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I've been playing so poorly that I haven't even posted in this thread for a long while......just too dejected, with only 6 rounds under 80 in my last 20.


A little bit of a resurgence this past week though, so I'll temp the ire of the golf gods and mention my last 2 rounds with ALL DUE HUMILITY.....


Friday:  Par 72, 6511 yds, 71.1/121.   75 with a double and a missed 20 inch putt.  Hit 11 greens and had 4 birdies.  Woulda/coulda/shoulda....


Really felt good to strike the ball well, but it was so out of recent character that I was a little concerned about how badly I could blow it up on my next round Sunday.  Played the same course......76 with another silly double.  Only hit 7 greens, but was on or next to the fringe on 6 more and scrambled well.


2 solid rounds in a row.  Who'da thunk?  Gonna be interesting to see what this next week brings.

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I only got in 6 holes Sunday before calling it a day. Course was slow and I was surrounded by fearful singles and twosomes trying to keep their distance in an effort to no pair up. It was 5:40 as I waited on 7 tee behind a foursome, a twosome, another twosome and there were two groups playing the hole. No way I would have finished by sunset. We're getting orange light with the sun behind the Rockies at 7:45. Anyway I made a double on a par 3, third in two days, and a bogey on the next par 3 so +3 through 6 holes. Par 3's are killing me lately. Just put in my stats for the previous round. Par or better on every par 4, all my bogey or worse scores on the 3's and 5's.
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98 @ Riverbend Links in Tunica. Driving was horiffic. Usually I'm straight off the tee with terrible putting. Not this time. Average 2 putts a hole with 36 putts total...I'm happy with that at least. Also should add it was windiest conditions I've ever played with storms brewing in the distance.
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42-44=86 @ River Forest. Yesterday I had 3 birdies, today I had 3 doubles. Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!

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34 + 42 = 76

Finished the last 4 holes +4. a4_sad.gif
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Great round...4 bogeys on the front side came from poor approaches....scrambled well, putted decently, drove the ball consistently...got it rolling on the back side! Great round for sure!

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Shot 81 at one of my home courses today (74.4/138).  Not overly disappointed considering I'm in the beginning stages of a major swing overhaul right now, as such I hit about 4 or 5 really solid shots all day, gotta start somewhere I suppose.  It actually had the chance to be a half decent score, but I was burning the edges with the flat stick all day as well 

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shot a 45 on a 9 hole this evening golfing with my wife and the inlaws. I normally wouldn't be upset over this score but my putting and short chips/bump n runs were just terrible. Although my drives and irons have been straighter then ever so I really can't be upset. usually I'm in the high 90's low 100's so 45 over 9 isn't too shabby for me.  

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79!  :dance:


That's a good score for me. And on any course other than my local muni, I would have shot in the 90s.  Only hit 4 fairways.

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96 on probably the hardest course I've ever played (Woodington Lake - Legend course if you're wondering (par 72/7015yards 75CR/147slope). This course is tough on it's own, and I wasn't swinging the clubs too good today. My friend also convinced me to hit from the back tees too which didn't help either.

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BACK again esp with the short 5 ft and inside putts, missing them left of the hole 

105 pn a par 72 with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wait for it ........................................................................................... 58 Putts 

YES you read it correct 58 !!!!! my 8 yr old who picked up a club 3 months back can do better ......................... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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44 with a freakin' 10 on the card. I am soooo close to playing respectable golf but just can't avoid the blow-up. Coulda, shoulda, woulda...

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Played the front 10 holes twice this morning as that was what was least busy. Shoot a 48 and a 46. Hitting the driver really really well and pretty far today. Irons were horrible again, more than a few tops but still think i'm on the right track. Only hit 3 greens in 20 holes which just isn't good enough to play to the handicap i want

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97 yesterday. I will report back after my round today - low to mid 90s being my goal.

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43 on the front last night. Was really windy and it led to some weird happenings, all 7 strokes over came on 4 holes. I really played decent despite the score and it's not a mile high for me or anything. Was a time anything sub 44 felt like a victory. Important lesson learned. I need to learn how to hit a stinger.
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47! >=[
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I shot a 46 in my league match today. My partner and I won 2&1. We went up 3 after 4 holes, then our opponents made a bit of a comeback. But we were up 1 through 7 and won 8 to clinch it.
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Very disappointed with the 50-53 103 I shot today. I made a twenty-footer for par on the first hole, and that was the only par I made through the entire round. I had plenty of doubles and triples though - and those are the roundkillers. You can only have so many of them and still make a decent score. 

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