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Played 5 days I took off on the 4th weekend. 84, 78, 82, 78 and 82. All different courses and I have been teeing it forward so these are all in the 6200-6400 range but a couple of courses with fast greens that don't hold. A couple of shots kept my scores higher all the rounds that I was trying stuff during round and over corrected. And the last day my refusal to warm up on mats cost me as I started 7 over through 5. Scratch golf is right around the corner. a1_smile.gif
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40 (+5)

Couldnt make a putt, some came close. Need to refresh my aimpoint. Im misreading them a bit.
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Not sure why I decided today to finally start hitting the ball well, but it was a nice day!
69 on a 72.9 course rating.  13 GIR and 8 FIR.  Front 9 hit 8 GIR, back 9 was 5 GIR.  Had some good up and downs on the back. Final hole finished well, hit the front side sand trap to the green in 2 and hit the perfect sand shot to hole it for eagle!  

This course has big hills to walk up, and there was a 4some in front of me, they asked me to play through after I just walked up one of these big hills, and I told them to go on as I needed a breather.  But they started looking for balls near the green.  It was a par 3 170ish from my tees.  They waved me up, so I'm sweating badly and step up with my 8iron choked up a bit, and I stick it 3ft away from the hole! Kinda cool do that under the pressure and conditions.  Hopefully I can continue to play well!

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42 on a medium 36


only hit the last two fairways, but I was hitting greens from everywhere (luckily, that was balanced by three 3 putts).  no birdies

I have to bring it all together again soon.  Handicap is rising (probably back to where it should be....)


playing 18 today - hopefully the rest comes back


weird - lately I've been drawing and hooking my 3w - normally it's a fading club....trying figure it out - the rest of the bag is great.  gotta be club path, I'm not flipping....doesn't 'feel' like I'm over amping on the club path.....

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81 (41-40)


A double on one of the easiest holes on the course, a flubbed chip and a missed 3-footer kept me from breaking 80 for the second time in 2 weeks. Oh, well.

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Santa Anita blues, 70.4/122, 45/42, 32 putts, 4 gir, 5 near gir, 247 avg drive, 7 fairways.

Played worse on back 9, just luckier. Funny that I still thought I played crappy, but scored almost as well as my lowest score on this course.

Longer drives really help.
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Played a quick nine after work. For the first time this year I actually felt like I had some control of the ball and shot 1 under with no bogeys. :bugout:


The stars must be aligned in the universe today or something.


You never know.

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39 (+3)


Should have been a +2, was 90 yards on a par 4, and I pulled my wedge slightly and ended up 2 yards off the green. I was taking practice swings, and the rough felt thicker there. Well the ball was sitting up, and I kinda duffed the chip high on the clubface. Then I ended up jacking my putt from fringe 10 feet past the hole. Ended up with a double. 

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46 with a quad on the last... Swing is getting much better, had 6 bad shots that cost me close to probably 8-10 total strokes. 2 of them lost balls.


Double, Double, Par, Par, Par, Bogey, Bogey *3 putt*, Bogey, Quad *drive into trees, punch out was good but rolled out behind a tree guarding the green, punch under tree dropped in creek, drop and pitch over ran off green bad chip and 2 putt...* 


I feel like I'm pretty close to breaking through and dropping my handicap down again. At least I hope.

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85 - Trails of Frisco, 70.7, 124.

5 penalties but saved bogey on 4 of the 5. Score terrible but actually feeling much better about my game. Ball striking improving and I'm getting some drives out there over 270 again, just need more consistency which I'll get with rep.

Playin twice this weekend, 2man Stableford tourney 2morrow so I suspect I'll be posting a good round Sun.
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82 on a 71 (~70/128 fairly easy)..includes 5 penalty strokes and 2 easily avoidable doubles - the rest was very solid.  3 birdies and missed an eagle putt by only a roll (never leave it short darn it)

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79 last night. Played really bad/good. Made several 10-15 foot putts to save par.
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Originally Posted by Dave2512 View Post

79 last night. Played really bad/good. Made several 10-15 foot putts to save par.

Thinking about this, lame to quote myself but dang this round angers me. Yes I made some lucky putts but I hit the ball really well. +6 on the easier back was a disaster. But I am trending down. I have a 39 hanging out there that I can combine with another good 9 and maybe one more low 80's score should get me back to 8ish handicap.


One thing I noticed that was critical in how I scored was most of my misses were pin high. Even chipping seemed easier from there. Can't say I've ever looked into it but there must be something to this.

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41 - 47 at Aldeen in Rockford,IL.
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43-46 for a net 64. First time I have broken 90!
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42 (+6) Kittyhawk - Eagle from the Blues (tips)


3550 yards, 37.2 Rating, and 126 Slope


That was with two balls put into the ponds out there. I had the rights with my driver for the first 5 holes. 

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5 days after taking the golftec swing evaluation for 99$ and it getting my feet aligned correctly I shot a 75 on a 6000 yard local course.opened with 2 bogeys and finished with a bogey so I played even the 15 in between.took the first two holes to get used to having my feet lined up at target rather than using my open stance.really feels weird lining up different than you have for 20 years but clearly it worked plus a good putting round.10 pars,1 birdie,1 eagle and 6 bogies.

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89 at Quail Creek-St Lous

I couldn't hit a putt for the life of me including an eagle put.  My wedge play was on par with the past few rounds and continuing to keep me in the rounds.  My drives were a little better but my consistency on my 3w and 3h are increasing.  I am finally to the point where I trust my 3w as much (if not more) than my driver.  I had some bad rounds and didn't use my 3w for about 8 rounds but I recently switched my 14.5 adams for a 16 cobra and the difference is night and day.

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