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+4 40

Driver was mr hook tonight.
Had 18 putts, not a very good night.
Irons were pretty solid.
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78  Birdied 17 & 18 after putting up a double on 16

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Played 9 holes with my best bud and I shot a 50 while he posted a 55. We've both been playing for about 3 yrs or so and honestly I can see a lot of improvement in both out games. My problem as of late is the bump and run and putting.. My gosh my 3 putts are getting out of hand.... Starting to think maybe the longer, counter balanced putter is not what I need
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85 on a tough course while making zero putts outside of three feet and a whiff.  A goddamn whiff.  Tough lie, of course.

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After hitting the first 4 greens this morning I fell apart.  Shot a disappointing 40.

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10 over for 9 holes. Not bad for me. Two triples triggered by bad tee shots that I couldn't recover from. My misses, of which there were many, have become much more playable.
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dramatically up and down in my play - last night was an 'up'


all par 5's I made it there in 2.  Driving was phenominal.


played the last 4 holes or so pretty much in the dark


penalties - 1st one was a lost ball, but I'm pretty sure the kids in front on me stole it.  they did on the next par 5 and I chased them down.  The other was because I hit around a dog leg and it was just about nearly dark by then - probably would have found that ball otherwise...


really happy with the front 9 but couldn't make the 1st putt a lot - still gave myself opportunities though - one bogie was due to the penalty and the other 3 all were within inches of the up and downs....


back nine - started out great and then it went to crap once it got really dark - still made some good shots though - same story, the up and downs on the bogies were all within inches...


wish I could play like this all the time.....so much fun


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decided to try something to help me improve hitting irons.went to local course,5600  yards from white tees.smalll greens.decided to see how bad I was without hitting a wood so I teed off using my 4 iron entire round.hit pretty much every fairway 180-190 yards in middle about every time.still only had mainly wedge,9,8 iron to greens but that was the point to get iron practice.i concentrated more on putts and made quite a few.birdied my 9th hole to shoot a 2 over 36 on front.birdied 16th and 17th hole to be only 2 over with last hole to play.last hole was a 440 yard par 5.really thought about pulling out driver so id easily reach green in two but no I took 4 iron and hit it lil thin but down middle and had 210 left.hit 4 iron again  even though I knew I couldn't get there but hit it within 20 yards.wind up 3 putting on a very sloped green for a 3 over 73.considering I was giving up like 30-40 yards off tee on the 14 non par 3s you can say I was playing course equivalent of over 6000 yards.bogeyed the 2 par 5s.

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42 +7

Got off the tee good
Irons were decent, 7 out of 9 nGIR
Putting was decent, 16 putts

Short game was horrible. Chunked a 70 yard 3/4 wedge shot. Thinned a 20 pitch into a hazard, took a 9 on a par 5. Had a 25 foot chip that i left 12 feet short. Just bad.
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46/48. 94. Had an 8 on Par4 4th, and 7 on Par4 10th. Other than those two holes, double bogies at worst. My chipping REALLY let me down today. So much that I had to practice for about an hour after my round just to make sure I could still do it. It's okay though, I'll break 90 one of these days
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79 tried to push one more to trend down.
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and 88 42 front 9 46 back, was hitting the ball well but still missed some shots and the phone was going nuts by the last 3 holes distracting me. If i could get out more i'd play better but I'm lucky for the few rounds i do get in.


but most important I had fun

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Snuck out before work, shot a 91 at Warm Springs (Boise, ID). Last week my approach shots were my strong point but couldn't get them today, kept blading them. My putting has been coming on strong, only one 3-putt today. Driver has been on target as well. Looking to finish the summer shooting in the 80's :bugout:

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Had to travel to Tucson for business and took my clubs with me.

Played Dove Mountain (where they play WGC's Accenture Match play) for the first time yesterday. See http://www.thegolfclubatdovemountain.com/

There are three 9's and I played Tortolita and Wild Burro.


From the tips (blues, not the tips pros play), it was ~7200 yds.

Shot 45 + 39 = 84. 

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39 at River Forest in Freeport (back nine). 4 pars, 4 bogies, 1 birdie.

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I never in my life expected to write that I was disappointed with a 76, but that's the case today. I had good looks at birdie all day and managed to make only one – a 1-footer.


It was the best ball-striking day of my life, so I'll focus on that and forget about the score that could have been.

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53 on the back 9 after a long layoff.
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73, 6334, 69.3/125. Best round of my life and could not be more disappointed lol. 2 of my 3 bogeys were 3 putts. Hit 12 GIRs and barely missed 4 birdie putts. Stroked a 3 wood from 228 to a front pin to the back of the green on par 5 18 and left my 30 foot eagle putt, for even par, 10 foot short. Finding misery in glory. It's what I do.
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