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74. Eagle and two birdies
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91. Had 50 on the front and 41 on the back.

Had an 8 on the 5th after driving the middle of the fairway and putting my second OB. If it wasn't for that i would finally broke 90.

With my back 9 though I think I will break 90 soon.
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Played 18 and shot even, too bad it was disc golf!

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Not a good ball-striking or putting day but got up and down 8 times. The wedges were on and most of the up and downs were tap ins. When I hit greens, the putts weren't even close. I was better off from off the greens.

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40 on front rain came on 11 so done there. Course is baked beyond belief. The new super was tbere messing with heads after 6PM on Sat. I hit a 7i from 178 out and it bounced in front of the green and trailed off about 5 feet over on number 1. Dry dry dry even after sprinkles.
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70. Four Birdies
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76. 1 birdie. 2 bogeys. 14 pars. Back nine was 8 straight pars and finished with a Triple Bogey. WHY? :no:

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86. 10 pars, 4 bogeys, 2 doubles, 2 triples. Hit 10 GIR - should have been a better round. Oh well. Next time.

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Wife and I played in our club's annual couples championship. (The Divorce Open)

Modified Alternate shot, we had a score of 76, four over par.

Our best ever playing together in this event - tied for low gross.

Lost in the playoff on first hole, but we had a grrrrrreeeeaaat day.:beer:


I think she'll keep me around for another year.


Club Rat 

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74 with 13 FIR and 15 GIR but 34 putts. I scared a lot of birdies but only made one fall.
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Was debating even admitting to my weekend activities.


Saturday, Kittyhawk GC (Eagle course) 55-49- 1-freakin-04


Did not hit two decent shots in a row at any point. Putted so badly that my playing partner suggested I buy a new putter.


Sunday, Miami Shores GC. No score recorded.


Went out by myself. After losing two balls in as many holes in a field of little white flowering weeds, I chucked the score card. It seemed like a pointless waste of time and effort.Since no one was behind me, I took the opportunity to hit a couple of balls from various spots. The putting went a bit better. Not really anything else to say about it.

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^^ Played with Mc at KHawk Eagle. My score wasn't any better really, carding a 103, however I wasn't upset with my overall play. I had 3 pretty bad holes and some trouble putting, 3 putting both par 3's after hitting the green in regulation. I couldn't make a good shot out of the sand once and chubbed several chips from the rough which seemed "stickier" than I am used to. I easily threw away 16 strokes 5 of them on one hole. I do feel like I played much better than my score showed so I am not upset with it.

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Originally Posted by Party View Post

Was 2 under going into 16.  Hit a tee shot into the rough just off the left side of the fairway.  Line of sight on the left is blocked by a few trees but opens up with absolutely no trouble.  Couldn't find my ball and tried to ask the group that just walked through there if they picked it up (7 runs parallel with 16).  They said no.  3 guys in my group said there was no other explanation (no trouble, no gopher holes, just grass) and that I should drop and play 2.  I did the right thing and re-teed putting it in the hazard on the right, ended up making an 8.  Made a bogey on the next hole as I was still heated.  Finished with a par.  The most upsetting 74 I have shot in a long time. 15 greens in reg today so I was striking the ball well.  3 birdies, 2 bogeys and an 8. :doh: 


Sunday's round made up for my misfortunes on Saturday.  Two doubles (just poor concentration), one bogey and 7 birdies.  Finished with a 69 (Par 71/71.4).  Hit some really nice approach shots and had a good amount of birdie opportunities under 10 feet.  I have never been a really good wedge player.  I have been working on them hard for some time.  It is amazing the difference that it can make in your game. I feel that it has had a positive effect on my 9 iron and PW as well.

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Shot 37 this morning.  More importantly than scoring decently again, I did not have any smother hooks off the tee.  For the most part I was able to play a big push fade/sliceish thingy that helped advance the ball safely as far as I have been able to do for a while.  Fairly happy camper here.

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On Sunday played at Fossil Trace GC from the tips (~6800 yds).

Shot 42 + 38 = 80.


Driver needs a time-out as it was not behaving well.  Thank goodness my irons bailed me out to make up for the mess the driver made on some of the holes.  On 18, one of the rare times yesterday, I hit a good drive down the right side of the fairway, left myself 170 to the pin on a par 5 finishing hole.  Hit 9 iron to 10 feet, but missed eagle putt and had to settle for birdie.


I also put in play Callaway X2 HOT 3-wood I won in the 2014 British Open Prediction contest from TST (review to follow).  It's a great looking club and seems to be easy to hit from the deck as it has a shallow face, similar to my Titleist 980 3-wood.

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87 on a very nice course on Friday  72.3/145 FWIW.  Not happy, but not upset either.  Fun course and we got a great deal that day.  My indice was 10 over, so I missed that by a LOT (15 over)


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The day after completing LSW, I shot the round of my life!!


I have never shot below 86 and beat it by 4 strokes.  I haven't even been able to put some of the stuff from the book into play yet.  I also noticed I didn't swing club too much better but my score showed a huge difference.  I had some bad shots but was able to put myself into position to make every swing count.  I started the day with 2 double bogeys (3 total on the front) but followed up with 2 pars and finished the front with a birdie.  On the back my game got more consistent as I hit 4 bogeys and 5 pars (including pars on the final 4 holes).  I hit 6 GIR and 6 Fairways and an all time best 31 putts.  I was so happy when I got done to finish a round with my best score and break 40.  I think I am going to go have a beer now!!

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Well it was yesterday, but I want to confess and get it off my chest.


I played 9 holes.  Hit the ball fairly well, but putted like sh!t.  Shot 49 and had 3 putted 5 times.  Knock those to two putts and I'm at 44.

I rarely get into the 80s, so my goal for each 9 holes is to break 45.  If I could have used the flat stick, I would have done it.

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