rhythm

Hit 13 on 14 Fairways (a record for me)


Only 9 greens in regulation

5 times 3 puts

3 puts  twisting 360° around the cup

Not a damned single up & down for saving par

10 bogeys in a row (another record i am not really proud of...:o),

Only bogeys and pars on my card (first time as long as i remember)

Not a single birdy put in the hole....grrrr (had 6 puts under 15 feet for birdy)


What a strange way to play 39 / 46  ouch... I love Golf.

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Played a city course today in Omaha, NE. 


Played the white tees. Rating is 71 and slope 117. 


I shot 40-45 for an 85. 


I had 33 putts. 7 GIR. 


What hurt was two lost balls that cost me four strokes, because I actually followed the rules and went back and teed it up again. I also made a mistake of going over the trees on a par 5 that cost me two strokes. 


I really putted well on some tough greens, but my driving cost me 7-9 strokes at least. 

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