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Went to a nearby course I like, getting tired of my home club.


96 ... 51/45...71.2/127...a 22.1 differential.


Took a while to settle down even after warmup at the range.

First nine had a lot of practice with recovery shots!

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A good round this morning. Was raining on off the whole time and due to a lady's comp i played the back nine first and then for the front nine played the holes out of order as i skipped round a bunch of fourballs.


A new best score at my new home course. Shot an 85.


Scorecard (Click to show)



I was not hitting the ball all that great but the putter was hot today which made my score maybe better than i deserved. 

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Shot a nice little 37 this morning.  I was able to make a couple birdies to counter the bogies a bit. 

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42 with a triple on the card.
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An 87 this afternoon. Was a really windy day.


Another round in the 80s so can't complain but i really need to work on my swing. A low cutty ball flight all day wasn't really much fun. Hit more greens than yesterday though so heading in the right direction.


There was a regional junior tournament on which i was playing behind the whole round, and my word. Those kids (aged 11-15) can really play. One boy in particular was probably  15yrs old, had the prettiest swing i think i've ever seen in person. Very justin rose like, and this kid was bombing it out there probably 270-80.



Scorecard (Click to show)
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Eight pars and one bogey this morning for another 37.

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80 on a par 70 course. 7 over on the front after a terrible start...but 2 later birdies helped, 3 over on the back with no birdies.

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Pevely Farms

This marks the 3rd game in the 80's and the first time ever with only one double bogey all day.  36 putts which isn't great but I am hitting more greens. 

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+3 38

1 double
2 bogies
1 birdie
5 pars

Driver was too much left today. Irona were better. Putting was bad, 3 putted 3 greens.
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Shot a 40 today at Golden HIlls, with 3 bogies, a double bogey, and a birdie.  The lone birdie was with a 4 iron, on a 238 yard par 4 (temporary green), that I drove to within 20 feet and had a tap in for birdie.

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39 (+4) on league night, 2 doubles and 2 birdies. 2 sand shots on one hole cost me a double, and then I 3-putted another hole after leaving a wedge from 110 short. 5 GIR (3-putt one of those too!!), finally might be finding a consistent fade with my driver (or at least not a banana slice, which has been killing me).


Frustrating sand shot, I was 25 yds short of the green and was waffling between opening the face and hitting it hard or trying to skim the ball off the top with a chipping motion. Decided to open the face, but forgot to power through the ball which is a problem for me in the sand if I don't focus on it. So I hit it correctly but let the club die as I came through and it only went 10 yds which wasn't enough to clear the bunker...

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Golf is a weird game with no rhyme or reason as to how I'm going to play.


Today when I finished mowing my wife and son were playing so I put up the tractor, threw my clubs on my cart and met them on the 15th tee box (they had started on the back nine).


I didn't even have my GPS with me or even a pair of golf shoes and hadn't hit a ball or even taken a practice swing.


Started out birdie, birdie, birdie. :bugout: Then a bogey to finish that side.


Front side: Par, par, birdie, birdie, par, bogey, par, par, bogey.


Two under for 13 holes is certainly not great but it's the best I've done in a while and under the circumstances... a head scratcher. 


(And I didn't even putt very well at all).

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I shot a 113 at crestbrook in Watertown CT today. We played the course backwards and i struggled on the back 9 and did better on the front 9. I hit my 5 iron well and wedges pretty well. I struggle on the Par 3's because i have to hit an iron off the tee. I think i might start hitting half swings with the 3 wood. I need practice hitting irons off the tee.

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+2 38

Two birdies
Four bogies
Three pars

One three putt
7 nGIR
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shot 71 even par.6200 yard local course.best ball striking round ever.18 pars.hit 13 greens but couldn't get a birdie putt to drop.changed to interlock grip and my last 3 rounds have been 73,81,71.guess ive been using wrong grip for past 20 years

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Too bad it was a best ball scramble.

Edit: I didn't contribute much.
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77 and 78 with a quads on both rounds. Both times I was cruising I thought I might finally make par then I have an easy 15 yard chip that I scull 30 yards over the green for a quad. both times!! urg 

why? I get so unnerved that I my followup pitch shot isnt even close to the hole and quickly three putt to out of there...ugh!

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Played pretty poor yesterday and today and gonna take a few days off (unless my buddy gets me on Oak Tree this weekend and then I'm drivin 2 hrs to play). Shot 80 both days we identical 39-41s. On diff courses. 3 putted 8 times in 2 days a5_crying.gif
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