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Broke a 100 for the first time ever. Have been playing golf for 11 months. Shot a 98 on a legitmate/hard course. Why am I focusing on the flub shots I hit though? Golf is a pain in the ass.

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I shot my lowest round of the year today 41/39 for an 80 at http://www.bouldercreekgc.com/-course-overview. This is a very big step for me. I had a 6' putt on the 18th green for that 39. After backing off twice, I finally put a good roll on the ball for the one putt. Lot of questions were answered today. :dance: My longest drive was in the 230 range, and the best club in my bag was my 7W this day. That 6', 1 putt was the result of a 5i from 160 yards. 


Did I have a shot at a 79? Yeah, I did, but I am not disappointed with the 80. Not at all. That score, to my thinking, was still a few months down the road. 

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Shot 38-43=81 at Crandon. Was 1 under after the 6th hole with back-to-back birdies on 5 & 6. And, of course, I thought about it then proceeded to go double bogey-bogey-bogey.


Caught a great tip from John Cook on The Golf Channel the other day which really helped. Crandon is a second-shot course; there's room off the tee but your approach shots have to be real precise as every green is guarded well with bunkers/water, many of them elevated. Cook's tip for better iron play was a simple setup adjustment - choke down about a half inch on the club & move slightly closer to the ball. I tried it & bam - I rediscovered middle of the face. 


Example of the types of approaches at Crandon - this is the 11th green:



...an aerial of the 3rd green:


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45 in my league last night, with a 7 on #1 and 10 on #9! Should have taken an unplayable or hit provisional on my drive on #9, stubborn instead and took me 3 shots to get out of woods/high grass. On the plus side, been working on "steady head" Key for the last week and didn't flub or chunk any shots for a chance! Skulled a few, but those went 75% of their intended distance which is better than a 20 yd chunk and finally broke 250 with the driver on one hole. Progress!

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Santa Anita blues, 70.4/122, 44/43, 32 putts, 0 gir, 8 near gir (5-10 yards off the putting surface), 228 avg drive, 9 fairways.


Parred the last hole with a 252 yard drive, NGIR from a choked up 3H over a small blind hill, chip and one putt. Felt really great about that. I can still count on one hand the number of times I've parred it. It's a 437 yard nightmare par 4.


Partnered with another 15-ish handicap, a 4.8 handicap and a more relaxed recreational golfer. I felt short off the tee today, and for some reason I actually was driving short off the tee. Except for three holes, where I managed the long drives through pure luck. I duck hooked 150 yards on one par 5 and recovered with a NGIR, this was my hole for the day. On another hole, I sliced to another tee box and recovered with a 4i under a tree and over a hill to get a NGIR.


The 4.8 played really well. The other 15 played worse than me, but was having a really bad day. All of them putted way better than me, especially from a lot farther away.


My anti-handicap is now 18.616 with a 14.900 handicap.


Shorter drives drives really don't help, now that I am working at my desk I can feel that my muscles are sore from hitting too many balls last night? :8) 

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Even par 36

4 greens in reg, 9 nGIR
4 out of 5 scrambling
13 putts

Still some block shots, getting better
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Everything is getting better and better except my bunker game which is costing me strokes right now. Really happy with my irons and I've developed a deadly 1/2 swing with my 60*. Golf is so much fun right now!!!
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Originally Posted by Ernest Jones View Post


Everything is getting better and better except my bunker game which is costing me strokes right now. Really happy with my irons and I've developed a deadly 1/2 swing with my 60*. Golf is so much fun right now!!!

Your HC will start to come down quickly with rounds like this.


I shot a 43 in my league round.  Two doubles on brain fart holes.

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Stuck on 82 this week for 18. My par or better average is pretty good at 58% but each time out I am seeing some big numbers on holes. I doubled two par 3's last night. But still golf is better than sitting at home. Saw an awesome display of power. Caught two kids and an adult walking on the 13th hole, just the boys were golfing . The boys looked to be about 13-14 and they were playing the tips. On a 488 yard hole they both made it past the 150's with their drives, never made worse than par that I could see. I stopped and talked with them on 18 fairway, turned out they were local freshmen on the golf team just very short and young looking. But very good players, I was humbled.

