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91 today:  69.5/123.  Slow improvement continues. Played conservative w/ no LB or OB. Couple of 3 putts

spoiled the mood. Decent driving. Going out again Monday

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48 on the front on an easy tract but I had my 7 year and 4 year in tow, which adds a stroke a hole.
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Had a rare non-practice round today, and it was a weird one.


1: 8 - Quad bogey

2: 2 - Birdie

3: 8 - Triple bogey

4: 2 - Birdie

5: 5 - Bogey

6: 3 - Par

7: 7 - Double bogey

8: 5 - Par

9: 6 - Double bogey

10: 5 - Par

11: 4 - Par

12: 3 - Par

13: 8 - Triple bogey

14: 4 - Par

15: 3 - Par

16: 4.5 - Bogey (missed 4-footer)

17: 3 - Par

18: 5.5 - Bogey (another 4-footer)

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Shot a 79 on a course with a rating of 72.8 and a slope of 134. First time I've been in the 70s, and other than with my putting (37 putts, 5 three-putts), I felt really comfortable out there. I suppose that'll bring the ol' handicap down a bit. I just started using oobgolf so I don't have many scores on there. It says I'm a 5 after that, but I'll wait until I get a few more rounds in there.

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Shot a 85 which was not great of the par 72 course. I say that because 7 of the 14 over were on the 10th and 18th holes, Lost my focus on both of those drives. Otherwise a great day of golf. I had 50% GIR and 67% fairways. Played with the club I'm a member of and we had 11 of us. We try to play varied courses from the area. Yesterday was a 55 mi one way trip. Had a good time over all and the funny thing is 15 is my handicap so I shouldn't be unhappy. But, coming to 10 only 4 over guess my mental expectations were to high so I tried a stupic shot and paid the price on 10. Live and learn.a2_wink.gif
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Shot a +11 67 on a par 58 par 3 course (has two par 4's)


Lets just say this is a nasty par three course. 8 of the par 3's are over 200 yards. 


Highlight of the day, sticking a 3 wood from 257 to 4 feet for a birdie!!! 


My downfall was the bunkers. I went into three of them and ended up with double on the hole. My short game still sucks. Though its slightly better. I am trying to get the feeling of less flippy and dippy. I tend to dip my knees on short game shots and flip the club trying to save it. 

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Deer Creek-House Springs, MO


I had a fairly good front nine and my back nine had a bad score due to some bad decisions but I was striking the ball fairly well.  I need to work on my 4 and 5 iron though

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Walked 27 today and shot a 49, 51 and 52. My game felt so bad that I was very surprised the scores weren't higher.


The only positives were my pitching and chipping giving me plenty of chances for par or bogey (many of which I blew due to my dismal putting).


For the first time this season, my iron striking was off. It wasn't completely bad - I hit a decent amount of greens/near greens (a couple from over 150yds). But I just wasn't getting the same trajectory and center hits I'd gotten used to. Even chunked a couple. I'll work on it this week but I suspect it's a matter of not getting enough forward shaft lean at impact  - maybe due to head movement or leaving too much weight back at impact.

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Texas. Mid Am Qualifying. Shot 78

9 pars
2 birdies
6 Bogeys
1 Dbl
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Shot a 41 with two birdies before we got rained out on the turn.  


Downside, only 3 GIR.  Upside, with two birdies, I can say my putts per GIR was 1.333.

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A super crappy 57 :bugout: for 9 holes...with 3 pars on the card :blink:...lost a TON of balls...it was night golf, but still...a 57.:-(

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A tale of two rounds ...


Saturday, Miami Shore GC, Troy, OH 45-44-89


This was a real result for me. This is my third 18-hole round in the 80s and the first to come on a course not called "The Dales." No birdies, but nothing worse than a double. Putter behaved for a change.


Sunday, Kittyhawk GC (Hawk course), Dayton, OH 55-51-106


My patience was tested and my patience failed. I coughed up an eight on the first hole, but bogeyed two and had a par on three. Then I ran into traffic. The result was a five-and-a-half hour torture session and my worst anger management episode in recent memory. 


In front of me were a slow-playing foursome and an Asian fellow. The Asian decided to match his pace to the foursome's. As a result, he never came close enough to them to play through and I was stuck behind him. Making it more infuriating is that the guy wouldn't even acknowledge I was standing there. Along with bad golf, I really made a serious mistake on the 18th hole. Figuring I had no chance to actually reach the green, I ripped a shot from 220 yards out. As the ball bounded across the green to the back edge, the Asian materialized on the green. I could have really hurt him.


I think I just got to avoid this course on the weekends.

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38 this morning.  Play has been better the last couple weeks.  Averaging 5.6 greens per nine holes over the last 5 hine hole rounds.  Struggling to make birdies though even when I put the ball in a good spot.  Missed an 8' birdie putt this morning.  7/9 greens and no birdies.  I need some to start dropping.

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Friday - another new course, 2nd best score ever.  I'm a bit freaked out lately about the game.  The last three rounds have been pretty much personal bests in terms of ball striking and putting.  The ball seems to be going the direction I'm pointing it on most of the clubs.  Hoping it lasts.  Streaks like this are fun fun fun.


But I hyperextended my right elbow yesterday, so that might be the end of the fun run. Hurts like crazy this morning.


Anyway, the front nine was crazy good and lucky.  The birdie on #1 was due to a lucky kick off a tree (ovrehangs the left side of the green) on my 2nd shot.  The rest were pretty sweet.

Even my bogie/bogie+ holes weren't ones I'd complain about as my shots were mostly near misses and not big meltdowns.  Example, #18 my tee shot only missed being dead on by missing about 3 yards to the right (plugged the sand, then plugged the far side sand, then got up and down for bogie - how do I complain when 3 of the 4 shots were good, at least by my stanadards?)....and most of the pars on the GIR holes I simply left the 1st putt short, but on line (with one really poor exception).


3 penalties - in order, let me know if I took the wrong penalty because I have no idea.  Ball in a pile of sticks unplayable/lost, ball in water, unplayable lie.


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Played 9 holes, and shot a 45.

My undoing was a 5 over par on the 7th and 8th holes combined.

7th I deserved it (I tried to shortcut my driver by playing over trees on a hole that is a hard dogleg; I didn't clear the trees).

On the 8th I hit a great tee shot on a 165 yard par 3, but on a very narrow green, it went into the right side bunker, and I struggled to get out.


My driver was consistent again today. Alas, as it would be too easy if I had all aspects of my game going great at the same time, my putting, and chipping was really weak.

Chipping is usually the strongest part of my game.


It was a beautiful am though; I woke up and went out at 6am...it was warm but raining.

We don't get a tonne of rain down here in SoCal, and it felt great!

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79 and 80 over the weekend. Trending down into 8's so a good couple days. Was a little rough was 6 over at the turn on 79 day but played the next 8 +1 but I hit it in the pond on 18 to finish with a double.
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First round in 7 weeks today. Wasn't expecting much but hit some nice shots today and my short game was better than expected. Putting was pretty poor though. Didn't get up and down from a lot of good opportunities and 3 putted the few GIRs i did hit.


Shot a 91 (+21). Course was playing at ~6400yrds and SSS 70

Scorecard (Click to show)


Good to be playing again though after so long. I am going to be playing every single week day for the next three weeks so expecting to shoot a lot of rounds in the 80s and hopefully a new low score for the year which would be an 84 or better.

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+5 40

nGIR - 8 out of 9
Drove the ball great
Irons were so-so
Putted horrible, 19 putts
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