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Shot a 41 over 8 holes in my golf league match today at Needwood golf course.  We won the match 3 and 2, and it started to rain so we skipped the last hole.  The league matches are 2v2 best ball for 9 holes.  Today's match was more about the other team not playing very well.  I don't think they won a hole.


I played pretty well.  I chipped really well.  I have to get more consistent with the driver.  I had a few really nice drives, but also a couple low, hooking pulls.

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87 (42/45) at a tougher championship course in my area that consisted of 4 pars and one chip-in birdie. All thanks to some impromptu good short game shots!

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Shot a 43-35=78 at the Emerald Reef Golf Club at the Sandals Resort at Emerald Bay. I hit two OB on the front, but had three birdies on the back.

This was the third Big break course I have played, including Playa Paraiso Golf Club in Mexico and the Ka'anapali Resort in Maui.
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Shot a +11 82 (42-40) today at my home course, Georgia National. 


4/14 Fairways 

4/18 GIR

10/18 nGIR

25 putts 


A really weird day. I had two double bogeys; the first one was just stupidity, but the second one I got screwed. It's 275 to the water on the fifteenth hole, a little downhill, so I hit a 3-hybrid and flew the damn thing in the water. I usually hit it like 240. Never in my life. 


But it was fun. Played by myself. Weather is beautiful here in Georgia. 

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I hope it is not too late, played my exec 9 hole course yesterday.

Even par for the second time in 3 weeks

2 birdies
5 pars
2 bogies

Could have been better as I missed one easy putt and I barely missed a birdie I chipped to less than .2 inches!

Next time
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I shot 49 on the back 9 of my new home course Mayan Golf Guatemala. Rained yesterday but the course soaked it well and the morning was beautiful. Still getting used to the course and made some rookie mistakes, plus I didn't swing as good from the rough. Happy to have a new home course though with the view of the volcano.
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40 (+4)

5 bogies
1 birdie
4 pars
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Just played nine holes this afternoon and didn't do to well. I ended up shooting a 46 after three putting some holes. It's worse to because must of the holes I three putted I was on gir.
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77 par 72 rate 69.1 slope 121


Sometimes I feel the need to tee it up on an easier course just to regain a little confidence, my home course forward tees are 131 slope.

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81 at my home course. Par 70, rating 72.5, slope 138.


I really want to break 80 by the end of the summer.

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Brookside Course 2 (69.1/121): 42/44 (2 lateral penalties on the back 9), 7 FW, 3 Gir, Drives 231 yards, 1 sand save out of 3. I hit through a tree for a 120 yard drive. plus a 200 yard slice on the first tee. 271 longest drive, 120 shortest through a tree. Drives were shorter today probably because of the damp conditions. Golflogix stats for driving distance is 243 yards. out of 42 swings. 8i is about 152 yards. PW is about 121 yards.


Bummer that I seem to be stabilizing right at a 15 handicap. We'll see how my new swing ferments. I'm hoping into wine and not vinegar again.


Putting was not so great, but only cost me a couple strokes. I think I need to start practicing these.


I was trying out the lead knee facing more forward, and found myself bending the knee too much a few times and ended up slicing/fading a lot of shots. Pulls were caused by my shoulder position. Just needed to remind myself to hold the club to my chest to align myself. It does feel better and more natural.

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82 (39-43) with three doubles.


I can attribute my failure to break 80 entirely to poor course management.

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Very bad, but I'm not too worried about it.. I had some shots that I haven't seen in 6 months so I'm happy about it, just not so much the score!

+17 on 9 holes after shooting even par two days before?

1 5 over
3 triple bogies
3 bogies
2 pars

Its ok, I can't wait to get back to practice!
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+7 42 at Georgia National. Awful, awful ball striking. Had the lefts all day.

5/7 Fairways
3/9 GIR
5/9 nGIR
14 Putts (one three putt)
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+4 39


7 out of 9 nGIR with 19 putts. 2 three putts.
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+4 39 today. And I played like shit, which is a good sign, I guess? No lost balls or strokes thrown away; just missing the greens left. Chipping is a solid B- right now, or else I would've shot par. Putting is off the charts. Distance control on long lags is money. Good times. 


2/7 Fairways

2/9 GIR

5/7 nGIR

12 Putts

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73 at a 72.1/130.... struck the ball well off the tee but putted pathetically. Had 3 three putts. I was happy with the round though.
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Played a quick 9, shot a 42. I felt really good with my irons, though. I was hitting with a more inside-out path with them, which is something I've been really aiming for lately. My distances were a bit off since I was taking everything a bit easier (should've gone up a club), but I was quite consistent with my ballstriking. My short game still needs a lot of work; I didn't really give myself a great chance at all to save par except for one hole.

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