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36, front nine, at Whispering Woods. Tracked it all with my GAME Golf thing too.

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Shot an 86 (44-42) in windy and rainy conditions at Cardinal Golf Club - East Wing Course (par 71/6300yards 70.8CR/120slope). Switched my driver and putter this round and hit straighter drives and made longer putts. The course also scheduled my tee time right after a tournament, so the round was a little longer than usual.

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If I ever figure out how to keep my God damn tee shots in the God damn fairway I might actually get good at this God damn game.
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46 +11 front 9 this afternoon.


4 pars, 2 triple bogeys, 2 double bogeys and 1 bogey. Ball striking is getting there, short game, pitching in particular was horrendous 

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Played a quick 9 after work.


Shot 2 over par with no birdies and 2 three putts. Hit 7 out of 9 GIR but only 2 of 7 fairways (which cost me chances to hit it closer to the pin).


Distance control on putts was absolute CRAP. :mad::censored:


I don't know quite what to make of that because it has never been that bad going all the way back to the first day I ever played golf.


 SMH!!!! :surrender:


Hopefully it doesn't reoccur tomorrow morning when the game counts (and costs).

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44-42 86, +12. Awesome course, http://www.pleasantvalleyic.com/coursephotos/ 

Best score of my life so far:-) and felt like I could improve a lot still. Driver was very inconsistent, but had some clutch drives towards the end. Closed out with 4 straight pars after being 6 over thru 5 on the back. 37 putts, 3 ob strokes... Nothing was too special except I hit my irons very well for personal standards and hit 8 GIRs. Last hole was a 370 yard par 4 with water hazard mid-right at about 250 yards, panicked mid swing with 3w and chunked it about 120 yards. Proceeded to smack a perfect hybrid shot to the center of the green and 2 putt par. Was pretty stoked

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36 yesterday at WW, front nine.

72 today at Lawrence Park CC.

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74 on a par 71. Unrated course I rate a 65.

Didn't putt well and hot and cold ball striking = Meh.

Started slow. Played the "harder" front nine last and shot even on it with a birdie and a bogey.

Thought I would do better today but as Shorty would never say "it is what it is".

Oh well, there's always next time.
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Saxon GC 41-42 = 83

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78 with 2 doubles on short par 3's. Lost my head for a minute. 3 putted 18, it is a par 5.
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93 at Whispering Woods. Finished triple double triple.
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42+48=90 ..  Drives were great, and the putter was just on fire.  Only thing that was inconsistent was irons, but I'll take that if the drives and putting are on.  Makes me confident for Tuesday match.

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74 at Rittswood GC, Valencia, PA  -  birdied two of the last 3 holes!

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Two solid results for me this weekend.



46-46-92 Kittyhawk GC (Eagle Course), Dayton, OH

This is probably the longest and most hazardous course I play on a regular basis. If I've played it 30 times, 29 have been triple-digit scores. Obviously a great result for me.



45-42-87, Miami Shores GC, Troy, OH

This was my fourth round in the 80s and tied for my best round ever. The previous 87 was at the very short and forgiving Dales course at Community GC. 


I got to the range last week after work and really focused on my mid-irons. By the end I was flushing them and it carried through to the weekend. Even the driver was largely behaving itself. For the first time in a while, I felt no fear. Not everything was perfect, but nearly every stroke was productive. I even made a few putts.

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45 + 51 = 96 6475 yards, 72.0 144


Front Nine: Score: 45, nFIR: 5/7 (3 FIR), nGIR: 6/9 (2 GIR), Putts: 19

I had two holes were I took an extra short game shot. Just couldn't get up and down at all. Drove the ball really well. 5 out of 7 tee shots were playable with normal shots. Approach shots were bad. I has hitting the irons great on the range, but just couldn't get a good swing on any of my approach shots. Putting was pretty bad. Just started some putts on some horrible lines and some distance control problems on the greens with steeper slopes, especially downhill putts. 


Back Nine: Score: 51, nFIR 3/7 (2 FIR), nGIR: 3/9 (1 GIR), Putts: 20, 4 Lateral Hazards

Game just fell apart. Had one hole were I took an extra short game shot to get on the green. I had 3 holes were I three putted. 


Overall just a bad day on the golf course! 

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Shot a +17 87 this morning. 


Was hitting the driver well again but my irons where all over the place. Only 2 GIR, my short game was my saving grace today. Had a couple of very good U&Ds to scrape together the pars i did make. Highlight of the round was a birdie at #11. Hit a good drive down the middle, left with 155 to the middle of the green which is semi-blind, pin maybe at 160yrds. Hit a hard 7 iron, high flight, ball faded maybe 1yrd due to the left to right breeze. When i got to the green i was 1ft away for a tap-in birdie :-D

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Shot a 46/46 = 92 on Saturday. Was a flat out mess of the tee but probably the best I've hit my irons all season and pretty decent on and around the green. 1 birdie, 2 pars, 10 bogeys, 4 doubles and a triple. 6 fairways, 4 greens and 2 penalty strokes on the day.
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89 on Friday.  The good run is officially ended.  I'll recover.

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