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+4 40

Really shitty ball striking. No consistent ball flight at all.
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When 77 is bad...3 3 putts, one for double after running over a bug you call out before you putt. Missed 4 putts of 4 feet or less for birdie. Didn't scramble just pars and crap. Could have been best day ever. But, big but, can't wait for 8/15. Ho lee trend down.
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87 and unhappy.  :cry:


The scores of early summer have apparently headed south for the winter... a few months early. 

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Well, I broke 30.  (perspective - this course is equivalent of miniature golf)  I think my chipping is helping a lot.  Didn't track the stats, but I didn't miss the greens much at all.  That's a huge win for me.  for reference - This course is about HALF the length of a respectable 9 hole.  I was still chipping from just off on 3.  I think my chips were better than my typical 1st putts....Almost holed a dicey short ship on 8 (medium grass, down hill, short lie).


But I think I'll do this more often - it's pretty much a drill for practicing my approach shots and I learned quite a bit.  And the greens were tiny, so that, I think, helped me focus


The only issue is greens were soft and all my REALLY good tee shots spun back a lot more than usual.  I seemed to be putting a lot from the edge of the green while my ball mark was up by the hole.

And I seemed to fixing 3 or 4 ball marks on every green - sigh


and this little track had two holes on each green - one regulation, the other one the big holes - on the third, I actually had to putt around the big one to hit the regulation hole.  Still, this is ok.  Disappointed no birdies.  Good drive on 9.  Crappy drive on 6 - should have been able to play that as a Par 3 IMO.


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87. After two double bogeys on the first two holes. And two more doubles on 5 & 6. I was happy to break 90. Unbelievable. On 7 I figured out that I was standing too close to the ball and so I fixed that which helped the rest of the way. 

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+5 at Deer Lakes.


Disc golf.


Very, very rusty. May have only been the sixth or seventh round so far this year? Had some good pulls, putted better, but I was a bit too rounded and wasn't gripping the discs tight enough so I had some left-throws (the roundness helped there :P).

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76. From 7612 yards and 25 mph winds. Pretty darn happy
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43 on a par 32. Just missed shooting bogey golf.
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Rough round score wise, but was actually hitting the ball very consistently.  Almost every drive was in the fairway, chips were good, but putting let me down.. Had 19 putts in 9, and a couple bad irons.. Chips were great though. Started one over through three, but finished double, double, double, bogey, double, triple.. It felt like I was playing to shoot about a 40, but finshed with a +13 49.. Sigh, tomorrow is a new day, when I'll play 18

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38-42=80 River Forest CC, Freeport, PA


On birdie, no doubles.

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+5 41

One birdie
Two doubles
Four pars
Two bogies

8 nGIR
3 three putts
1 ball in hazard

Just wasted alot of opportunities
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Billerica CC blues:
Back 9 46, 26 putts. Wet bent grass is pretty unpredictable. One triple, 3 greens. Lost one ball on an approach shot.
First-time playing this 9 and deep in the woods. Very beautiful scenery.
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Not a good day - pretty much the Fairways hit metric says it all.  GIR and Penalties are all pretty much a result of missing the tee shot.  One GIR miss I had my 120 club out and the course guy drove up and noted we were about 135....so I hit my 135 club and overshot by about 10 yards (I deserved that)


First time playing this course - Really nice, mature trees (I know, because I was standing under quite a few of them).  I'm coming back.  The back nine is particularly nice and needs a bit more thought than just Driver/wedge....I know how I should play it now.


Couldn't sink a birdie putt to save my life.....had quite a few chances.  Missed them all.


I had been hitting my woods and hybrids super well, but just couldn't do it this time - the ones that went well went REALLY well, but.....


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+2 37

Two birdies
4 boggies
Three pars

3 putted three times, again one time with in 5 feet.
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Tee shots and long approaches were killing me this morning. Two OB on the same ****ing par 5! One off the tee and another on the second shot. Kinda took the wind out of my sails.
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Stone Canyon Golf Club: Par72 6633yds..... 73.2CR 141slope


2/13 fairways!!!...possibly a record low for me. LOL   I drove the ball OK Too!  .......several drives barely ran off at the very end of the run-out. 

10 greens

30 putts

14 pars

1 Birdie....a 'tap in'

1 bogey

2 doubles

1 penalty........on a par3

Missed 8 greens and got up and down 5 times to save par......this was key to my round and considering 1 miss involved a penalty.


Considering I had 2 doubles on the card and I only made 1 birdie, I am thrilled with a 76.  I was a par making machine today.  I had maybe 2 good looks inside of 10 feet that I missed, and the rest of the day was comfortable 2-putt range but outside of likely birdie range.   The sole birdie was a leaner....a near ace. 

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Not a bad front nine, but got overshadowed by a PATHETIC back nine.. It was like I just hated golf in the second nine.. So shot a 98, with a +10 46 on the front, and a +16 52 on the back.. The front nine started Par, bogey, par, so I figured it was going to be a good day.. Then right where I fall apart every round, I did so again today, going triple double triple, but finished the front with par par par.  Then started the back with a lost drive and a triple on the hardest hole on the course (hole has one handicap).  Then bogey, bogey bogey, double, doubletriple, double, bogey..  Not a single par on the back nine.  +10 +16, +26 98.  Back nine definitely killed me, but the back is by far the harder nine, so have to have a better front score to compensate.. Also, strategically was alittle sloppy, like hitting driver when I shouldn't, and it cost me. . .   Just for perspective, I lost 7 tee shots today, and those penalties really add up.. If I could keep it straight off the tee, I'm fine because everywhere else in my game is good.  So I've been bouncing it around, and I think at my match Tuesday I'll be hesitant to pull the driver out, because if I keep it in play, I'm good.  In the holes I didn't lose the drive, I was 8 over.  Get rid of the drives and I'm fine.. 5 GIR, 4 on the front 36 putts, 2 a hole.  No birdies, 5 pars (all on front) 4 bogeys, 5 doubles (way to high) and 4 triples (once again, way too high).  If I convert just two of the doubles and two triples, that's four shots there.  say I play smarter and keep 4 drives in using a different club, theres three (subtract one to compensate for distance).  So overall, after this round I feel confident going into my match because of good ball striking and understanding what I need to do to play well.


I apologize this is so long, I didn't realize I was dragging on.

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No golf for me today :cry:


I am getting my glasses'' lens changed as my eye are getting worse. (Still nothing to complain about though, only about a +1.5). But anyway with no glasses I couldn't drive to play. On the bright side, plenty of time for practice today. 

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