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I'm playing much better lately.  Swing changes (which is more of a discovery of my older, better days than an actual swing change) is still resulting in some inconsistency, but improving.  Also, my putting is in a definite slump.


I shot 79-79 this weekend.  The Sunday 79 included an OB ball and FIVE goddamn three putts.  On the plus side, 11 GIR.  I've had this happen before when I suddenly start hitting more GIR.  That means more lag putts, which I haven't been having to make a lot when I hit 6 GIR, and more three putts.  I need to put some time in on the putting green from 40+ feet.

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42 (+6)
Couldn't hit a fairway. Shot 79 (+8) yesterday with driver in the bag. Decided to pull it out today and it hurt me. Always hard to swallow your pride.
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80 (38/40) from "The Tips" today. 133/74.1 and 7200 yards. Second time playing from back there and my mistakes were not due to length or even from having to hit different shots into the greens than I am used to... just a REALLY bad double and two more of those 3-putts that keep me awake at night.

Decided last week to give the Tips a shot. My handicap had recently dropped to a 7.3 and I was really just looking to get different views of the courses that I play in a pretty regular rotation.

I will say this - the tee boxes are MUCH nicer back there. I think it will be my new home at least until the weather turns cold again.
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My daughter and I tied playing alternate shots against teams consisting of: my son and older nephew; my younger nephew and their first tee coach.

The third hole was tenuous, and we were one down.

We finally won the last hole giving us a three way tie.
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-1 35 last night, two birdies and one silly three putt bogey on a par 5. Good thing it was not only under par but under the rating for that side. Made every up and down, only hit 4 GIR. Combined with my previous 40, that should have been 37/38, I trended down nearly a point.
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I shot even par yesterday at Green Meadows. Birdied the second hole. Bogeyed the 9th (which is now apparently a 478-yard par four with a 260-yard carry over water on your tee shot…?).


Parred every other hole.


Kiddo tagged along. Needs to snap out of things or quit golf.

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41/43=84 at Babe Zaharias Golf Club in Tampa.......had a Birdie on #11.
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47 in league tonight. Only 1 par. Combination of everything going wrong at different times. Finally started striking the ball solidly on the last three holes.
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Shot the worst 79 of my life at Hansen Dam golf course on Saturday.  I was 1 over after 11 thinking I had a chance to shoot under par with a few easy holes coming up and then proceed to shoot 6 over for the last 7 holes.  I only missed one fairway but missed quite a few greens that I should have hit and my putting was so so.  Two birdies including a chip in.  

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Nice round today, 82 on 117/68.1 - 5967 yds


Double bogeyed the last hole.. was quite the let down....

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Shot an 87 at Spring Lake in Long Island (43/44) on Sunday 7/13/14 with 34 putts

Shot an 88 at the Yellow Course at Beth Page (43/45) on Wednesday 7/16/14 with 35 putts.



Shot a 92 on the Chiau Sih Golf Club in Taiwan with rental clubs that were not well suited to my game. Beautiful views.

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played at my friends home course yesterday and could not hit a ball at all, finished on 98 (+9) for my handicap :(

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18 holes of night golf last night. Shot a 49-41= 90 


Lost 3 balls on the front 9 (that's the price you pay when you're playing night golf...) so it could have been better.

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Monday morning at Centennial 68.4/129 I shot a shocking 107.
Went out again in the afternoon at Mohansic 70.8/128 and shot an 88, my second best score ever! Including a. 45 yard pitch in for birdie.
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82 with 3 triples, 1 bogey and 14 pars last night, two in ponds and one OB. Took me 9 holes to feel like I could swing freely, for some reason I was really stiff and tense. But I made 14 pars so not like I played bad.
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90 this morning. unfortunately this is the best round of the year so far... but i'll take it

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45 front 42 back 87 best round ever.
Wasn't putting good at all very happy with my irons today and only missed two fairways 5 pars 11 bogeys 2 double bogeys
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36 +1

Two birdies
One bogey
One double
Five Pars

Putts: 16
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