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79 3rd just under 80 round in a couple weeks. 18 score that is, all but a few combined scores are over 80. Should 7ish by next update. Looking forward to coach feedback tomorrow.
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49 in my Thursday evening fun league.

Started off with a couple triples. Im just getting off work, and we stand

around gabbing beforehand instead of warming up.

Note to self: warm up next week.

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90, 48-42

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Par 71, 70.6 rating, 130 slope.




I was a little rushed and got off to a poor start, rarely getting the clubface on the ball for about six holes. But I was able to hold it together with just bogeys and eventually started to hit solid shots. Had a hard time scoring better because the course was recently deep-core aerated and putting was impossible. Only birdie was a two foot tap in.

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34 on the local 33 goat pasture (it's like a 2500 yard 31/99) - one bogie and 8 pars (6 in regulation, missed all those birdie opportunities)


3 months ago I would have been thrilled with this round.  This time, I was disappointed as I wasn't hitting clean, no biggie as it's super short - I've been on a roll, hope this wasn't the end of it.  But, my short chipping was very good, up and down really easy on two of the 3 that I left the approach short. 


The only bogie (Par 3 hole 2) I was in between clubs and took the shorter one and leaned on it.  Came up short and couldn't get up and down.


Just not happy with my tee shots mainly.


Beautiful evening though.

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I shot a par today on one hole. Probably not a big deal for many of you, but for me that was quite nice. Perfect tee shot at 3 metres of the hole, so even a chance for birdie. Just wanted to share that a1_smile.gif
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Broke 80 3 times in last 4 rounds, 77 today. More later tired after lesson earlier and grinding out 77 tonight.
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76 then 74 then 71. Helps when you can play a bunch of courses for freee!
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I hit three OB tee shots today.  On four other occasions I drove it into chip-out-sideways trouble.  I also hit a shot OB from a greenside bunker on a Par 3.  Don't you love dropping in a trap?  I straightened my driver out by the end of the day, so I'm not too worried.  The round included a quad, three triples, and three doubles.  I still managed to shoot 91, which I guess isn't so bad.  Even par on the other 11 holes not previously mentioned with three birdies.


EDIT--I knew something was wrong right after I made that post.  Adjusted the stats of the round.  

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57/47 for a 104. Slicing the driver is my weakness right now and this course was tight off the tees. A chip-in for birdie, 2 pars (hit 1 GIR), and finished with 4 straight bogeys but the front was obviously really ugly. Just couldn't keep it straight off the tee, felt like every hole I was sitting 3 on my first short in the fairway. And I'm having an issue with my irons, dropping my shoulder or something and taking huge divots which is costing me yardage.

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39 + 45 = 84 (+12) on a 74.4 rating 126 slope course. Score Differential was 8.6

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Played 27 at Echo Hills with @Jeremie Boop. Shot 48-42-42.

Correction: 47-42-42
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Jez-us Christ!


99 degrees, felt like 105.

Shot 83 including two double-bogies and 7 bogies.

39 front; 44 back.

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49/50 encinitas golf club blues.

Yeah, bad. But i had two holes in my middle finger on my lead hand from the tines of a fork this morning which continues to swell. It should go down some time this week. I think the fork scratched the bone just a little bit. So, my putting was exceptionally bad.

The head separated from my driver, so all long drives I made were with my 3W which is normally just decoration in my bag. The separation explained for my really high and short drives lately. I noticed this when the "Golf Pride" label was on the bottom of the handle at setup on the third hole where I needed it. I'm going to use my TM burner (same type of shaft) for the next week outing at Erie, since I can't get it fixed in time for my trip to Boston tomorrow.

So, with my two best assets down the tubes, and the fact that I insisted on playing the longest tees (lucky that some were in the same position as the greens), I played really bad. Plus I missed a two foot par putt that rolled almost 20 feet down for a four putt. Made another 6 three putts with 3 of them GIR, that was pretty bad.

Plus, I feel bad that @hacker101 took all of the party in front of us yelling and calling them many expletives for "hitting into" them. I hit a 190 yard uphill drive with my wood and a blind shot 23 degree hybrid on the green next to them from 185 yards away. Yelled four, but they looked pretty upset. Later hacker's son hit a drive that bounced off a cart path at the same time they suddenly decided to come back toward us, and it upset them even further. On the last hole my son hit an aproach that went into the sand trap behind the green, and this instigated them to approach hacker and his son, and start yelling at them. In retrospect, I should have waited for them to leave the green. Keep in mind that we were all hitting short that day.
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43/44 for an 87 with 39 putts! Just couldn't get the speed figured out on the first 9, then couldn't hit GIRs on the second 9. Hitting my driver well so that's a positive, compared with Friday when I shot a 104 (on a tougher course) spraying it everywhere off the tee.


Getting better, seeing some progress just need to keep at it!

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I played Beachwood in North Myrtle Beach last week (68.8 / 117) and shot a 101 (45/56). I feel like I play 9 holes so often, I'm basically useless on the back 9 any time I play 18.

Highlight of the day was a birdie on #8. It was playing 155 and I put my 5i pin high about 20 feet away. Drained the putt and it made my day.
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Played a quick 9 today.


Opened with a lovely triple bogey, followed by par, bogey, par, quad bogey, par, par, bogey, double...for a 47.


Nothing like dropping 7 shots on two holes...penalty strokes kill.

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Interesting weekend,

Saturday COLD, wet and windy (this is August, right?) played with the newest PGA pro on staff. Nervous as could be on the first couple of holes but I finally settled down on the 4th. We got 10 in before the rain and 4 more before the greens were puddling from so much water. Shot 8 over and only 3 behind the pro.

Sunday I played with the new grounds crew superintendent. What a mistake. Every shot I took (all bad) somewhere in the back of my mind I envisioned him getting pissed from divots, ball marks, not following 90 degree rules, etc. I just was not capable of a decent tee shot at all. In addition this guy was the fastest player I have ever seen, I had a hard time keeping up and I am not a slow player. Played nine in less than an hour walking (he was riding).  After nine I was 11 over and just gave up.

I would like to be a fly on the wall in the pro shop if/when these 2 guys compare their rounds and realize they both played with the same guy.

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