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44/45 for an 89 this morning, my first ever sub-90 round (well, since high school)! Finished with double-triple which kind of killed my enthusiasm for the round but good to finally break 90. Had 2 triples and a double with five 3-putts which was also disappointing. On the plus side, lots of nGIR and I'm really settling into using my 56 effectively; scrambled for at least 3 pars with it. Need to get a giant bucket of balls and figure out my driver, it's either low and left or crazy slice. And I never hit the sweet spot, so max distance of about 225 and typically it's 200 which is also how far I hit my 5W....


Played by myself walking, was the first of the day off and did the front in just under 90 minutes. Then got stuck behind a ladies league on the back 9, literally 20 minutes per hole. Took me just over 3 hours to finish the back which seems criminal. That's frustrating!!!

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-59 strokes  on 9 holes


-a lot of duffs and tops sadly


-no balls lost though, which was nice.


-even still handicap rises upwards 0,2 (such sadness... I will have to do better next time when I play over there...)


-course was in beautiful shape, it was rated top 20 golf course in the country, greens were immaculate


-course 71,6 / 127


-6408 yards, a manly yardage...


-temperature was 86 F


-the course felt insanely hard at those yellow tees. It wasn't so much the distance perhaps, it's that you couldn't really bomb it on some of those teeboxes. Some par4s were classified as long par4s.


-the teeboxes were insanely hard, it felt. Blocking tall trees combined with sharp dogleg, together with good length par5s, it makes for a hard combo. (maybe because long irons felt insecure today at the golf course). Basically this forces you to hit long-irons or mid-irons into the fairway unlesss you're Bubba who can easily shape the ball. At least that's how I understood the back nine holes... I dunno, it was the first time playing on that course.


I think they really made the course hard for a tournament on the following day... Some of the pins were quite hard, especially with those fast greens...



-greens were fastest I've ever played at, courtesy of hot baking sun in the Finnish summer!!!

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53-40-93, Community GC, Dales Course.


I don't know how I could shoot so poorly for the front nine and then turn it around. 13 strokes. I guess it ends up being sort of glass half full or half empty. 


Drove it pretty well, even on the crappy front nine. Didn't hit anything off the ground until I made the turn. Putting also picked up on the back. 


Either way, it was a shock afternoon off that I wasn't anticipating. Very glad to have the last nine to go into the weekend on.

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37-42-79 ... 72.2/125 (6800-ish)


Actually made 2 birdies before my first bogey, so I was -2 at one point ... never been -2 before.  A couple of sloppy holes the rest of the way in, including an OB tee shot, a tee shot in the water (a hazard I didn't realize I could reach) and taking 2 in a bunker.


Only 5 GIR, but 14 nGIR led to needing only 26 putts.

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Shot an 80 today at Stonecrest which is a par 72 course outside of Prestonburg KY. Hit all the fairways except two, one of them was in the rough the other out of bounds. If I hadn't 3 putted several times I would have broken into the 70's for the second time in my brief golfing career.

Super happy with my i20 driver right now and my iron play has been better lately than it ever has but I'm missing a lot of 7-8 feet putts, however it seems I can't miss from 4-5 feet in. 


God Bless!!! Ray

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47-44 for a 91. (Par 64 executive)

Couple of blow up holes to start the round. Haven't got below 90 yet this year but I'm coming real close. Picked up about a club and half more distance in the past few weeks which is messing me up a bit, ran out of fairway on a few doglegs and over shot some greens, but I sure as hell ain't complaining about extra distance!!
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A Horrible 95.....just could not get my mind into the game
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Was 2 under going into 16.  Hit a tee shot into the rough just off the left side of the fairway.  Line of sight on the left is blocked by a few trees but opens up with absolutely no trouble.  Couldn't find my ball and tried to ask the group that just walked through there if they picked it up (7 runs parallel with 16).  They said no.  3 guys in my group said there was no other explanation (no trouble, no gopher holes, just grass) and that I should drop and play 2.  I did the right thing and re-teed putting it in the hazard on the right, ended up making an 8.  Made a bogey on the next hole as I was still heated.  Finished with a par.  The most upsetting 74 I have shot in a long time. 15 greens in reg today so I was striking the ball well.  3 birdies, 2 bogeys and an 8. :doh: 

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46/43 89

I was striking well. Putting well. Driving well. Made some bad mistakes that cost me penalties or I could have shot much better

The bridges at Columbia IL
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