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75, 34/41 on a 35/36 par 71. Had 2 double bogies. 1 was just a bad double the other I earned with a bad tee shot. 95+ degrees I hit a brick wall on the back. So disappointed.i could have easily gone par or even maybe in the 60s today with my ball striking. 10 girs and I missed 3 out of 4 par 5s which is usually a strength. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Win on starting page 704!!!!!
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Pleased with the 45-47 92 I shot today - a new personal best. 

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+6 77

2 doubles
2 bogies
14 pars

Got up and down 7 out of 10 times
32 putts
8 GIR with 8 nGIR
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+11 82, with 3 doubles, 5 bogies, 10 pars. Hit 6 GIR, 8 nGIR. Chipped well for the most part. Hit some poor putts, though no three putts. Had legit birdie chances on five of six GIR.

Not my best work, that's for sure.
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Only played the front 9 as I was stuck behind the last group of a match and 9 holes took me well over 2 hours and I was getting bored of 10min waits on every tee.

Anyway, shot +9 thru 9

6 nGIR
17 putts

I was striking the ball well, was on 4 collars within 30ft of the holes.

Putting was terrible, I didn't 3 putt once but missed at least 4 putts from under 4 feet. Also had one chip that I put over the other side of the green.

Had a huge drive on the 7th which was pretty fun. Hit one out there at 287 with a tail wind. I was hitting 3 clubs less than usual into the green, made the hole a whole lot easier a1_smile.gif
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Kittyhawk GC, Falcon Course



The good feeling from last week vanished. Couldn't hit a tee shot on this executive course other than my big driver. No quality in the short game to save me and massive blow up on a 200-yarder over water. Disappointing to say the least. 

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87, 44/43. 6520, 71.7, 133. I am stuck between shooting sub 78 rounds from 6100 range and shooting mid to high 80s in the 6500+ range. It's getting frustrating. I am not super long but I got the shots to move back but it seems like my swing struggles when I do.
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88 today. Not very good round. Driver was erratic as per usual, but today was my horrendous aim with my approach shots. I think I only had 3 GIR. I also managed to birdie the 2nd hardest hole with 2 incredible shots. Just a head scratcher day. Also didn't help I got stuck behind a father/son pairing who were awful and playing from the tips. They barely hit their drives past the red tees and were shanking lots of other shots. They could tell I was pissed, but wouldn't let me play through and also played 2 balls some of the time. Real nice guys. Waiting around 20 mins on a course that really wasnt busy was really throwing me off my already sub par game. Thank god for my putting otherwise I would have shot 95.

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+5 77. 5 lost balls, casual rule drop outs of elephant grass. Got a scramble tomorrow so I was swinging a little harder than normal.
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+6 77. Ho Hum. This is starting to be a consistent pattern.

Start out hitting the ball fairly well and reminding myself before every shot to FEEL like I am swinging out to in (which I'm not) but missing some birdie putts that I probabably should be making.

Then getting more loosened up and regressing to a ridiculously in to out swing (extreme) and not being able to control the ball off of the tee but putting a little better.

My mental game also appears to suck because I played 7 holes before our round and made 7 pars. Never made a bogey and never even almost made a bogey. That's also typical of practice rounds lately.

Then when the round starts I fall apart. Never thought I would ever be a choker in any sport but right now that appears to be the case.
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Stone Canyon: 6633yds Par72: 73.2CR 141slope



My on course experiment continues........my draw has turned into a big hook recently and the urge suddenly struck me............"Hey, why not convert to playing a fade....with every club in the bag!!?".    Of course I am doing this without the aide of the range.   I even have free range privileges, but there is nothing I hate more than beating balls on a range.   I'd rather just tee it up and play bad for awhile.   I will no doubt post some funny looking scores, but the game will come around eventually.  I consider this a new challenge to re-invigorate my interest in playing.  It's time to completely overhaul my ball flight.......


I did hit 9/13 fairways today, but none were really fades.   I did hit some nice straight balls though..... 4 penalties (not all from the tee) and five doubles later, the score added to an 85.   Today could have been worse had it not been for only needing 28 putts.  Stone Canyon probably isn't the best course to suddenly decide to completely overhaul ones ball-flight because there is trouble everywhere that will gobble-up strays.  I need to stock up on golf balls!!


To hell with the ICE BUCKET challenge....... my challenge is better!  LOL

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Orange County National, Crooked Cat. 6425 yds, 71.4 / 127.

75. 34 front with 2 birdies and 7 pars. Promptly followed with a double and 3 straight bogies on 10-13. Settled down to close with 5 pars.
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An asterisk 91*. As normal couldn't keep it in fairway off tee (slice.) I was behind a 5-some who at one point blasted a snake with a .45 call hand gun. At that point I decided since no pressure was behind me I dropped multiple balls and practiced a lot of chipping and putting while letting them play ahead to next green. On some tees I'd hit 3 or 4 shots (leading to more lost balls than necessary.) I might try leaving driver in bag but my swing slices everything... its just the worst with driver.
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40-36=76 @ Saxon GC, Sarver, PA

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One hundred and seventeen.




Worst 18 I've shot in 8 years.


I'm going to blame it on being sick, getting no sleep, and the course being new and 7400 yards.




Talk about getting your money's worth...

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Shot 73 today 3bogies2birdies. Putted looking at the hole and 1putted nine times. 3 were gimmes but tied my best round of the year. Crofton country club in Maryland blue tees
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98- again. Wow I'm terrible!! But I finally killed my slice. Hit 7 fairways out of I think 14. And my misses weren't that bad. Somehow decided to chunk my irons, but I can feel my game coming together. Had some great up and downs from behind te bunkers
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Another round in the 70's with a 79. Really happy about keeping the ball within the parameters of the hole and good recovery shots.
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