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46/46-92-Belk Park, IL


Not a great round by any means but I think I worked out a few kinks in my game around hole number 9.  I had a rough 4-8 holes in the beginning but started striking the ball much better on the back.  My score on the back was just as bad due to some bad decisions


Cant wait for my LSW book to arrive any day now

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Played my first round in 3 weeks due to being away with work. Was expecting to be rusty and get 0.1 back, played my best round in comps to date. Finished with a net 62 (-7) play got suspended for 1 hour with 4 holes to play but went back out and came in without dropping any shot on my net. Should lose a minimum of 2.4 :D

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81 from the blue tees at my home course (6,434 yards, 71.5/129) in the annual club championship qualifying/seeding tournament.


Wasn't thrilled to make four double bogeys, but I did have three birdies. Very happy with the overall score, as my realistic goal was an 84.

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Walked off the course today after 8 holes


Could not hit a single shot with anything in my bag


I feel golf lessons have ruined any enjoyment I had in the game

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92- (46/46)


didn't strike the ball well at all today.  this was an easier course than I normally play and still didn't come out very good.  I did putt well for the first time in a week or two.  I am thinking lessions may be in my future

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At Pebble Creek FC in Tsmpa....

Sat: 44/48=92
Sun: 41/48=89
Just can't seem to keep it together on the back nine.
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44 - 51. Lost it on the back nine after the sun came out and started to cook me. At least I got some great exercise in.

Oh yeah. Approach shots still awful. I think I had 3 GIRs today. 3!!! Please shoot me now.
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46-48 94 Playing with Shane.... Score looks worse than I felt I played just because I only had 1 blow up hole. Struggled a bit off the tee. My distances were good on most of my iron shots to the greens but missed to left or right mostly. I'm pretty happy with the day overall, but I know I left a lot of shots out there. 

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92 for me today.




Hit the ball very well on the front.  Putted pretty good.  Hit a couple 10 footers and one over 20.

Didn't putt as well on the back and lost 2 balls.  The penalty strokes killed me.  I put up a snowman on 18.  Can't seem to avoid that one blowup hole.  It sucks.  Take those two bum holes away and I'm in the 80s.  


Had a great time though.

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41-40 for a 81 today on a short par 71 course....I was very happy with my iron play today, actually, I think that it was my best iron/wedge day that I have ever had.  I hit 7 GIR, but off the top of my head I had 3 approaches that I excuted great but made mental errors on.  Twice I miss clubbed myself and came up just short of the green...but the ball strikes were great, and one I thought that the heavy cross wind was gonna push the ball more right then it did, I hit it hole high but off the left edge, which was right where I was aligned....Hit a 3 iron from 220 down wind to just off the front fringe on a par 5.  Left myself a lot of 15ft-20ft birdie chances.....which is all I can ask for.  I hit 10/14 fairways....but it wasn't as good as it sounded as I hit a couple of pretty bad, really short shots off of the tee that were still in the fairway.  I would probably put that number more around 7 good fairway finds.  I hit more good drives then bad with driver.  Hit a couple of great tee shots with hybrid on tight holes.....And I had 35 horrendous putts, really was not happy with my speed most of the day on the greens.  Two 3 putt pars on par 5's.  My pitching and chipping was pretty good, but my iron play was good enough that the pitching and chipping was never put under pressure for the most part.

  Overall I was very pleased with my ball striking...I finally felt like I took the range work to the course.  No ball OB today.  No big blow up misses with the irons...No shanks etc...I really feel like I can be pushing single digit cap by this fall...And a lot of it has to do with the great tips and help on this forum :)

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Just scored my best round since returning to play 3 years ago after a 40 year hiatus!


86 (66 net); 39 out, 47 in (yeah, kinda fell apart on the back). Was hot on the front, but over aggressive on 2 critical holes on the back, costing 2 penalties and quelling my confidence.


Still a very good day! ;-)

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Shot a 92 today. Flatbush GC Littlestown, PA
Started off birdie par birdie and played bogey/double bogey golf from there
No three putts tho so that's a positive
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Homestead GC, Tipp City, OH,  48-52-100


Fewer outright mishits, but the strokes really piled up. Two tee shots went OB and did a bit of damage. I'm a lousy putter, but it usually seems worse on this course for some reason.


One funny thing. Based partially on this web site, I've really made an effort to card a proper score. So no mulligans and counted all the penalties I racked up. My ole buddy, who is much better than I am, struggled to a 96 with five extra tee shots to boot (traditionally we have allowed one per side). If I had simply taken the customary mulligans, I'd have done no worse than tie him. It doesn't matter that much, but it gives me the opportunity to feel self-righteous.

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44/48, 92 on the home course on Friday. Hitting the ball OK, not a lot of fairways/greens but also not missing by much either and avoided any real trouble for the most part. Short game wasn't great, but the putting was decent enough to avoid a lot of blow-up holes.
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Friday - new course - very nice one, likely my third favorite this year (year of playing a bunch of new courses).  82 (included 5 penalties, so actually a really nice round once I avoid the OOB and lost balls.....40/37  then add in the penalties to a 42/43.  I'm ok with that.  only 1 birdie, but I did 3 putt on a par 5 where I had a shot at eagle - so I got that going for me.  took 9 holes to get warmed up - very windy.


Saturday 35 on the par 36 - probably the first time I've played 9 under par on a course that's not just an easy beginner's track (what I'd call legitimate).  I've played this one quite a bit and it's neat course with tight fairways and mature trees and domed greens.  Completely on and finally putting good like I was earlier in the season.  On a couple par 4s I decided to put driver away and play to layup areas - absolutely paid off.  1 birdie (chip in) and 8 pars.  Just really boring and regulation golf, normally I'm a bogie machine.  The GIRs I missed were really close and easy up and downs.  I don't know what was going on that day, but I hope it sticks around for awhile.


I played 3 more holes coming back in (I had to start on #5) and played them par, then bogie, then birdie (another chip in).  That bogie was a half roll from a par.  so about as good a day as I could ask for.  (2i and 4w on this is actually 2H and 4H)


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Played with one of the club pros yesterday. Not the head pro, that guy is my instructor so wanted to step up for a good showing. No bets but after the 1st hole there was a definite "game on" vibe. We both played the hole well par/par. On the 2nd he hooked his drive OB and made triple after a few more sloppy shots and I again made par so I was feeling pretty good. The 3rd hole is a 566 yard par 5 that gets in my head so I played very conservatively, two 5i's and a 7i that left me a nasty 30' downhill putt that I dang near holed, it lipped out and I made the par putt. Bogey on the following par 3 and I was +1 with 5 holes left on the front. Played 5-8 even and rolled to the 362 yd par 4 9th tee overconfident. Only hit one driver previously and the result wasn't glorious but for whatever reason I decide I am going to be a hero and cut the corner over high pines so out comes the driver. A crap shot that hits a tree and bounces back at me. A triple on 9 to finish +4 40. Total dumbass move, should have hit an iron made my par and went home, 9 is the easiest par 4 on that side. Rain was starting so we stopped there. I hope to play with him again, always play better with better players. The competitive air gets me pumped up.

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40-42=82 at River Forest in Freeport from the blue tees

6/14 FIR

6/18 GIR

33 putts

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42 (+6)


Driver killed me today. 

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