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Had first high school golf match of the year (which we lost by 6 because of a group getting disqualified for a bad card) and shot an 88.  Putting was really the thing working, I didn't count putts but it seemed like everything was going in (including a 40 foot par putt).  42+46=88.  Next match thursday at a MUCH easier course, so hopefully a good result comes from that!

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41 with 3 3 putts not my best day on the greens but had fun. Played with former D1 college golfer. He was pretty good but I kept up with him until the last hole. Hit one in the lake, really wasn't paying attention and we spent quite a bit of time waiting on the guys in front of us. He made birdie after getting home in 2, short 501 yard par 5, I salvaged a bogey and that was the difference in our scores. Dude could bomb it. He hit a drive right to the edge of a 346 yard par 4 that plays uphill and we had a pretty good cross wind.

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Played a nice round this afternoon, +15. I felt in control the whole time and apart from one double, where my tee shot hit a tree which is in the middle of the fairway, i had 17nGIR and so always felt like i would make a few U&Ds and play better than bogey golf. I did only hit 2GIR which is poor but i was never very far away from the green. Still feel like i'm on the verge of a low round.


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Played the back tees of a pretty easy public course here in Omaha. Course rating is 70.7 from the back. 


40-41 = 81 (par 70).  I hit 5 Greens which is not very good, but scrambled pretty well. I also putted decent, but missed two makeable birdie putts. 


I got up and down two out of three times from the sand for tap in pars which I was pretty happy about. 


Need to work on the swing for sure, but it's so hard to make swing changes!

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87, night golf. Had a blast.

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40 (+5)


2 Birdies

2 Doubles

3 Bogies

2 Pars


One double was because I ended up in a bunker. The bunkers at community should all be labeled ground under repair. There is NO SAND, just dirt + ROCKS!!! My 60 degree Edel wedge has a nice nick on the sole now. I should send the clubhouse a bill. 


The other double was due to a thinned pitch shot. 


7 nGIR with 5 GIR

17 putts

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79 and 9 up against my dad. Putted poopy
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51-48 for an on-the-brink 99 today. 3 triples, 6 doubles, 8 bogeys, and 1 (yes, you read that correctly) par, which was also the only GIR. Could have been better without the multiple stubbed chips and 3-putts - the short game killed me today whereas yesterday it was the long game. 

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Saturday....Stone Canyon par 72............73.2CR 141slope

40-41=82......a forgettable round.


Sunday: Drumm Farm Golf Club: par72.....72.5CR 137slope


This is my old home course and I played with my old regular group.  I played pretty well from tee to green, but had one of those days when I couldn't score.   I played well enough to flirt with par but I couldn't hole any putts!!...and I know these greens well!!   They were slower than Stone Canyon and I could just never match pace with line to get anything IN!!   We had a good time, so it's all good!!


This evening at Stone Canyon:  38-38=76

Pure smoke and mirrors......I decided to transition from hitting a hook to a fade and somehow hacked it around pretty well...LOL  

I scrambled well to save a lot of pars and made a couple birdies when the opportunity presented itself. 

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A Quail and a Chipmunk I think...oh wait... you guys are talking about golf: I didn't play because it poured rain most of the day and lightning in the area... but I played 27 holes on Monday Shot 41,38,40... played Newman... Red Tees first nine Blue Tees: Second Nine: Longest Tees: Last Nine... I would've played 36 but the Monday League has a shotgun start @ 5 so I got done at 4 and said screw it...

Playing the City Tournament this weekend and hopefully next...
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41+38=79.  Finally got past that hurdle!  I only hit two fairways.  Just think what could have been...

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36 (E)

3 birdies
3 pars
3 bogies

2 nGIR
17 putts

Much better ball striking day
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69, blue tees, Whispering Woods Golf Club.

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93 at a school match.. It seemed a lot worse, so I'll take it.. If these are my bad days, I'll take that..

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Originally Posted by iacas View Post



69, blue tees, Whispering Woods Golf Club.

That GameGolf link is cool.  Tempting!  What happened on your tee shot at #3?  Gotta maximize your birdie opportunities on par 5s. :)


I shot a 42 in my league match today.  4 pars, 4 bogies and 1 blow up 8.  Stupid hole.  Lost my tee shot left, then on my 4th shot I hit a good 3 wood but could not find the ball.  I guess I must have flow the green, but I thought I was pretty far out.




Oh, and partner and I won the match, 1 up.

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50-53 for an 103. Too many triple bogeys - the five triples alone accounted for half my dropped shots. 

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12 over on my 9 this morning. Was playing bogey golf until I got to the 7th, a par 4. Took a snowman 8 on that hole and derailed the quest for bogey golf once again...

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17 over in my first competition round as a member at my new course. Pretty pleased with the round, ball striking was much better than earlier in the week but short game left me today and i made a lot of silly double bogeys from nGIRs :doh:

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