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just had a really crazy round 1 eagle, 2 birdies and i played that bad on other holes i was still over par for my handicap +2 :(

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I played one of the city courses today. Slope was 123 and rating 71.


I shot 44-40 for an 84. That is 12 over par. 


I was 9 over through five holes. I was actually really happy with an 84 after how I started. I found something in my swing and I hope to play better tomorrow. I will update tomorrow. 

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39 (+3)


1 Bogey

2 Doubles

2 Birdies

4 Pars


Just crazy, 5 over thru the first 5 holes, then 2 under thru the last 4. 

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The wind was howling today.

3-putted the first hole like a bozo, and missed 4 footers on 10, 12, 14. Even though I had 16 putts, it was not a good putting day.

Trying to hit a low running driver into the wind on both 13 and 18 led to horrendous, stroke-eating shots. I definitely let the first double get to me, but after the 2nd one I realized I had to get my sh#t together before this becomes a really bad round

All done in exactly 92 minutes...I fooled around a bit too, looking to find free golf balls

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Not today but last week I shot even par on a par 27 pitch and putt. 1 bird, 1 bogie and 7 pars.  I was on fire and only needed to scramble twice.  :-D

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Had a rough morning and shot a 41.  Sprayed the ball all over the place with the driver. Took a double on a par five...you can't take doubles on par fives.  :naughty:

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Horrible round at Babe Zaharias in Tampa....shot a 44/47,91
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Squeezed in 6 holes on a packed course today after work and then packed it because it was taking forEVER!!!

+3 after 5 holes so I was stoked!!! Of course I doubled the 6th. c4_mad.gif

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lost to my dad by one hole...


he played really nice golf shots though...



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Last 5 tournament rounds have been 81, 88, 93, 86, 88. And today casual was an 88.

The shit show continues..... I dont know how this past month I've played so bad, after not being above 86 for 14 months....

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Shot a 6 over 40 in my golf league match today.  That's the best I've played in a long time.  


I took a golf lesson last week (also at Needwood golf course) and the pro helped me make more consistent contact with the ball.

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  77-73.   35-42 and 35-38.  The back 9 is much harder but I played pretty brilliantly on the front bth rounds.  Could've easily been a 33 in round 1 but missed a 1 foot putt and a few other putts. Much more consistent putting in 2nd round with 2 birdies & 3 bogeys. Both rounds from Tips at Cowboys Golf Club

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Shot a 63 on a par 55 par 3 course.  Four bogeys, two doubles, and 12 pars.  Missed a few good chances at birdie. Was hitting the ball well for the most part so overall I was happy.  The two doubles were due to poor tee shots followed by bad pitch/chip shots. Nice weather made it pretty enjoyable.

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38 this morning.  The new slicey thing is becoming more of a fadey thing hopefully off the tee.  7 GIR, three putted once from 80 feet for a second bogey.  Got up and down once in two tries.  

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Yesterday, shot a 90. 1 blow up hole of 9 on a par 5 and 5 three putts:cry:.  White tees with a course rating of 65.8 and 123 slope and 5,983 yards. At this course I normally play the blue tees at 6,513 yards at 71.3 and a slope of 129 and usually score pretty much the same. Weird. 

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Ugh. 89. I was at a 34 after 8 holes and the wheels came off. I presumably started getting off my front foot and hitting the worst shots. only parring 3 holes out of the next eleven. I had a triple bogey, three double bogey's....and 3 bogey's that crushed my round. Tee shots failed me miserably.

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88. Started off with a birdie on the first hole and then was a struggle after that. I hit some good shots, but did not score well. Need to work on the putting aspect the rest of the week before I play again next week. 

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Shot 76 today playing with a guy I've been good friends with since elementary school. 37-39. Had three birdies and three doubles. 


I was garbage off the tee, and my irons were only so-so. But my short game was on point, and I didn't miss the greens by much. 

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